You’ve seen the banksters like Bank of America and the countless others have to pay millions (and even billions) for their own scams or overlooking scams like in the case of TD Canada << This little ditty will fill you in on the bank and what happened in 2013 with their highly publicized scandal.

Banking Criminal Industry Scam

Come 2014 I guess the PR team decided to have some ATM’s that give a single mom a trip to Disney land and a woman who’s daughter was dying from cancer some money to help.  Problem was despite picking these obviously touching stories – throwing some people a few bones does NOT make up for what the banksters do.

We suggest finding a good credit union who isn’t part of the banking criminal industry scam. There’s usually always one in your town and you’re a lot safer with them than big criminal banks like Bank of America (who I lived 2 years ago after 19 years) who are paying 17 billion in fines right now. Why is it the government gets all that money but we don’t? So much for us paying for the bail out and not recouping any of the cost.


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