ATTENTION: If you live in or around St. Louis, pay attention!

From now on, any doctor or nurse employed at St. Louis’s Mercy Hospital will either be vaccinated against the flu or be terminated. And, no, they will not take a religious or personal exemption or allow them to wear a mask.


In this totalitarian regime, you will either comply or lose your job.

The staff plan to hold a protest tomorrow.

“In a lengthy, informative Facebook post, the protest organizers made clear that the point of the protest is to fight for employee rights, not open up a flu shot efficacy conversation. The protest will be held at Mercy Hospital South- Tues. 11/27 at 3-4:30 pm. 10010 Kennerly Rd. St. Louis 63128″1



If you are in attendance, please share a Facebook live video with us or comment on this story. And please share this story with your friends.


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