We’ve been writing about the potential doom of this merger since last year and last week it inched that much closer to happening when EU regulators announced they are now in “phase 2 investigation” mode (which will take several more months). If this dangerous and destructive merger is allowed to move forward, our food supply and farmers- all over the world– will be under threat.


If you’ve never used your voice to speak out against either of these evil giants, NOW is the time. The very reason that the EU entered into the phase 2 inquiry is because of months of sustained pressure from consumers and groups like SumOfUs. And, according to a SumOfUs crowdfunded legal opinion, written by two former US justice department officials, the merger would violate the Clayton Act (click here for more info).

“There are good reasons to be worried. The merger would eliminate direct competition between two of the biggest players in the ‘traited’ seed market, in other words, the market in seeds that have been developed or engineered to have certain qualities that make them more profitable. There could be major consequences for seed development, herbicide markets and robust, open research and development processes.

The corporation spawned from the merger would control nearly three-quarters of the cotton-growing land in the US, which is far too high by any reasonable test of monopolistic control. There would be a huge concentration of the market in large swaths of seed development and sales for other commonly used seeds, including traited strains of canola, soybeans, and corn. The merger would also increase Monsanto’s control over other areas in which it is already a dominant player, including fertilizers, pesticides and farming technology.” 1


Should they decide to, the new behemoth corporation could “bundle” products together leaving farmers with few if any, alternatives. And that could increase prices for farmers, which would ultimately increase food costs for us, too. Make no mistake, neither Monsanto OR Bayer care about us, our health or whether or not we have enough food. They just want to control it all. If this deal moves forward, they would be able to feed us, make us sick, and cure us.


But take heart- we are not alone in our cries of injustice. Weeks ago, several Democrats signed a joint letter addressed to the US department of justice that demanded an in-depth probe of the merger. It ain’t over until the fat lady, no doubt sick from too much high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s, sings.

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