The new toothpaste, which leaves dentists with no work!

Update: after 5,000+ views, many people are asking about a link for the toothpaste.
There are a few different kinds as you’ll see on the sources. But here is one people are linking on the original articles that you can buy: It’s on Amazon here , and pretty affordable, but is not our product (we don’t have a product line) and we haven’t tried it yet. We’re just sharing the news.

From the Telegraph UK

“Tooth decay is normally treated by removal of the affected part, then filling the hole with a resin or metal alloy. This is less than ideal because a lot of healthy tooth must be removed to make the fillings stick. Dr. Yamagishi and colleagues developed a crystalline white paste of modified hydroxyapatite, which is chemically and structurally similar to natural enamel, and used it to repair early damage to a lower premolar tooth. An electron microscope showed that the natural and artificial enamel became integrated as if they were one substance.”

While this is good news for patients, this makes much of a dentists work unnecessary; the composition of the toothpaste is similar to tooth enamel, only in liquid form and can thus be applied to the affected area with a toothbrush.

Once the paste is applied to the patients teeth, the acid on the surface of the tooth begins to dissolve and three minutes later it crystallizes, fastening itself to the enamel.

It sounds amazing but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t wonder what modified hydroxyapatite would do in the body, over time. Though a few holistic dentists tell me that fillings would even do more damage. I’ll have to try it for myself and let you know.

Again, we’re just quoting the Telegraph UK.  here’s a link to one toothpaste on Amazon from the original article link. I’ll try it and let you know if it works.

Source:Feel Healthy Life and The Telegraph