Terminix Blames Family for 10-year-old Son’s Brain Damage Caused by Fumigation

Editor’s note: This is not the first time a child or entire family has been left brain damaged after Terminix’s treatment. It’s also not the first time Terminix has come across as horribly rude. I wouldn’t hire them personally, I’m scared for my life (and rightfully so)!

Read about this family of four whose lives were also ruined with permanent brain damage/paralysis/near death after Terminix treatment.

In what can only be described as shocking, the poor Palm City, FL family who were diagnosed with chemical poisoning, after having their home fumigated by a Terminix subcontract, is now being blamed for their ten-year-old son’s brain damage. Court documents filed by Terminix, Sunland Pest Control (the subcontractor) and gas manufacturer Ensystex II say that the family, “conducted themselves in a negligent and careless fashion” and “should have known of the potential hazards and dangers for which they complain.”, reports WPTV.

After the family was given the “all clear” by Sunland to re-enter their home, within a couple hours it was clear that the chemicals used to treat the home had not dissipated and were making them all very ill. However, all three companies that the family are suing say the family should have known they were being poisoned and where therefore “negligent” and “careless”.

“(Terminix) called me back as we were outside of the urgent care center and explained to me that there was no possible way that there was any gasses or anything, they had checked it,”Carl McCaughey recounted to a WPTV reporter, yet its now clear that was not the case. And in their desire to bring these companies to justice, they themselves are being attacked and accused of negligence.

Utterly unbelievable and shameful.

Because the subcontractor, Sunland Pest Control, cleared the McCaugheys’ home and it was obviously not safe, the Florida Department of Agriculture has stripped its license. They are also currently under criminal investigation for negligence.

Why is this not making national news?!?

Kudos to NBC 5 here in Florida (where this occurred) for their continued efforts to have this story heard.  Shame on the lame stream media for refusing to give it the coverage it deserves.

Our hearts go out to this poor family. We will keep you updated as the case progresses.

Source: WPTV