teenage-boy-potI heard about this absurdity in Texas  yesterday, but thought someone must have their information wrong that this teenage boy could face life in prison for selling home made pot brownies.

Jacob Lavaro 19, admits he sold  brownies and did add hash oil to them as many do when cooking up a batch.  One legal expert on CNN Paul Callan said the Texas legislatures must have been eating pot brownies when they made these ridiculous laws if they think they’re just.  Yet on the same CNN video Police Cmndr.  Alain Babin says they did the right thing and “filed the appropriate” charge. Countless other experts around the US (besides Callan) say that authorities weighing the brownies themselves (which mainly consist of eggs butter flour milk etc) and considering the weight of that brownie as a drug is ridiculous. The actual drug in the brownie is only a tiny fraction of the weight yet authorities ignored that fact.

A Veteran View on Pot Brownies in Texas

Jacob’s dad say he’s a conservative Vietnam Vet but says this Texas law  is “just damn wrong” By the way this is not a law in every state. Just some obscure law (as CNN calls it) in Texas.  Don’t mess with Texas? Right now I don’t even want to visit the place again.

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