Over the last year, we’ve discussed the idea of fasting quite a lot. But, if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed at all the information available to you, you’ll want to register for this summit.

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“Our ancestors once lived in a way that created robust health to help them survive the rigorous wear and tear of life. We’ve lost those life skills. Today, more and more people are struggling with their weight, chronic pain, memory loss, digestive problems, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Fasting is an ancient healing practice that dates back to the beginning of mankind, when our bodies were forced to adapt to times of famine and food scarcity on a regular basis — it STILL costs nothing to practice and could transform the health of every cell in your body!”

I am so thankful that they asked me to be a part of this summit because this is a topic I really believe in.

Just don’t forget to register. You’ll be glad you did. Click here to register now.