Forced ChemotherapyState removes 17 year old Cassandra  from her home and forces chemo on her for cancer (Lymphoma)  though she and her mother begged them not to and says she doesn’t want that poison in her body.

Forced Chemotherapy

Cassanda C. is 17 years old. She’s  months away from being an adult, but alas it’s too little too late.  She was taken from her home by child services and chemotherapy was forced upon her though she’s made it clear she doesn’t want that treatment and her mother supports her 100%

Apparently if you are months away from being an adult and your parents support your decision and choice of treatment- it doesn’t matter. You will still physically be forced to undergo this treatment and have (effectively) poison pumped into your veins against your will.  You gotta love the government and the corrupt child services.

From the article on CBS about chemo being forced upon this 17 year old young woman.

The girl being identified as “Cassandra C.” in court papers was diagnosed with cancer in September, with doctors recommending she receive chemotherapy for the rare condition of Hodgkins Lymphoma. However, the teen refused treatment and her mother supported her daughter’s decision, causing Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families to step in and force the teen to receive treatment, WTIC-TV reports.

This doesn’t surprise us as we’ve seen it done plenty times before.  Young adults ripped from their own homes against their and their family’s will to do chemotherapy which may or may not be effective (but speaking of effects- has plenty of side effects)  People cannot choose their own treatment plan if they are under 18. Even if they’re 17 and a half. Even if the parents support it. You cannot chose what you want for your child nor can they choose. This is a tragedy in our “justice” system”  We hope Cassandra’s birthday is right around the corner and she can choose, as an adult, what is or is not put into her body.

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