The government in Michigan is ready to put the Flint mess behind them. However, the residents can’t because they are still drinking water through filters or out of bottles.

Just one year ago, Flint, Mich., Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency because of lead-contaminated drinking water. The problem attracted national outrage and sympathy, and rightly so. But one year later, donations have slowed and little has changed because unfiltered water is still unsafe to drink. That is unless you ask the state.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says that their new data shows more than 96% of the samples are at or below the 15 parts per billion (ppb) federal lead action level. And new independent testing by researchers from Virginia Tech University agrees there has been improvement.

Residents unsure of State government

However, residents don’t exactly trust the government given the fact that they were told for 2 years their water was safe, when it wasn’t. Many feel the state is just in a hurry to stop delivering water bottles to people AND wants to show improvement because of all of the ongoing lawsuits.

Thankfully, the state still recommends that people in Flint use their certified filters while lead service lines are being replaced. But it’s just not enough and that’s why the veterans from Standing Rock are thinking about moving locations.

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Source: Michigan Radio