I was fortunate enough to interview Dr Andrew Wakefield and award-winning director and producer Miranda Bailey, on her new film that revolves around Andy; the Pathological Optimist.

While I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times, this is only my second time ever interviewing someone else, so admittedly, I was a bit nervous, especially given the caliber of interviewees I was fortunate enough to talk with.

The film, spanning several years, is a brutally honest and candid look inside Andy’s home, family, life, trials, and tribulations.

I’ll be seeing Andy at ACIM Orlando as I’m the host and he’s a speaker (hopefully, I’ll be able to ask him a couple more questions).

Visit the film’s website, ThePathologicalOptimistfilm.com for more info.

Also, if you’d like to bring it to your city, they are working with Gathr, the theatrical On Demand platform. Go to the Gathr website and request a screening in your area by clicking here. I highly recommend it and hope Dr Mercola and I can bring it to our town!

The first video below is my interview, the second is a sneak peak of the film.

The sneak peek…

It was an honor to interview them both.