Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Health Concerns’


Sweden has boldly decided to ban mandatory vaccinations citing both “serious health concerns” and the violation of each citizen’s constitutional rights to choose their own healthcare. Well done Sweden. To see the full report click here. (Once on the page if your browser will allow it you can translate the page, otherwise, you’ll have to translate chunks of it with Google Translate.)


The Swedish Riksdag (parliament) rejected seven motions on May 10th, that would have locked forced vaccinations into law, stating:

“NHF Sweden sent a letter to the Committee and explained that it would violate our Constitution if we introduced compulsory vaccinations, or mandatory vaccinations as was submitted in Arkelsten’s motion. Many others have also submitted correspondence and many citizens have called up Parliament and politicians. Parliamentary politicians has surely noticed that there’s a massive resistance to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccinations.

NHF Sweden also shows how frequent serious adverse reactions according to the rate at which FASS specifies in the package leaflet of the MMR vaccine, when you vaccinate an entire year group. In addition, one must take into account that each age group will receive the MMR vaccine twice, so the side effects are doubled. We must not forget that, in addition, similar adverse reaction lists apply for other vaccines.

In the letter, we have even included an extensive list of the additives found in vaccines – substances which are not health foods and certainly do not belong in babies or children. We also included for lawmakers a daunting list of studies that demonstrate vaccination is a bad idea.”

I’m both thrilled and shocked. Swedish families are lucky to have politicians working for their best- not for the best of those hiding behind the vaccines that maim and kill.

But, it’s time we do the same. Thankfully, we have people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show, on our side to expose the “lawless mafia state” that has become Big Pharma and their “extremely lucrative” vaccines scam.

If you haven’t yet watched the interview, please do, it’s worth your time.


Source: Your News Wire

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Kane Gooi


  • Thorium_Bromine

    not idiots. Idiots are all the people that read this and think “that’s it, we should all follow Sweden’s example and not vaccinate anymore. Vaccines are evil!”

  • Jen S. Jones

    Makes sense since the Nordic blond haired race that worked with Hitler is located in the undeground secret military bases in Antartica. Their goal is to have the giant super-race of their genetics – blonde haired blue eyed Swedes, Germans etc. So they are the ones who control the politicans as many politicians go down the Antartica to meet with the “guardians” as John Kerry has done. And these Nordic races are most likely the ones who control the politicians to poison the planet in the first place and they may not want their own genetics poisoned for their New World Order agenda where they only want the blonde haired blue eyed Aryan race, Muslims and alien worshipers left on this planet after they geneocide everyone else. There are youtube videos on the secret underground Nazi bases in Antartica with these Nordic aliens who most likely control this planet with their advanced quantum computers.

  • jaanko jennings

    This is a very strange response response to an otherwise very informative article. Bizarre.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Bizarre because you are unaware. If you are programmed by governments to be in a fish bowl, then anything outside of what you are told is strange. But that is how they keep the secrets alive, by making sure that you remain in a fish bowl reality, rejecting any information outside of what you are programmed to believe. So therefore, the crimes continue because the truth is stranger then fiction. Info is on youtube, you can look up and research or remain in the program.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Do you not wonder why humans can want to kill other humans? Is it not strange that people could be so possessed that they will harm innocent babies and kill doctors who cure the diseases? You don’t want to find out why this is happening? Instead you just want to follow the news and be in shock. But you don’t want to know anything about why this is happening because it’s outside of what the tv and educational system has programmed into your brain. The world we live in is a lie. There are other races on our planet. And it’s being exposed all over youtube by military people and many of these races are here to transhumanize and takeover humanity, and depopulate humanity like cattle. I recommend the youtube video, “Navy Sailer Reveals all about Antartica Fallen Angels Aliens”. There you will find who is behind this. Its a Nazi base with other beings who are transhumanizing humanity and don’t want anyone stopping them.

  • no1uknow1

    they control all governments and everything. except youtube!
    What if we just want to live our lives as natural humans, who cares what’s outside the realm we can see? Don’t inject us with foreign substances and let us eat healthy food, breathe clean air and drink pure water. That is all thank you.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Do you eat animals??? Because I’m sure they also just want to live lives grazing in the field and enjoying life, but they are kept in concentration camps and tortured.
    As long as the majority of the population doesn’t care about anything outside their little box, they will be abused by those who are deceiving them. The world is unconscious and are operating as robots. As long as the humans are not evolving then they remain in a vibrational low consciousness state that allows predators to abuse them. The negative factions believe they need to allow their info to leak out through websites and youtube sites. They believe that if their info is leaked out and the human race still turns their head and doesn’t listen to the messengers, then they believe that the human race is consenting to being a part of their sacrificial agenda. So websites like this are allowed and youtube videos are allowed, as long as only a tiny percentage of the population is listening. That is why they put their agendas on tv and movies. They believe they warned you and if you don’t do anything about it and wakeup, then they have a right to continue to use humans as their experiment and ritual sacrifice. It’s part of the satanic beliefs that they must warn people subtlety. And no, they are not going to stop because a small fraction of humans know what they are doing. The human race is operating a a lower consciousness that is dangerous and easily manipulated into hate for others. And abuse towards animals who are kept in concentration camps for the needs of humans who can get their nutrients from plants. As long as people eat animals and harm them for food, their will be other predators that harm humans.

  • no1uknow1

    No. I do not eat animals. Vegetarian over 20 years, working on vegan.

  • Jen S. Jones

    That’s awesome. You are helping lift the consciousness of the planet. I think the way we can help is to go inward and work on ourselves. That is what all the spiritual teachers say, to go inward. I’m working on myself, and fixing anything that keeps me in the program, animosity, anger etc. I think all we can do it try to raise awareness and help people grow spiritualy. As long as the human race is divided and hates others due to racial division, country division etc. the universe will allow evil to give us our lessons. The more people hate others on this planet and continue to fight wars etc., the more the satanic forces will make it bad for the human race. I think by working on oneself to release all programs, you are building a better future for oneself. If not in this life….then beyond…we are eternal. And the work we do today…will impact our future.

  • Scott Sheldon

    Havn’t you been paying attention. The Blondes in Sweden and Europe in general are shrinking very fast as they are not having very many babies and their countries are being over run by Muslim supremicists!! The Aryan Blondes you are talking about are far and few between!! Maybe find a relevent topic if you can’t stay on this one.

  • Lisa Frank

    OMG…you are all bat shit fu*king crazy.