Now, no, I’m not a parent and I’ve never had a baby. But even I know that diapers can be pretty gross. Especially when they are real blowouts. But, is this the answer? I’m not sure so…

The South Korean company Monit has created wearable tech for our babes.

“Monit created a cookie-sized sensor with Bluetooth that attaches to the outside of a baby’s diaper. The sensor can detect whether there’s pee or poo in the diaper and alert parents and caregivers. No more need for a diaper sniff test.

Using a smart diaper sensor can reduce instances of diaper rash and urinary tract infections. Also data from the sensor can be used to track diaper consumption, pee and poo patterns, and sleeping patterns.”1

According to my editor, the very idea of this is silly. The smell test has worked for centuries and the people who could afford this tech wouldn’t let their babies just sit in filth anyway!

The Monit smart diaper monitor launched in Korea and Japan at the end of 2018 and will be partnering with Kimberly Clark to bring the tech to Huggies in April 2019.



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