Watch the Pink Ribbons, Inc. (Trailer) today! You’ll learn so much!
Well as if it wasn’t a big enough surprise when Susan G. Komen teamed up with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) (that was pretty bad) now they’ve really taken the GMO cake.  They’ve teamed up with Big Fracking… and it’s one big fracking mess!

From the article about yet another Susan G Komen despicable act 

An article in the the International Business Times noted the irony of this partnership, as some research has found links between cancer and the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, often called “fracking.” Fracking operations have been found to use carcinogenic chemicals, and some studies have found increased cancer rates in areas of oil and gas development.

The advocacy group Breast Cancer Action said in a statement that the drill bit was the “most ludicrous piece of pink sh*t” they’ve seen all year. “With all the toxic chemicals Baker Hughes is pumping into the ground, we thought they didn’t care about women’s health,” said Karuna Jaggar, Breast Cancer Action’s executive director. “However, this partnership with Komen makes it clear where both organizations stand on this issue.”

We have to admit we love that line “most ludicrous piece of pink sh*t they’ve seen all year. Forgive us for quoting a swear word, but we can think of a whole lot of them to describe how we feel about Susan G Komen and their pink washing joke excuse of a charity. Be sure to watch the trailer up top that exposes them for what they really are. Many call them a farce.  So to see them team up with a Houston Texas fracking firm doesn’t suprise me at all. I would put NOTHING past this “charity”.


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