Weight loss can be a very difficult and frustrating process.  Without the proper inspiration and commitment, it can be easy to fail.  However, people are doing it and succeeding every day.  There are lots of diets out there that claim they are the easy alternative.  But that’s probably bullshit.  You need a proper diet and you need exercise.  And inspiration.  For the latter, here is a collection of images and stories from people across the internet who successfully transformed their bodies.


This couple wanted to get married but first vowed to lose weight.  After 5 years, they lost the weight and got married.

This committed man lost 110 lbs in one year.


And this young man lost 100 lbs in just 10 months.

This inspiring woman went from 308 lbs to 170lbs in 17 months.

At graduation, she weighed 200 lbs and lost 120 lbs of that in a year and a half.

A year and a half after their wedding she lost 109 lbs and he lost 129 lbs.

His facial expression really tells the story.  He lost 112 lbs in about a year.

Truly amazing!  458 lbs Down To 180 lbs in just two years!

He looks like a new person.  This now-athlete went from 550 to 220!

*Article originally appeared at Minds.