I’m sure all the politicians currently owned by Big $ugar are tired of us talking about this topic but until they make the needed changes to our laws, we are going to keep on them about it. We are going to write stories and interview experts. We are going to make documentaries and protest.

It needs to happen. Now.

And it can all be fixed. Now. We don’t need to wait for years and years.

“Our elected officials can act right now to stop fueling toxic blooms in our communities. One simple legislative act can change everything: Making human health and safety our single highest water management priority.”1

When the people come first, the federal government isn’t able to “play Russian Roulette with Lake Okeechobee, stockpiling billions of gallons of reserve irrigation water behind a crumbling dike, betting with human lives on the weather forecast… If people were the top priority, our state government would leave room in its vast network of canals and filter marshes and water storage areas, so they’re not over capacity with sugarcane runoff when the lake rises, forcing toxic discharges into residential areas. This year we’re all paying a horrific price to keep sugarcane dry.”2


Enter, Congressman Brian Mast. Together with Bullsugar.org, Congressman Brian Mast has proposed legislation that puts people first. Because he’s seen how much influence the sugarcane industry has over our water management policy and legislation (that’s why “he voted against sugar subsidies and refuses contributions from the industry.”3) And because he lives near the St. Lucie River and is worried about his family’s long-term health from cyanotoxin exposure.

“Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee” featuring Kait Parker of Weather.com

See the full project at ToxicLake.com *** Over the last two decades, the environmental crisis of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee has continued to worsen and dominate local headlines. The lake is the nation’s second largest freshwater lake, but due to years of missteps, it’s been producing massive amounts of toxic algae that have closed beaches, destroyed businesses and poisoned swimmers.

But Mast is proposing more than just words. He’s asking for long-overdue action. Getting a handle on the discharges that feed toxic blooms and are endangering not only our environment but people’s actual lives, should be the government’s first priority.

Just remember, Mast isn’t the only candidate in Florida that’s committed to doing what it takes to clean up our waterways. To find more, check out Bullsugar’s Primary Voter Guides.

Read them, share them, and vote. It’s the fastest, most effective way to stop the political cycle that made Florida’s water a threat to human health and safety.4

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