Fourth herd of animals killed by ‘freak lightning bolts’ in the last couple of months


Just last week a herd of cows was electrocuted by a freak lightning bolt in Texas, making the group of 19 cattle the fourth herd of animals- in the last couple of months- to be killed by lightning. One single bolt hit a tree and killed the animals who were there taking refuge from the storm.

Breaks my heart.

“All of a sudden, a lightning bolt came down and the cows just fell. In the blink of an eye a lightning bolt, and there was lightning everywhere, but just one (bolt) and it was over”, reported Victor Benson who witnessed the cows death.

The first herd to die was in South Dakota in May. During a storm 21 cows were killed by lightning.

The next herd to die was in the Hardangervidda region of Norway. More than 300 wild reindeer, most likely huddled togther because of the especially heavy thunderstorm, were killed after they were struck by lightning at the southern Norway nature park.

The third was on August 25th, in the Indian district of Kanchipuram, where 38 sheep died after they were hit by lightning. Residents of the Kammalam Poondy village were devastated by the deaths of their livestock.

I’m personally unsure why there seems to be an uptick in lightening strikes, perhaps it has something to do with the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns, but it breaks my heart to know these poor animals were killed.

Source: Telegraph UK

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  • Andrea Jean

    This is unbelievable! Lightning? I don’t think so. Not 3x in a row.

  • nrob

    maybe directed energy weapons being tested on how effective can they be on mob control

  • Janis

    Practicing Electromagnetic Warfare?

  • Rumplestiltskin

    That’s it, jump on the band wagon. Are you actually implying that this is a new phenomenon with cattle in America?

    What happened here in the USA is not the same as what happened to those Reindeer in Norway, so stop trying to equate the two making a mountain out of a mole hill, to try and give the impression that you are a real investigative reporter.

    This article is total BS my friends !

  • Guest Speaker

    Come on people this is clearly proof CERN has brought an Electrically conductive entity, through a porthole into our dimension. and is causing these animal deaths and the Mandela effect !!! Surely you are all aware of this.

  • amandamichelle

    Is it possible that reduced trees (less forest coverage) causes these herds to be more vulnerable? I mean, doesn’t lightning usually strike a tree because it “sticks out like a sore thumb?” And if these poor animals are taking shelter under one of the few trees available, they’re basically sitting ducks. That’s JUST a theory, since I don’t know the areas of each of these incidents.

  • Robin Sutton Naneix

    in late june this year there were over 100 elk who were found all dead and uninjured in New Mexico

  • Keith Duhaime

    Dr. James Rubin would probably classify it more as delusional paranoia. You might want to review his work. You can find examples starting at PMID: 16361870 on PubMed. He’s done a lot of work putting together the evidence that demonstrates the anti-smart meter crowd are not quite with us.

  • Janis

    James Rubin’s study was heavily promoted by the wireless industry as
    proof that EHS is not real and that people are actually suffering from a
    psychological illness, not a physiological one. However, despite these flaws it
    was revealed those with proclaimed electro sensitivity could sense when a signal was broadcasting 63% of the time, and appeared to suffer from real symptoms when exposed. Also, that subjects both in the “control” and
    “sensitive” groups reported headaches during RF exposure, with some
    people in the “Sensitive” group unable to finish the series of tests
    because they felt too ill and could not continue.

    Read more: Why Dr. James Rubin EHS study is problematic?

  • Keith Duhaime

    You can find this nutbar’s blog, but you can’t find the BC budget? Have much money have you wasted on this charlatan and his ‘RF hats’ and other junk? What else do you read? Joseph Mercola’s garbage? Mike Adams? Erin the Health nut? Food Babe?

    Like I said before, if this is such a big deal to you, just disconnect. I’m sure Deborah Stutters in Peachland is doing just fine and so are all the others. I’ve been in the backcountry for weeks at a time with no power or running water and have done fine. My grandfather had to milk cows with the vacuum off an old Case tractor for years before power came to his corner of Quebec. He and my grandmother did fine. Just disconnect!

  • Can you elaborate on how they are not the same?

    As an aside: She did not say they were the same or anything else. You are making inferences for no reason.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    You really do need an education my friend. If you can’t figure that out on your own, can you really expect me to enlighten you?

  • Right. So in other words, no. You can’t. That’s exactly what I thought.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Nice try there Morte boy, but no brass ring. Use your brain young one.

  • Your attempted (and incorrect, as I am female) witticisms do not detract from the fact that you cannot answer. You’re obviously just another shill.

  • Susan Showalter Brown

    Yep! These shill idiots ‘come out’ anytime *Truth* is spoken…as they and their higher up corps are really cowards. So, in their attempts to discredit, they say we’re crazy/delusional. They’re trying to debunk *Real Truth* bc it scares them! Yes, it frightens them that others will discover the truth, too. And people ARE waking up!

  • You can always recognize them because they have no facts and no argument. They try to discredit a position simply by saying, “That’s not true” and nothing more.