Many of you don’t know but the city of Rockford, Mi, is in the middle of a water crisis (my editor lives not far from these sites and has family in Rockford). Just like Flint. A cancer cluster study is being done, the local schools are waiting to find out about the state of their water, residents are waiting to find out if their property values will take a nose dive…the list goes on. And they aren’t alone. The water in this country is in a terrible state. However, this water was directly poisoned- for years- by the Wolverine World Wide company.

Apparently, back in 1959 WWW started dumping rubber, metals, and Scotchgard contaminated toxins (PFOS & PFOA’s) into what has become a growing number of dump sites. 1 There are currently six known dump sites where toxic waste was dumped with zero regards to the environment, animals or the people living there.

The main toxin everyone is concerned with leaking into the drinking water is the perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), which was used in Scotchgard until the year 2000. And at one of the sites tested, the levels of PFOS and PFOA chemicals was 540 times the safe limit of toxicity.

One of the two middle schools in Rockford completely turned off their water and drinking fountains. They’re worried and fear the worst and you cannot blame them. They’ve been dumping toxic waste, multiple barrels, each day since 1959.

“ANY company that puts their profits before the environment and the HEALTH of the people in that community DESERVE to pay the price for their LACK of integrity, lack of ethics and lack of honesty.

The CEO (Blake Krueger) was compensated $10,183,335 (10.1 million dollars) for the 2016 fiscal year according to” 2

We cannot let Wolverine World Wide simply watch away from the mess they’ve created, although they are trying to; the company is moving from its headquarters in Rockford, Michigan to an even larger warehouse facility in Beaumont, California where they plan to open a 720,000 square foot distribution center there.

A big thank you to my friend for this article, video and his suggestions below (caution – F-bombs ahead):

There are 3 Things We Can Do To Create Change:3

Please Avoid & Boycott Their Shoe Brands COMPLETELY:
– Hush Puppies
– Merrell
– Caterpillar
– Harley Davidson
– Saucony
– Teds
– Stride Rite
– Sperry Top-Rider
– Airwalk
– Robeez
– Payless Shoe Source (the entire store, they are partners with the shoe retailer)

Please SELL WWW & 3M Stock If You Own It.
– If you own WWW stock, please sell it. If you have 3M stock, please sell it also. There are plenty of other stocks to invest in that will get you healthier returns. This story will only get worse for them and the more aware people become the less people will buy their brands and buy their stock.

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