Texas Firefighter who Refused Vaccination Sues to get Job Back

In March 2016, Texas firefighter Brett Horvath was fired from his position because in February he had refused the DTaP vaccine (or to wear a surgical mask for his 24-hour shift- which is ridiculous) because of his religious beliefs. The Leander Fire Department had previously exempted his because of said religious beliefs but the Chief dropped the exemption after February. So, he decided to sue the city.
From the article:
“Joanna Salinas, the attorney representing the city of Leander, said, ‘The city worked diligently with Mr. Horvath to develop alternatives that would accommodate his religious beliefs and still fulfill its obligation to protect the health and safety of City personnel and members of the public that are served by the city of Leander Fire Department. Mr. Horvath rejected the city’s efforts.'”

However, according to a spokeswoman for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, there are currently no state requirements for vaccination of first responders. And the reason Horvath didn’t want to wear the mask while he wasn’t out on medical calls during his shift was because there was no medical reason for it. But you would require that if you were trying to bully someone into something.

Horvath now alleges he was discriminated against for his religious beliefs and wants his job back plus back pay.

Georgetown Fire Chief John Sullivan has said that his firefighters are “allowed to sign a form declining vaccinations for “conscientious” objections including religious or medical reasons,” but that he’s never seen anyone decline the DeTaP. (Because people are finally starting to wake up and know their rights.)

To date, according to a general counsel lawyer for the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, there has never been a case of a firefighter being fired after refusing to get a vaccination.

We will keep you updated.

Source: sStatesman

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  • Amy Hoogeveen

    I wish I could sue people who do get vaccinated for being around me – I have to deal with the fact that their body is shedding for approximately two weeks after whatever has been injected into their body as they try to form antibodies to something man made that has all kinds of man made chemicals attached to it. Doesn’t seem fair to me!!!

  • Mandy Moo Needham

    Horvath should have no trouble at all suing them… the FDA website shows that Pertussis vaccine does not stop you contracting and spreading the illness. They have discriminated against him based on fiction.

  • Kathaleen Zemola

    My one hope is that Trump will do one thing right and that is to make it illegal to be forced to take flu shots and unnecessary vaccines.

  • Vassya Illich

    GOOD WORK, guy!!!!

  • retired trucker

    God Bless Brett Horvath for taking a STAND, so sorry he got fired, but he will likely live longer as a result of said actions……………… [ tips hat to him ]………I Pray you find gainful employment !