skin cancer riskThis isn’t from your local tinfoil hats quack site folks.  This is making national headline news.

Skin Cancer Risk

Skin cancers (like  melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma)  were all tested but melanoma was the one most likely to increase for men who take the little blue pill called Viagra. In fact, it showed that men who used Viagra  were twice as likely to develop Melanoma– which can often be a deadly cancer.

I’ve seen so many “health experts” say that the recent rise in skin cancers like melanoma were from exposure to the sun. Yet ironically people spend less time in the sun now than ever.  Often times the cancer also shows up in a place on their body that never sees the light of day. Also numerous studies have shown that the increase in Melanoma, in fact, has nothing to do at all with sun exposure.

So I won’t give advice, but personally (even as a strawberry blonde) I’ll continue to get my daily sun exposure because my mother had cancer (not skin cancer- and beat it) and Vitamin D has been shown time and time again to ward off a number of cancers and disease like breast cancer (and ya, that link is from Harvard Medical School.. So that should help satisfy any Science lovers (I’m one myself)

I also won’t take Viagra and wouldn’t even if I were male. There are many natural ways to naturally stimulate your sex drive. Heck, even Discovery Health lists 10 natural ways for your reading pleasure.

So no little blue pills, a little sunshine and following some simple no brainer diet and lifestyle changes so you can have a healthy libido without the pills and the scientifically proven deadly side effects!


erin-elizabeth-healthnutnewsErin  has overcome diagnosed Lyme Disease, thyroid, adrenal fatigue,  allergies and weight gain.   She’s  been working in the natural health/green industry for 25 years and has spent the last 5 years with her partner Dr. Mercola.  Animals, eco living and music are her passions.  You can follow Erin  at either her Professional or Personal Facebook pages too!  Her bio can be found here.