Study shows Miscarriages, Birth Defects Strongly Linked to Fracking

Exposure to Fracking Chemicals

Exposure to Fracking ChemicalsFracking for oil and gas uses a wide range of chemicals that disrupt reproductive function in both sexes. Now an academic study has found a powerful correlation between stillbirth, miscarriage, birth defects, low sperm count, and exposure to fracking chemicals.

Exposure to Fracking Chemicals

We were unhappy, but not surprised, to be reading the Ecologist and come across this new scientific information.

From the Ecologist’s latest  article  that details the study that conclusively shows that  fracking causing birth defects, miscarriages and a multitude of horrid side effects.

“In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, mothers have been suffering from an unusually high rate of miscarriage and stillbirths.

A newly published study has concluded that 70% of cases lived greater than 15 miles from an active well created as a result of fracking and directional drilling. The remaining 30% were between 5 to 8 miles from the nearest active well.

This link is not a coincidence. A major review study undertaken by Susan C. Nagel and colleagues at the University of Missouri emphasises (sic)  the major health threat posed by fracking and other unconventional oil and natural gas operations (UOGs) – especially to pregnant women and would-be parents.”

It goes further than that.  The articles goes on to say

“UOG operations release large amounts of reproductive, immunological, and neurological toxicants, carcinogens as well as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) into the environment that may negatively affect human health”, the study warns.

The conclusion is clear: unconventional oil and natural gas operations pose a serious threat not only to the environment, but to our health and ability to have children.

“The studies show that humans can be harmed by these chemicals released from fracking”, Nagel said in an interview. “There is strong evidence of decreased semen quality in men, higher miscarriages in women and increased risk of birth defects in children.”

I’d written years ago about the connection of fracking and birth defects and miscarriages and the nay sayers came out in droves and said I was sensationalizing. Then Gasland the movie came out but still, they said it was “just a film” and wasn’t accurate.

Now maybe these scientific studies will make them think twice.  The problem is fracking is encroaching on so many of us. We live in Florida but now they say they will begin fracking here in the Sunshine state too. Where can one get away from it? Too bad there aren’t enough remote islands for us to all go live on.

I’m fracking sick of fracking which is why we’ve gone solar with the house and cars.  It’s time to find an alternative and use it. Not just for ourselves but for our planet, the animals, and future generations.

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  • As you have stated it is the ‘wide range of chemicals’ used in fracking that are the cause of these maladies, but what I did not read is the list of ‘chemicals’ being used?
    Second, are “all” the companies utilizing this fracking, to help us become a more self-reliant nation, using these same chemicals?
    Going solar, and other alternative energy sources, are going to ‘save our planet’, but getting these technologies to a point where they are affordable to the masses is still years away.
    As this is the case, let’s talk about going after the companies that are using the harmful chemicals, and the regulatory agencies that are allowing it, and to find a solution that we can all live with.

  • Robert. We’ve been 100% solar for years now. It’s well under 10 grand and you earn your money back sooner than you’d think. They’ll do loans now everywhere (banks) some interest rates so low but you’ll be making money like we do and get paid by the electric company every month. Growing up in the 70’s I heard we were still many years away from having alternative energy sources. Now it’s nearly 40 years later and still we’re many years off? That’s what BIG OIL and BIG COAL want us all to believe. Back in the 70’s my neighbors were all solar. This was done through a program Carter implemented and then Reagan put an end to (Reagan also took the solar panels off the white house which Carter put up) Now i’m not a fan of the 2 party system and think both are sold out so I don’t want that to sound political. I don’t trust either “side”. I can definitely research the names of the chemicals but alas, there is no such things as safe fracking. Sadly there’s no such thing as safe coal either. Really not a safe way I can think of with oil as boats crash, pipelines break and we all know what happened in Florida where we spend much of the year. I’m a conservationist first and foremost. I care about the future generations for our childre and grandchildren.. I think (whether people believe in the climate change thing or not and whether it’s being manipulated) ONE thing is appallingly clear. We’ve been polluted our water from rivers streams to our own oceans and our land for this young country for far too long. Anyone reading this can go solar tomorrow for under 10k. If they do their own installation? 5k. Again we’re 100%, MAKE money off our panels and drive electric cars (a used Nissan leaf is about 14k all electric) run off solar. Yup electric cars charged solely off solar so it uses no coal. We use no coal oil or gas or gasoline. It’s not years off – there are companies who will gladly install yours in whatever town you’re in – in the USA in a week or so. Also Florida Power and Light says within 5 years or so we’ll have 80% electric cars on the road. Times are a changin. i hope they’ll be powered by solar.

  • Price of gasoline is down another $0.10!

    Why are home builders not making solar standard? Are there not worthwhile incentives for them to do so?
    Also, I find it interesting that Obama committed to investing $68 million into solar, but allows over $10 billion in fossil fuel subsidies. This token investment hardly shows a leadership commitment towards alternative energy.

    Back to the topic, again, it is not the fracking that is harming people, it is the chemicals, so your claims of your personal solar/electric car benefits though sound worthwhile…

    WHAT is being done to stop the use of chemicals that are causing these problems?

    And, speaking of chemicals I’ll bet the food processing industry is harming millions more than this fracking ever will.

    Share more about what you folks at Health Nut News are actually accomplishing, what changes are you actually getting implemented to help people!

  • Robert,Your outlandish post acts as if I’m a politician. Sorry but “what changes am I actually getting implemented to help people” Sorry but you are sorely mistaken as I’m a journalist. I never said I was in public office where I can implement changes. I can spread the news of what Dr. Mercola and I use (solar house/cars) to make a difference starting with us.

    Also I write about the food industry regularly and the negativities. But the weakest argument (as any of us learn in journalism 101 or just “how to be a decent person on the internet 101” is to not bring in some sorry argument and say “hey this is way worse than the topic you’re writing about”

    Detracting from the subject of fracking and bringing up the food industry (which, again I cover regularly) is not helpful and is undermining me and my website/work.

    I cannot answer for President Obama and never said I supported what he does. Since YOU brought up food (trying to change the subject) He also said he was going to label GMO’s but hasn’t done that either. We have worked hard to get states and counties to pass GMO bill labeling bills through the stories we (I) write.

    My site is barely a year old but with the thousands of views a month I get I know it makes a difference of educating people and opening their eyes. Whatever the subject may be.

    As far as what is being done to stop the use of these harmful chemicals. We try to educate the public and films like Gasland the movie (I found you a free link to the whole film- you’re welcome – try watching it) are made to expose the chemical and fracking companies. But when you have politics (Dick Cheney- the mother Fracker of them all) on your side and big oil on your side (hey they want it cheap- we’ll never change and it won’t be standard to do solar like Europe and other continents are doing) Hell, we have 1 in 4 houses empty here in Florduhh yet builders are tearing down forests to build new ones. You think they care about solar? They care about doing things as cheaply as possible (upfront) and the government? Carter tried to implement solar in the 70’s, Reagan ripped down the solar panels on the white house and stopped the incentives (our neighbors had solar when i was a tiny child in late 70’s) All I can do is write about it and hope that it opens peoples’ eyes. But to question a journalist and ask them are they changes are they implementing to get it changed is both naive and honestly ignorant. I’m a writer, not a politician. in case you didn’t notice.

  • Thank you for your response though your repetitious diatribe only continued to share your biased opinion through the limited facts you want to present, and completely ignoring the questions I was asking.
    Having thousands of readers who want to share your opinion is great, I can only imagine how many have stopped reading your work.

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    Wow . personal attacks. I guess you had nothing better to say Bob so you went there. Fracking/chemicals. it’s all the same. I won’t play semantics with you and you’re now blocked and reported. Goodbye. Looks like others said they’ve had trouble with you. no surprise.

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    and ps. at 4.9 million unique views this week I’m doing just great.

  • wow personal attacks because you have no better argument and don’t realize fracking/chemicals one in the same. Goodbye as you’re now reported and my first troll i have to ban on here. Nice website you got there too lol. oh and at 4.9 million unique views in 7 days I’m doing just fine. thanks.