I remember when I lived in Los Angeles in the early 2000s getting these injections was all the rage. People were spending upwards of 1,000 dollars a month to buy Human Growth Hormone like it was going out of style.

Even now in 2014 I know people doing vigorous workouts to boost their HGH levels. I’d imagine that’s still safer than sticking a needle in your stomach, but I know someone whose doctors said their HGH levels were too high (just from naturally boosting the levels)

There are many supplements I think are extremely beneficial.

And I won’t deny that B12 injections helped me with overcoming Lyme (as well as my late teens kitty with a b12 deficiency) but you won’t see injecting this (or any hormones) any time soon. I’ll be posting a video shortly how I lost 30 pounds in about 90 days but it didn’t involved HGH. I think there are safer methods and it was all natural and can be tailored for Vegans as well 🙂