Surgeon General announces today for the first time in history “do not sun tan!” it is “bad for you”

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Do Not Sun Tan
Do Not Sun Tan

In an unprecedented announcement today the  Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak said something that hasn’t ever been uttered before. He said “UV radiation is bad for you” and sun tanned skin is damaged skin.

“Do Not Sun Tan”

From the article “Surgeon general issues skin cancer warning” Lushniak (who is also a dermatologist) says:

“Until today, the surgeon general has never said, ‘UV radiation is bad for you; protect your skin,’ ” acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak said.

We have to change the social norms about tanning,” he said. “Tanned skin is damaged skin, and we need to shatter the myth that tanned skin is a sign of health”

All the articles go on to talk about the increase in melanoma (as well as less dangerous skin cancers)  yet my own partner Dr. Mercola has long reported about how the rise in melanoma is not even caused by the sun whatsoever!

Furthermore, the articles quote Hispanic people who said they thought because of their darker skin color they were immune to skin cancer. Actually many doctors have explained time and time again that it’s a scientific fact – the darker your skin- the more sun you need to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

Also no mention by Lushniak says nothing about proven studies that show vitamin D cuts drastically cut the rates of cancer and some experts believe your breast cancer risk can be cut as much as 90%!


I’m a common sense kind of girl.  When I was a kid everyone tanned (not to an excess but they didn’t lather up in sunscreens which can be toxic and cancer causing- ah the irony) yet there were so fewer cases of cancer (skin cancer included!) Oh not to mention breast cancer (and the list goes on) Even Dr. Oz says that your sunscreen may be poisoning you.

Cancer “runs in my family” and my own mother is a cancer survivor in what may be a hereditary cancer. She lives in the mountains of Europe in an area where one cannot get enough sun exposure year round. I maintain a golden tan (while covering my face) and while it’s no guarantee whatsoever I know my Lyme expert MD has told me that people (women especially) overcoming Lyme are more at a risk of Multiple sclerosis and certain kinds of cancer. Yet my Vitamin D (a healthy natural 94 the last time I tested it!) is scientifically proven to ward of those illnesses (both of which can kill us as we know)

Also some might say- just take a supplement – just take a pill – yet even Harvard University has explained that the benefits of the supplements are questioned and  many doctors and experts now feel they’re not healthy.

We were put on this planet to get a natural tan in the sun and not be covered in “hats glasses” long sleeve shirts and pants” (like the surgeon general suggests) all day long and never to get a tan.

I regularly work with cancer patients (including my own family members) and in every….single… I’ve seen these cancer patients have LOW vitamin D levels.

So think twice about what the surgeon general tells you with this big announcement today. As ironic as might seem – there are plenty of other reasons skin cancer rates are up (often in places that have never seen the sun!)


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Roy Vongtama

    There’s a bit of misunderstanding going on here, Erin. First, in Dr Mercola’s article which you cite, he cites evidence saying that the increase in cases and mortality of melanoma is due to diagnostic drift. Diagnostic drift would cause the mortality rate to go DOWN because there are LESS aggressive tumors being staged as melanoma. Stated another way: Benign tumors DO NOT kill people so they, being included, would not result in an INCREASE in mortality rates, which is what the research shows. Secondly, I agree with you, UV light from the SUN can be a good thing, BUT there are a HALF MILLION CASES added to the total from INDOOR TANNING, which is one of the main things the surgeon general is targeting. People tan because it’s socially more desireable to be darker, not because they want to get their “daily vitamin D.” You can get that pretty much only in specific latitudes and you can get that in about 15-30 minutes a few times a week, not six hours a day all summer long. Hopefully we can agree on these things?

  • Roy, You and I must have different friends than Dr. Mercola and I do. All our friends get sun exposure because of the health benefits, not because of social acceptance. In fact, I prefer to be pale but know how beneficial the sun is to me (in moderation) as opposed to never getting sunshine as our government doctor suggests above (just the surgeon general) Actually Dr M just said to me that he never said the increase in mortality was related to diagnostic drift only the increase in diagnosis. Increase in mortality has more to do with the consumption of sugar and trans fats and processed omega 6 fats and a deficiency of omega 3 fats than it does with exposure to the sun. (end of quote) As far as tanning beds he actually sells them (and yep we use them) because long winters and low Vitamin D levels aren’t good for me. They are higher UVB, I do short tans only and they have electronic ballasts versus magnetic (the latter are high EMF exposure) Furthermore I have to agree with this person who just sent me a message on FB with this comment about diagnostic drifts. I tend to agree. But it doesn’t mean we cannot agree to disagree : ) “Diagnostic drift” returning too many false positives for cancer does result in more deaths because chemotherapy is highly toxic increasing the fatality rates….. (good point)

  • I got more. A June 2014 article in The Independent (UK) announced the conclusion of a 20 year study with 30,000 women. The conclusion is that women who avoid sunbathing during the summer are twice as likely to die as those who sunbathe every day. The epidemiological study followed 30,000 women for over 20 years and “showed that mortality was about double in women who avoided sun exposure compared to the highest exposure group.”

  • The following comes from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    However, excessive UVR exposure accounts for only 0.1% of the total global burden of disease in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), according to the 2006 World Health Organization (WHO) report The Global Burden of Disease Due to Ultraviolet Radiation. DALYs measure how much a person’s expectancy of healthy life is reduced by premature death or disability caused by disease.

    In contrast, the same WHO report noted that a markedly larger annual disease burden of 3.3 billion DALYs worldwide might result from very low levels of UVR exposure. This burden subsumes major disorders of the musculoskeletal system and possibly an increased risk of various autoimmune diseases and life-threatening cancers.

    The best-known benefit of sunlight is its ability to boost the body’s vitamin D supply; most cases of vitamin D deficiency are due to lack of outdoor sun exposure. [So my suggestion is to fire Dr. Lushniak as Surgeon General and replace him with Dr. Mercola!]

  • Roy Vongtama

    Thanks for your reply. First to be clear, i have no friends that tan at the tanning salons. LOL thats good, you are using modified tanning beds. But most of America does not have access to these beds and usually they do go for the look rather than the health benefit. This is mostly due to marketing and social desireability. So the surgeon general is fighting against this. With regards to Dr M and his article, in his article, indeed he cites that research to provide evidence for increasing incidence- but that research also shows that the mortality rates are higher even with drift. So what i am saying is that the lethality has increased so it is unlikely to be due to diagnostic drift

  • Roy Vongtama

    Also, this is a complex issue. Sun today is different that it was in the past. The composition of the earth’s surface atmosphere is allowing different intensities to the surface. Combined with the “empty” nutrition, stress, and lack of health education people are getting nowadays, this makes for a dangerous combination.