At the beginning of the year, we introduced you to the billionaire bunker concept (which has existed for years). However, as our world has continued to change, due in part to things like the recent election and climate control, those thinking about the future have added massive amounts of land to their “end of days” plan.


Why land? Well, in the early 1980’s, a couple spiritual visionaries and futurists came out with very detailed maps of our future world, based on cataclysmic pole shifts. The maps weren’t based on any science but still provided a vivid and compelling picture of the Earth ravaged by flooding. While they were basing their maps on pole shifts due to climate change, it turns out the most likely scenario for our world shifting its axis is an asteroid or comet collision with earth, but even then, NASA says the risk is low.

“Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth’s destruction. But would there be any dramatic effects? The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’ There is nothing in the millions of years of geologic record to suggest that any of the doomsday scenarios connected to a pole reversal should be taken seriously.” 1

(NASA scientists estimate that they have found at least 90 percent of these enormous, near-Earth asteroids, and none of them poses an actual threat to our future.)

However, that hasn’t stopped the world’s richest families from grabbing up massive amounts of farmland around the world. And, all property is far from coastal areas, favoring locations conducive to self-survival, farming, and coal mining:2

  • John Malone (currently the largest landowner in America, owns 2,200,000 acres including Wyoming and Colorado)
  • Ted Turner (2,000,000 acres in Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and North Dakota)
  • Philip Anschultz (434,000 acres in Wyoming)
  • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (400,000 acres in Texas)
  • Stan Kroenke (225,162 acres in Montana)
  • These billionaires are also “preparing for future escape plans with ‘vacation homes’ in remote locations. Many of them also have their private planes ready to depart at a moment’s notice.”

And on the international scene, moguls in Australia and New Zealand have been snapping up farmland at record paces. “The interest in cattle, dairy and agricultural farms are all proving tempting for self-sustained survival. But more importantly the wealthy are preparing for safe escape havens, stockpiling real estate in dry areas and moving away from the old-school approach of storing food and water. Money and precious metals will be useless, as self-sustainable territory will become the new necessary luxury. Many have installed helipads on their properties for easy access and many are buying up Silos and bunkers around the world.”3


So, if you are in the market for massive swaths of land but don’t want to buy in an unsafe area, where should you go? Check out the maps below from Gordon-Michael Scallion of the Matrix Institute. Again, these maps aren’t based on any science but are interesting enough to check out:4


Africa will ultimately be divided into three parts. The Nile will widen significantly. A brand new waterway will split the entire area, from the Mediterranean Sea towards Gabon. As the Red Sea enlarges, Cairo will ultimately disappear into the sea. The majority of Madagascar will also be taken by the sea. New land will then rise in the Arabian Sea. A new landmass will develop to the north and west of Cape Town, and new mountain ranges will be emerge above ground in the area. Lake Victoria will merge with Lake Nyasa and flow into the Indian Ocean. Central eastern Africa’s coast-lines will be completely inundated by water.

Future map of Africa by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of Africa by Gordon-Michael Scallion


This heavily seismic region will have the most severe and dramatic Earth changes. Land will be inundated from the Philippines to Japan, and north to the Bering Sea, including the Kuril and Sakhalin Islands. As the Pacific Plate shifts its position nine degrees, the islands of Japan will eventually sink, leaving only a few small islands. Taiwan and most of Korea will be completely lost to the sea. The entire coastal region of China will be pushed inland hundreds of miles. Indonesia will break up, however, some islands will remain and new land will emerge. The Philippines will disappear completely beneath the sea. Asia will lose a significant amount of its land mass through these dramatic changes, however entirely new land will eventually be created.

Future map of China by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of China by Gordon- Michael Scallion 


Due to extreme land buckling and lowering the elevation of the country, the population of India will be told not to seek higher ground within the interior country, but to head to the Himalayas, to Tibet and Nepal and China or the higher mountains that are officially with Indian territory.

Future map of India and surrounding areas Matrix Institute

Future map of India and surrounding areas by Gordon-Michael Scallion


Australia will lose nearly twenty-five percent of its land due to coastal flooding. The Adelaide area will become a new sea all the way north towards Lake Eyre. The Simpson and Gibson Deserts will eventually become fertile, farming land. Entirely new communities will develop between the Great Sandy and Simpson Deserts and new refugee settlements will be created in Queensland. New land will also be created off the coast.

New Zealand

New Zealand will grow in size, and will once again join the land of old Australia. New Zealand will quickly become the glory land, and ultimately become one of the safest areas in the entire world.


Antarctica will become fertile, soil rich and farming territory. New land will be created from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tierra del Fuego, and east towards South Georgia Island.

Future map of Australia and New Zealand by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of Australia and New Zealand by Gordon-Michael Scallion 


Europe will experience the fastest and most serious Earth changes. Most of Northern Europe will sink beneath the sea, as the tectonic plate underneath it collapses. Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark will be all disappear and will ultimately create hundreds of small islands.

Most of the United Kingdom, from Scotland to the English Channel, will disappear beneath the sea. Several small islands will remain. Major cities like London and Birmingham will be among the remaining islands. Much of Ireland will disappear beneath the sea, except for the higher ground areas.


Russia will be separated from Europe by an entirely new sea when the Caspian, Black, Kara, and Baltic Seas combine. The new sea will stretch all the way to the Jenisej River in Siberia. The areas climate will remain safe, leaving Russia to supply most of Europe’s food. The Black Sea will merge with the North Sea as well, leaving Bulgaria and Romania completely under water.

Certain areas of western Turkey will go under water, creating a new coastline from Istanbul to Cyprus. Much of central Europe will sink and most of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea will be completely lost underwater.

The majority of France will go under water, leaving an island in the area surrounding Paris. A completely new waterway will then separate Switzerland from France, creating a line from Geneva to Zurich. Italy will be entirely divided by water. Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa will sink below the rising sea. Higher elevations will be created as new islands. New lands will rise from Sicily to Sardinia.

Future map of Europe by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of Europe by Gordon-Michael Scallion

North America


Parts of the Northwest region will be pushed in almost two hundred miles. Regions in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and areas of Alberta will become the refugee / survival center of Canada. Most migrations into the region will arrive from British Columbia and Alaska.

United States

As the North American Plate buckles, the new Islands of California will be created with almost 150 islands. The West Coast will recede east towards Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway will join and continue through the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. All coastal areas from Maine to Florida will be taken over by water and pushed inland for miles.


Most coastal areas of Mexico will be inundated far inland. The California Baja coast will ultimately become a series of islands. Much of the Yucatan Peninsula will be lost to the rising waters.

Central America and the Caribbean

Central America will sink and will be reduced to a series of islands. Higher elevations will be considered safe. A new waterway will eventually develop from the Bay of Honduras to Salinas, Ecuador. The Panama Canal will ultimately become cut off with no access.

Future map of North America by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of North America by Gordon-Michael Scallion 

South America

In South America, heavy earthquake and volcanic activity will take place. Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil will be taken over by water. The Amazon Basin area will become a huge inland sea. Peru and Bolivia will be sink with rising waters.

Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and parts of Uruguay will sink below the sea, and so will the Falkland Islands. An entirely new sea will rise to take over much of central Argentina. A huge landmass, which will include another new inland sea will develop and join up with the land of Chile.

Future map of South America by Gordon ScallionMatrix Institute

Future map of South America by Gordon-Michael Scallion

Thanks so much to Forbes for finding the incredibly interesting Matrix Institute.

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