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Standing at work is just as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes daily, study says

Standing at work is just as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes daily, study says

Countless studies have shown that sitting at a desk all day encourages disease so to combat this issue, the popular solution has become working at a standing desk (there are even people who work on their treadmills). But, researchers in Canada who tracked more than 7,000 participants in Ontario found that within a 12-year period, “people who often stood at work were nearly twice as likely to develop heart disease, compared to those who typically sat throughout their shifts.” 1


The study was published in the September issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

And according to one of the researchers, “…the incidence of heart disease among those respondents who stood a lot at work (6.6 percent) was similar to the incidence of heart disease among workers who smoked on a daily basis (5.8 percent) or those who were obese (6.9 percent).” 2


First, they told us that sitting all day at work was bad for us and now a new study is saying standing at work is just as bad. While it can be hard to know exactly what to believe, the most important thing is to move your body.


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