(Editor’s note: Dear Cornell and other universities/big pharma; stop wasting our tax dollars or anyone’s money and experimenting on animals to “cure cancer” or “eradicate disease” as you put it. Not gonna happen. Doing experiments on dogs and having them born in vitro fertilization is not going to cure anything. And preserving the breed?! Really? Haven’t the beagles suffered enough at your hands for animal vivisection which is proven not to work? We can eradicate many diseases but not via your antiquated, outdated, and backward barbaric ways.)


According to a British medical research charity, humans love dogs more than other humans. The group staged two donation campaigns, one for dog and the other for people, and found that the donation for dogs received more money than the donation for humans. 1

However, a study out of Northeastern University seemed to confirm that “…we are moved the most by the suffering of puppies and children,” 2 and that we have more empathy for battered dogs than abused humans:

“Researchers examined the opinions of 240 people who received one of four fictional news articles.

In each example, the victim changed.

One concerned the beating of a one-year-old child and a second an adult in his 30s. The other two were about a puppy or a six-year-old dog being abused.

The difference in empathy between child and puppy was ‘statistically non-significant’, but the dog garnered more feeling than the adult, researchers found.”3

This is perhaps because we feel like animals are more helpless than humans and less able to defend themselves. And perhaps because we feel they are far more innocent than the majority of humans we know.


Interesting. What do you think?

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