white-teethMy grandfather lived to 99 years old.  He died less than 2 years ago and was a phenomenal man. He did what he called his “stretching” (Yoga) every night until into his 90s, but he also did something else several times a day. He flossed.

See this CNN video that talks about flossing helping you live to 100 years old.

Our dentist had a plaque on the wall (no pun intended)  and it said “You don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”  Beyond keeping your teeth though Dr. Gupta explains (in the link above) that if you have inflammation in your teeth then you probably do in other parts of your body.

I know some dentists have said that a good quality water pic can be an alternative to flossing. I do my best to do both daily. I also cleaned my 2 cats’ teeth regularly. One lived to 20 and the other is turning 19.  So get that floss and go to town!