Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies—Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor

Dr. J.E. Block Death


Thirteenth Holistic Doctor Dies

I am so sorry to break the news (as gently as possible) on the death of yet another holistic doctor. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and patients who are sharing their wonderful memories of him with me tonight on my Facebook page.

For those who want info on the other holistic doctors who have suddenly died (NOT counting accidents) the recap can be found here (from the first to last) and includes a video.

Dr. J.E. Block MD, PhD, FACP (aka “Doc Block”), married father of eight children and listed in the top 10 best holistic doctors for the city of Tulsa on, allegedly jumped from the 20th floor on Thursday, October 29th 2015

From the News 6 article linked at the bottom:

Jerome E. Block, M.D., jumped to his death from the Central Park West Apartments, police said.

They said Block jumped from the 20th floor of the complex around 9:30 a.m.

The article (which describes him as a well known prominent doctor) says that he (allegedly) committed medical fraud.
Update: News on 6 has updated their original headline and article which made some pretty serious allegations. However, their tone and the article have changed (link below). Dr. Block’s attorney commented on this same article on News 6 and is disputing some of their claims saying if the allegations were true, Dr. Block would have lost his license. Some are calling it a smear campaign and he only died a few days ago.

From the bio on Dr. Block’s website:

Dr. Block specializes in Scientific and Alternative Medicine. Integrations Health Center is the premier Integrated Medicine center in Mid-America, providing not only expert traditional medical (allopathic) care, but also Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Born in Philadelphia, PA he attended medical school in New Jersey with post graduate work at USC and UCLA. He is double board certified in Internal and Urgent Care Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He taught full time at UCLA and the University of Missouri before entering private practice in a small Kansas town. Prior to entering private practice, he was the chief of staff for two decades. During his time in Tulsa he has also taught at Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a published author, and has been a popular newspaper columnist and radio commentator. Married and the father of eight with 15 grandchildren, He currently practices full time in Tulsa Oklahoma and recently completed his Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine.

We’ll keep you updated as new details emerge. There are comments pouring in on the local articles and on his Facebook page as well, about what a wonderful man and doctor he was. Nothing but praise.

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • June C Dobson

    just a darn shame,,,hope he Rests In Peace,the people who made the stories about him should be real proud of themselves,,, NOT,hope they can sleep at night with a clear mind,,,not,,shame on his tormentors,,

  • Elsa Canelon Karg

    May he rest in peace and his family finds healing. This shall be investigated, as well as the deaths of other hollistic doctors, it seems odd that all these have been ruled suicides, like with the bankers junping off tall buildings..! Someone is behind these deaths..!

  • denise h. lee

    I’m so sorry to hear this and I find it strange that so many have died recently. I will say that I went to an alternative dr. for almost 2 years with the same problem and if I had listened to him I would be dead now. He wouldn’t order any test and it turned out that I had a 20 lb tumor that was dislocating my kidney and other organs. Fortunately the tumor was incapsulated so with radical surgery and the loss of several organs I survived. Maybe they are realizing that alternative medicine isn’t always the best medical care………just my thoughts on the subject.

  • Sarah M. Tower

    Sorry this happened to you. Holistic doctors are supposed to work with your doctor, if they don’t have the necessary medical training – which it sounds like this doctor didn’t.

  • 787878781

    any updates on the 30 poisoned in germany?

  • Brit

    I don’t understand what the motive for killing him would have been. It doesn’t sound like he was on the verge of some breakthrough that was going to cost pharmaceuticals millions of dollars. It doesn’t sound like he was saying anything controversial or that isn’t common knowledge.

    I think the government and pharmaceutical companies do lots of shady things, but I just don’t understand why this guy would be a target for murder. Dr. Bradstreet clearly looks like he was murdered. I don’t see enough evidence with this guy yet.

  • @Brit@bitnethhte:disqus I have no idea if it was murder nor do I even mention that word. I always maintain in this unintended series, that I don’t know if they’re connected or not or pure coincidence. I also don’t know of the 5 alleged suicides out of the 12 are suicides or not. Only time will tell :-/ (or it won’t)

  • translating more German articles a friend is helping with. Promise to let you know as soon as i do. Though I’ll admit it’s pretty much radio silence since last update.

  • Patricia Kirlis Carpenter

    You mean he was pushed

  • Lovok

    Odd writing style.

  • Shawn_Siegel

    Erin, I’d like to interview you. If you’d like more information, please email me at TheVaccineMyth at gmail dot com. Thanks – Shawn Siegel

  • Jennings Jennings

    Frank Rudolph Olson (July 17, 1910 – November 28, 1953) was an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. In rural Maryland, he was covertly dosed with LSD by his CIA supervisor and, nine days later, plunged to his death from the window of a New York hotel room. Investigation by the NYPD showed his death to be a suicide, but some[clarification needed] allege murder by the CIA after his family exhumed his body in 1994 and found evidence that he was unconscious when he exited the window.

  • HeisKingofKings

    I have a Dr who is Licensed Holistic Practionier, She is aware of what is happening to her trade and has taken appropriate measures to protect both her and her family. It is called a Conceal Carry Permit.

  • Shell

    It won’t be investigated it will be covered up! It is obvious these DR’s had made a major discover to cure something and If that got out we would not need all The Big Pharma poison. Look how much money hospitals and Big pharma would lose if there was a cure for cancer!!!

  • B00000000000000000000000000000

    MONEY, follow the money!

  • GdayMate

    “Block was fined $105,000 in June, 2015, to “settle allegations of submitting false Medicare claims to the United States,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Oklahoma. A former employee filed a “whistle blower” complaint, stating unlicensed personnel and staff provided medical services to patients like taking and recording patient history, performing and recording physical exams.”

    Ya, the guy is a saint.

  • Everyone downstream is stressed out by the imploding healthcare system. Keep us informed on the cause of death.

    But by the actions of a few medical advisors, compliment physicians, intellectuals, policy makers who twisted governmental regulations it is now legal to deny those options used in the past and funnel them into only chemicals and cutting.

    These are the original sins of men:
    Someone decided that it would be an advantage to twist the way everyone thinks about pain by pointing us at X-rays and blood test to be able to “see” exactly where their pain is located.
    This is because all multiple traumas, injuries, fractures, dislocations, tissue mutilations will heal perfectly skin and bone 100% of the time.The natural healing forces may only heal muscle tissues to 99%. The other 1% can be assisted with full forced physical therapy.
    It is impossible to see pain. This is because pain is invisible until it is validated and confirmed.
    It is impossible to find this out without the help of the patient.
    It is impossible to find muscle pain with technology but your will need this means to exclude other types of pain.
    It is impossible to find a patient’s pain if the physician does not explicitly and exclusively trust in the testimony of the patient.
    It is only possible to “feel” pain. This is why it is impossible to prove or disprove if someone is in pain in a court of law. Feelings can not be proven.
    It is impossible to locate any pain without palpation or touching the exact site of pain.
    It is impossible for the skeleton to be the primary cause long-term or chronic pain.
    It is impossible to remove pain that has not been touched, validated, confirmed and reconfirmed by the interaction of the physician and the patient working together “face to face” and “skin to skin.”

  • Alleged Comment

    Committed fraud?? Could it be that is what is causing all these deaths??

  • Bruce Brown

    Obviously another victim of a homeopathic killer.

  • Tony B.

    Do not discount Monsanto. About as vicious and greedy an outfit as exists.

  • Alano

    I’m sorry. I’m so not convinced that it borders on being silly. It’s a numbers “game”. In the past ten (10) months there have been say 20,000 suicides in the country of which of which 2000 were doctors of which 20 were holistic. Come on, if this is true Erin, gather ALL your info and send it registered to a NY Times writer who will bust it wide open or conclude that it’s a ridiculous numbers game

  • Wendy Allen

    Integrations Health Center
    October 13 at 4:32pm ·
    I have sacrificed much to be the doctor I am today. And today it is with more than a tinge of sadness that I am announcing to you that I am stepping away from my practice to take a much needed sabbatical.

    Strange Facebook message now knowing he is dead.

  • marlio

    I think these doctors are all being murdered!!!

  • Jonathan

    who benefits?

    Most likely they are murdered.

  • Rudy

    NY TIMES !!! ??? #hahahahahahahaha…They are not suicides. They are suspicious deaths you F@%KING DOUCHEBAG !!

  • coptic777

    Uh recording patient medical history? Plenty of medical assistants do that…

  • lawrence

    It a floor trap like mr burns have in the simpson…..he could have want to release the cure for some desease like cancer or other but the owner of the building dont want to because the might lose billions from their patience. Think outside the box.

  • watinseattle

    Party drug probably a spiking of a punch drink

  • waltinseattle

    As long as the conspiracy allegation bases on the astonishing cluster among these alt docs, we have the right to laugh at the illnumeracy of it all. You have the extraordinary claim, you must provide the extraordinary evidence. Stick with causes of deaths. Do not posit the cure for cancer…im laughing again at that one…the cure THE cure. And of course no records, no “if im found dead or disappered” notes with lawyers . no dragging in 50s lsd as if the link were mirraculously patently valid. Tht does not not even raise to laughable. So some are under investigations or close any day? Why would ama kill them at that point? Trials are superior forum. But, unexplored , is the idea that private parties are doing it. A. Mad ex clients or surviving family. B. Other alt doc/s convincing future customers to go alt. I could explain how this evplves from the basic slum hustle, the same psycology under but a different bigger Big 81store facade to collect the marks’ money

    Ever notice how much billing fraud goes on? Not everyone likes the idea of getting found out.

  • Destine

    I’m not nurse or medic but I take hss do fact anyone can be trained to take weight Bps etc and record these. Esp for home insurance exams.Its not an invasive procedure.Later in .life I had to be IV trained to do my radiology exams but non invasion procedures can be out..on the job training.Perhaps Medicare requires certain licenses beyond this but sounds more like paperwork error not Nefarious on his part.Hope disgruntled employee happy now 8 children with out a father…..true I don’t know all the facts but short of being your local PParenthood doesn’t seem he committed murder! So shouldn’t be judged so harsh.You wouldn’t believe the mistakes non holistic doctors make…..

  • Destine

    That was his message!? Sad

  • Shhelb

    This man broke the law, got caught, and committed suicide. What does a carry permit have to do with anything? lol

  • Shhelb

    Aliens perhaps? lol

  • B D

    I would urge caution in promoting conspiracy theories as they seem to promote raging infectious illness online that causes far more harm than good. In my experience many health nuts are genuinely nutty and tend to grind their axes to promote their own egocentric personas. Having eight children could just as easily pushed him over the edge? Regardless a carefully objective and scientific analyst would be helpful.

  • ElleGee

    Godspeed JB! You saved my life and I will think of you every time I look at the stars.

  • B D

    Guns are for ignorant cowards and fools.

    I have had several confrontations with people pointing guns at me in and diffused the situation with calm words and non aggressive body language every time. If I carried a gun I would be dead by now either because of the frightened response to the threat, a desire to steal the gun or most likely accidentally being shot by myself or associate.

    Guns are not and never will be a solution to anything !

  • chill311

    rubbed out by the dark side

  • My personal, but well founded speculation is that the NWO is in the process of & is about to unleash super-bio-weaponry. They do not want anyone to be able to counter or suppress this in any way. (not that it really matters, it’s just that, that is how evil they are!)
    It’s an established fact, that “western medicine” is just for profit & genocide/EUGENICS…AIDS/HIV, EBOLA, LYME DISEASE, SWINE FLU, BIRD FLU ad naseum, are all advanced military bio-weapons.
    The entire vaccine industry got it’s start in Nazi German bio-weapons labs. Just as FLUORIDE (used for concentration camps) & CHEMO-THERAPY (re-purposed nerve gas) are.
    This is the “RED LIST” in action. Just like Stalin or Mao purged anyone useful or perceived as beneficial, before their DEMOCIDE. I fully expect even more murders to follow. Shalom

  • Allan

    I almost can’t believe this. I was a student shadow and Intern under him for several years during my college undergrad. He’s helped me so much and gave me so many opportunities to expand my views on medicine, he still has my respect. It saddens me so much to learn that this dear man was driven to this point…. I can barely fathom this news. I really don’t even know what to say anymore, he was not only my boss, he was my mentor and a friend. I will dearly miss him.

  • ChickieX

    Dr. Block was my doctor, my neighbor & my friend. We lived in the same building & I found out what happened literally minutes after it did, soon enough for my husband to find him on the ground and his wife sobbing.
    Administrators, within in his own practice, staged a hostile takeover of Doc Block’s practise. His life’s work were his patients, his precious patients he handled with such care. Being forced out of the practice he built by people who he hired and loved, simply broke him.
    He talked with a close friend a week prior saying that it wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t here, if there was a fall or something it wouldn’t be so bad. Of course he was told to go talk to someone, that was crazy talk. But when you’re as smart as Doc Block, who do you really talk to that can understand?
    I take a little issue with him being called a holistic doctor. He was an MD that took the benefit of any drug or any treatment-holistic not- to help his patients. He was well read & educated on the newest drugs on the market & any treatments- weird or mainstream-that could help his people.
    His patients were his life. He wasn’t pushed off the balcony (which would be impossible here due to the hight & strength of the guards, but he WAS pushed by the money hungry jerks that took his life’s work & are trying to make it their own. That practice will fail now. Mark my words. People went their to see Jerry Block, not the building he was in.

  • ChickieX

    He used clinicians to get patient history & needs. No different than the nurse that sees you before the doctor comes in. He didn’t break the law. He paid a fine to medicare. No biggie. Done. It had nothing to do with his suicide.

  • John Covey

    I will say this about Dr. Block. He is the ONLY medical person that was able to treat and cure my wife’s frequent leg cramps and for that we are forever thankful. He was a caring person and the slanderous comments should be stopped unless there is evidence to prove the stated allegations.

  • Reid

    BD you ignorant boob, Guns are for ignorant cowards and fools ? You mean like The US Army, Coast Guard, Navy , Air Force and Marines as well as police and other citizens of the US ???

  • Nina Flannery

    Stranger things have happened.

  • Marilynn Crittenden

    satan is as a roaring lion to and fro on the earth devouring whom he may

  • Ian Boulton

    Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry and “actual” medicine for my entire career I can assure you that we really don’t have paramilitary departments or dark enforcers quietly taking out, well, anyone. It would kind of go against the whole “first do no harm” thing that we take quite seriously. Is your claim that there is a massive conspiracy? Can you substantiate that in any meaningful way – for instance – through scientific comparison of deaths among other doctors or professions? I suggest not – given that this would undermine the victim status and persecution fetish common to much of the alternative medicine community.
    Best Regards, Dr IC Boulton

  • blairfire

    People who choose their death in this manner are despicable. They never think about the poor souls who must deal with cleaning up after hitting the pavement from 20 floors up. Gruesome nightmares they inflict upon these public servants are unnecessarily selfish just to get it over with rapidly.

  • cheesphht

    Yep, now you know why we have all these agencies monitoring the doctors. It’s hardly for our protection but for the enemy domestic seeing who is behaving and who isn’t. If you don’t behave and you fight them, bad things will start to happen.
    That’s the evil of “safety” in gov’t. It starts out nice and even a few articles get run as to how an agency saved everyone by preventing a major catastrophe but when the smoke clears it looks like it’s all really just been staged and a made for TV event.

  • Ingrid Gaya Nova

    just wanted to say thank you for the update. Most people do not realize or wish to admit that corruption reaches even in to our medical system. Yes good doctors are being done away with and bad doctors are being rewarded. I use to be a nurse as well as a patient who was on the receiving end of the “bad” doctors. Long story. Keep up the good work Erin.

  • Bribed police lie. They were murdered.

  • Protects you from being assasinated. What law? , the law of the murdering wickedly evil multinational corporations who are only loyal to money and power and use humans as slaves. They are now plotting to murder 7 billion people. They can all die before one more hair of another person is touched by them.

  • He was murdered.

  • They are a solution to the wicked tyrranical governments of the world. That includes the fascist American Gov.

  • Brian Lewis

    I doubt our claim of diffusing several situations. By the way the stats show that the more open carry is supported and used the crime rate goes down. Now I can talke you into certain LA county areas and lets see you talk some of those thugs out of shooting you. They will pop a cap into your head and take everything you have without blinking an eye.

  • IHC

    This reminds of the many ‘bankers’ throughout the world who dying one after another – in various countries – and the number is up to over 40 and counting. Their deaths are always ‘closed out’ and called ‘suicide’ as well – despite other facts pointing to the contrary. An example: One of the dead bankers had several big nails in his brain before climbing to the 39th floor and jumping off. It is absurd to believe such obvious lie.
    What do these bankers have to do with these doctors? They all dead – all of them declared being suicides – not one investigation into these suspicious deaths.
    Obviously one can conclude that they may have been threatening to someone or something – to believe all these deaths are coincidental is delusional.

  • Sandra L Smith

    unconscious people can not be pushed out of a window. thrown maybe.

  • Sandra L Smith

    truth time. our food (and medicine) is being weaponized because we are understanding, waking up, bucking the system, avoiding fluoride, meditating. they know no other way. war. they want many of us dead, too many free thinkers…

  • Sandra L Smith

    thank you for sharing this. i am sorry for your community’s loss. we live in such a harsh world. may you all feel peace in this man’s good works.

  • Krista

    A massive conspiracy is afoot to stop these holistic Doctors from telling the truth and saving lives. I believe they have been murdered !!!

  • Do you not think that the “hostile takeover” of his practice was due to the investigation of medicare fraud? It seems entirely logical to me that others in the office would not want to put their own licenses at risk.

  • Destine – What you are talking about and what GdaMate is talking about are two entirely different things, please believe me. A “History and Physical” is rather extensive and only certain members of the healthcare team are allowed to charge for them – i.e. perform them, i.e. IF you didn’t do it, YOU cannot bill for it. That’s how it works.

  • Not the same thing as a “History and Physical”. See my response to Destine above.

  • Big difference. There is “taking a history” and then there is an actual “History and Physical”, which is rather extensive and only certain members of the healthcare team are allowed to charge for it – i.e. perform it, i.e. IF you didn’t do it, YOU cannot bill for it. That’s how it works.
    So, since he was turfing this task off on other member of his staff and then charging Medicare as though he was performing the task himself – that is fraudulent, pure and simple. He’d been doing it for years, but finally somebody on his staff grew some and filed a whistleblower complaint.
    And he settled for $105K.

  • Lolis

    She got herself a gun to defend herself!!

  • Anita

    First thought that came to my mind as well. I recall that when Frank Olson’s son rec’d the declassified document from the CIA, “How to Assasinate” manual, in 1994, it claimed that a blow to the head to stun the victim, before tossing him out of a window to make it look like suicide was clearly illustrated. (paraphrased) I immediately remembered his story as well. Thanks for the post.

  • Anita

    I have two words: Frank Olson. He was the man who worked at Ft. Detrick and wanted to resign from their bio-warfare research. Instead, found dead of “suicide” later proved to be homicide. Scroll up a few lines.

  • Mrsx Traspecial

    Yes,that’s what i alway’s say. And i think from what i’ve been reading and hearing that a lot of other people are swaying more this way of thinking too.
    And rightly so they should. The government only makes laws that benefits and protects them,and that suppresses citizens more and more.
    They all need to die.

  • ResearchGuy

    ‘the whole “first do no harm” thing that we take quite seriously’. Is that like the “protect and serve” thing on the side of the police cars? Yowwww…

  • ResearchGuy

    Keep in mind there are also researchers who are not necessarily MDs, who have allegedly died suspiciously. Can’t provide names right now, maybe someone else can.

  • Renrah

    a CCL may be the best “prescription” yet under these suspicious circumstances that seem to be taking out many alternative health doctors. Big Pharma is not be bothered by killing you w/ their drugs – over 100,000 REPORTED deaths per year dues to legally prescribed drugs, so whats a few alternative doctors here and there to them ?

  • James Fiddler

    Doc Block, mentioned in this story, was my doctor. He was a godsend. I blame his office manager and PAs. They took advantage of his generosity and inability to turn down or rush patients to do things that ended up costing him. Whatever led to his suicide I believe can be traced to their actions.

  • Phil Di Spenza

    Try copy / paste to Google translate. Hey, ya neva know……..

  • Tre Toco

    Another victim of the American government, where is God in all this????