There’s a new food fad that’s starting to grab people’s attention: sweet potato toast (I’m excited to be posting this story around the breakfast hour)! While this technique is “new” its really just an updated version of how we already cook these sweet little darlings…

You toast them, but…

In. A. Toaster!

Blogger Kelsey of Little Bits Of woke up one morning, apparently craving avocado toast (and who can blame her?) but she found that she was out of bread. However, instead of letting that stop her from the sweet satisfaction of a delicious breakfast realized, she sliced up some sweet potatoes- about a 1/4″ thick- and tossed them in her toaster. A couple minutes later, a yummy new trend was born.

What to put on top? The options are ENDLESS! If you eat eggs- over easy with a side of salsa. Or even peanut butter and bananas! I love toast with cinnamon and coconut sugar- maybe substitute the butter for coconut oil…YUM!

I cannot understand why I never thought of this but I’m glad someone did. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a sweet potato and it’s breakfast time.

Source: Yahoo!