Holistic Healer Dr. Justine Damond killed by police in Minneapolis

Justine with fiance' Don Damond and stepson Zach Damond. Picture: Facebook

On Saturday night, Dr. Justine Damond, 40, a well known Australian holistic healer, cancer researcher, and trained veterinarian surgeon from Sydney, was shot dead in the abdomen by a police officer outside her home she shared with her fiancé in one of the safest neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Justine had called 911 to report what sounded like a woman being sexually assaulted in the alley. Her fiancé was out of town on business. She called the first time to report, and then a second time 8 minutes later, to make sure they had the right address. She was assured they were on the way.

When the officers dispatched to her call did arrive minutes later, Justine approached the officer (Matthew Harrity) at the driver’s side window. The officer in the passenger seat (Mohamed Noor) shot across his partner and out the driver’s door and window, shooting Justine dead. Harrity says he was shocked when Noor shot, and they had both heard a loud noise just before, which startled them and must have caused Noor to fire.

Reports say the two young officers had only 3 years between them on the job. They are on paid administrative leave.

The alley was WELL LIT with a combination of lights from neighbors’ garages and city lighting so she could be seen clearly, say residents.

Noor, who was 31 and on the force since 2015, extended his condolences to the family in a statement through his attorney. “Noor came to the United States at a young age and is thankful to have had so many opportunities”, attorney Thomas Plunkett said. (That was his actual statement.)

The mayor has said the incident made her “heartsick.”

Quotes from people who were troubled by the killing:1

“Absolutely (she made a difference to a lot of lives), especially ours. We have had a joyous relationship with her up until now.”

“(We will remember her for) her energy, her intelligence, and the joy she brought to our lives.”

The scene outside Dr. Justine Diamond’s home where she was shot dead by Minneapolis police.

“I am happy to have known Justine, and her untimely, tragic death is a reminder to live life fully, love deeply, and take risks to love as we are not promised tomorrow.”

Locals mourn the death of Dr. Damond following her shooting on Saturday night.

Originally trained as a veterinarian, Justine also studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over 17 years, was a qualified yoga instructor, and a personal health and life coach. (DM)

On LinkedIn, the former veterinarian defined herself as “A Speaker, Coach & Consultant for Neuroscience & Meditation Based Change Initiatives.” 2

Her interest in supporting people to heal and transform themselves developed after she saw family members suffer greatly from depression, alcoholism, and cancer. And so, after losing much of her family to cancer, she spent many years on a personal investigative journey to discover how habits and disease develop.3

The police who arrived (including the one who shot her) had their cameras turned off. Political leaders are asking why.

“Two officers responded to a 911 call about a possible assault in the alley off of West 51st Street between Washburn and Xerxes avenues around 11.30pm, according to a statement released Sunday by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.” 4

Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges claims that they will get to the bottom of why the officers’ body cameras were not turned on, “As mayor of our city, a wife, and a grandmother, I am heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last night.”5


The local community has been upset by the incident, and rightfully so. We are so sorry for the family’s loss and hope the investigation will wrap up soon so that they may have closure.

We’ve lost so many holistic healers and doctors in just two short years. (Read about that by clicking here. We will update shortly.)


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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site HealthNutNews.com is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Ma1nguy1

    What was the motive behind the killing? was she outside or did the police come into her home? Someone’s head should roll for this……. Something stinks to high heaven about this

  • Josie

    Humm, she was a spiritual healer kinda like Holistic healer. Sorry so much corruptness and evil in our government It has screwed up my mind. I’m really sorry for her son and her fiance. Why was the camera’s turned off? They will give some lame excuse and no one will ever find out the truth…

  • Josie

    Someone saw a chance to get rid of another alternative healer I guess. Why would the camera’s be turned off.

  • Spencer

    All body cams were turned off, mmmm there is something very fishy here…

  • LawrenceNeal

    The SA are constantly paranoid, ‘fearing for their lives’, putting their safety above everyone else’s, and shooting before thinking. Shooting unarmed people always results in a paid vacation and a promotion.

  • Els .bliek

    The police is more dangerous than anybody else in U.S. and Australië. Are the shooters punished? This is murder!

  • Ted Teodoro

    These cops know that they can shoot dogs and people and get away with it. This Mayor talks empty talk because no Mayor will go against the police force. Talk is cheap. Nothing will happen, and no one killed the lady.

  • Jp

    This is not a simple accident. Sounds questionable to me, she’s outside in pajamas, no camera to video & husband out of town. Stinks of murder -“call was cover for police to have a reason to be there”. So sad

  • deborah

    too many people are being shot by police without provocation…..is this a culmination of authority abuse, increased fear and anxiety with a leader who promotes this type of behavior? this is setting up the stage for increased police intolerance when there are many, many very well trained officers that are helping. why are we allowing the PD to indiscriminately use guns rather than stun guns or dart guns which we use on animals when they are ‘out of control’ so we do NOT kill them but use guns to kill human beings…this is unacceptable and needs to change!

  • Mildrid J

    Seems suspicious “everyones” body cameras were off.

  • Expatmom

    Our LEOs have morphed into out of control gunslingers.


    FUCK the USA. I hope Russia takes care of them!!!!

  • Joe

    everyone shut their pieholes and sit down right now and wait until the whole story comes out. She obviously did something really stupid to make them do that. She should have stayed in her rathole country and be a burden and trouble to them. smgdmfh

  • Joe

    she obviously did something real stupid for this to happen. She should have stayed in her rathole country instead of be a burden on us now…. smfh

  • Joe

    get off the dope you brainwashed tool…………………

  • John Karroum

    To Joe, you are nothing but a bitch. I own you , bitch! Shut the fuck up and rot in your stinky hole, bitch

  • Paul Chant

    And to think that we are all told to fear ISIS!
    Just who is the murdering terrorists?

  • gyurika

    You are sick.

  • Joanie Block

    You’re a stupid idiot! What rock did you roll out of? Go to hell!

  • Paula Warner

    bravo paul !!
    that’s the truth!!!!

  • Rebecca Hauptman Cashman

    I have a dumb question…. why is her last name the same as her fiance’s last name? They aren’t married yet, and I notice little details like that and am curious.

    Now that I am done with my curiousity, I agree that there is something definitely fishy here. I would like to know all the details, REAL details, not coverups. And I hope those police have to face what they did.

  • tamarque

    Just goes to show that being white is not enough to protect you when you are not mainstream. I am sure the cops knew who they were shooting! Disgusting.

  • GoldenAutumn

    Thank you for this. I live in the Mpls area and had heard about this. I had an unsettledness in my spirit about it just looking at her picture and seeing this is a woman who is in no way any threat that I could determine. Of course, I didn’t know who it was or what the situation involved but nonetheless was extremely bothered by the fact that the cams were turned off. Why? I had no idea was who she was until I received your e-alert, Erin. I grieve for what is happening to all these holistic doctors/scientists, etc. It has to stop. We need answers and more! Thank you for sending the alert out. Grieving in Minneapolis…

  • I Can See You

    Is there not even an explanation from the cops of why this happened?

  • Jen S. Jones

    Nazi’s control America. It has to do with PROJECT PAPERCLIP and the infusion of Nazi’s in America who work under the Vatican, Queen of England, Bush family, Rockefeller Family. These Nazi factions just proliferate in the world. They don’t want holistic healers. The Rockefeller family runs the pharma industry with Bayer pharmaceuticals killing people with mustard gas (chemo), the same company who made the death cocktails for Hitler as IG Farbman. The nazis all just moved into the U.S. and started to poison the food, water and air. The main nazi base is in the underground bases in Antartica. See youtube video “Navy Sailer reveals all about Antartica” to find out where the main Nazi base is that controls our politicians with nanotechnology. Everyone is already implanted with tons of black and white nano goo. Doctors who are ignorant call it plaque. It’s nanotechnology. The people are getting more and more evil as they are controlled via nanotechnology devices in the body, that receives frequencies and orders from the Nazi control system using a giant supercomputer called “IBM Brain Beam” that controls the human race and the impulses sent to the brains.

  • Jen S. Jones

    All the New Agers who think they are being saved…get a brain and see what is going on all over the world. Come down from your delusions. America is being turned into Nazi germany. And everyone is being filled with black nanotechnology sludge and white nano foam. There is no Savior coming, no fake aliens coming to save you. No one is saving these good doctors, no one. So if anyone else in the fake New Age movement tries to tell me that they are being saved, I say you are DELUSION AND BRAIN DEAD.

  • Rowlin

    A woman in her pajamas standing there talking to a cop, obviously a cold blooded murder. Problem is there is no accountability. The cops know they can get away with shooting anybody, lie about it and the system will cover for them.

  • sammie warwick

    It said she was outside in her yard in her pajamas. That was a dangerous place to be. Whatever the disturbance was that she called the police about was dangerous too. She should have stayed inside. But I hope and pray they will get to the bottom of the whole thing. My guess is they turned their cameras off to chit chat in the car and forgot to turn them back on.

  • sammie warwick

    Of course there is. They are investigating. They won’t release anything until they know what happened.

  • I Can See You

    “of course there is” when there isn’t? There is less information about this shooting than there normally is very quickly. At least the CLAIM of the cops as to what happened. ” She had a gun, I told her to show her hands, etc.:The investigation determines if that’s correct.

  • theescotsman


  • mjb007bond

    So sad and so wrong. I hope that these cops at least lose there jobs. They should be in prison. But it is obvious that cops can kill with impunity. It is very dangerous to call the cops or to interact with them at all. They always try to escalate the situation. Never call the police! If you do, make sure it is anonymously and you are nowhere near the scene.

    No cameras, not even the cruiser cam was on?

  • Michelle Owens

    Obviously you like police who just shoot people for fun ,you imbecile !!

  • Michelle Owens

    No!!! You can’t say that because of a few idiots !! There are some wonderful people in the USA and there are deadbeats just like we have in Australia .My son lives there and employs American’s and Australians plus some Europeans .

  • Nigel Watson

    To the contrary, mi Amiga – Ms Damond scared the bejeezus out of the JUNOs (juno who I’m referring to 😉 – she represents the one thing they fear above all else: the power of love to bring down their pathetic world of hatred and empty dreams – worse. the lady was a carrier – can’t have that stuff spreading all over the place, now, can we? – “First, kill the best and the brightest.” – she may not have gotten around to the flat earth thingie, but she pretty well nails the rest of it 😉
    And Joe (piehole), if you have nothing constructive to contribute, you might want to avoid providing us with evidence of that fact – remember, when you hate, you lose – sorry NjW

  • TheOneWhoIs

    Don’t live for illusion, live for liberation, stand up for what you
    know to be true and ensure that your love is met with love wherever you

  • George Corvin

    Public hanging maybe out of fashion, but there are instances, like this, when it is more than justified. No excuse that the madman was drunk or lost his marbles, a drug addict, or he was PAID OFF, WHICH I SUSPECT, to do his criminal act. TO THE GALLOWS WITH HIM, SLOW HANGING. THOSE WHO FINANCED HIM SHOULD ALSO RECEIVE THE SAME PUNISHMENT.. ALL THOSEI N THE CAR WERE IN THE GANG.

  • TeamDoctorsClinic

    I’m watching my back every day

  • Guy Rocky

    America has to take back their country. Many thought Trump might do that – but he has proven that he IS the swamp. Now the people have to rise up. All groups, Ranchers, Anti-GMO, anti-war, anti-Fracking, Amish, BDS movement (these officers are trained by Israeli Security) etc need to mobilize as one.
    But be aware of hi-jackers and agent provocateurs.

  • izzysykopth

    You’ll die a slow painful death… But not soon enough…

  • gertrude van voorden

    Either you are a paid troll or just ignorant. First inform yourself about the cost and thus profit of current regular chemo/cancermedication. Know that in the USA they cannot be afforded by the poor and in certain clinics. Also know recent cancerresearch claims chemo ultimately makes tumors grow. And then do some research on all holistic professionals researching alternative cancercures that have been killed. Top that with research on the many scientists who researched non-mainstream/funded science, like f.i. the effects of chemtrails, that have been killed, murdered over the last years. Then watch the docu Gladio, that informs you about armies formed from staybehind nazis, who have absolutely no qualms to assassinate. Speaking TRUTH is now being called hatecrime in Germany and can be fined with i believe it was 50 million dollars. I cannot fault you for not having all this awareness/knowledge, kept from you by Mainstream information. I do object though to your replying in the manner you do to this killing. I just wish americans would stay in their country, which i will refrain from calling a rathole and end all their military interventions/moneymaking perpetual wars worldwide. There is a good docu on that subject too. Recently aired on mainstream dutch television. Just know that thousands of americans are killed yearly by prescription drugs. you better start informing yourself for the sake of YOU and your loved ones. Watch Peter Gotzche on Youtube, who did the maths/scientific research..

  • Lee Reikert

    Wow, reading some of the comments makes me realize the depth of mental illness that seems to be permeating this country. Someone decent who is in this country doing good is shot by the very people who are supposed to “serve and protect” and yet many of the comments are full of vulgar language, personal attacks and just pure idiocy. It’s becoming blatantly obvious that our law enforcement has some big problems when almost daily they are killing people who are unarmed and/or have been stopped for some minor infraction. What’s even more disturbing is that all the killer cops are acquitted!!! Even with video showing their knee jerk, over the top reactions. I guess a comment I heard a while back is true……. most cops are already egotistical jerks and then we give them guns.

  • Keith

    She was assassinated. That is the only explanation. Many naturopathic doctors have been murdered, in the last few years.

  • Keith

    Hey Joe, In case you hadn’t noticed, many natural healers have been murdered, in the last few years.

  • Keith

    ISIS: Mercenaries, paid by the CIA and Mossad.

  • Keith

    It actually was murder. Many naturopathic doctors have been murdered, in the last few years.

  • Keith

    It was. Many naturopathic doctors have been murdered, in the last few years.

  • Keith

    They’re not gonna tell the truth and say she was targeted for assassination, so you’ll hear a litany of excused and “reasons” why she was killed. Many naturopathic doctors have been murdered, in the last few years.

  • Keith

    Executioners. No due process necessary…

  • the one

    Shhhh! Don’t tell them the truth. They must live in fear like all the sheeple. They cannot handle the truth… They live by the lies of the MSM propaganda machine.

  • the one

    Put on your tinfoil hat. Keeps the beams out. Works for me… 😉

  • the one

    Must smell funny, with your head up your arse and all…

  • the one

    It should be painful to be as stupid as you seem to be. You must be a cop. Can always tell a cop by how hateful they talk…

  • Debra Alves

    M.Savage was talking about this tragedy on Mondays show and said the cop was a samolian immigrant (refugee) and was praised by the police department for coming so far in life in America. I hope he is fired!

  • Claudio Conde

    Big Pharma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claudio Conde

    Big Pharma!!!!!!!

  • Robert McAnally

    This is simple. He was a muslim radical. She was a woman in her pajamas. It was an affront to HIS senses and one that muslims are allowed to kill women for. Time to put this MURDERER in jail for life. And if he should ever get out, make sure he gets deported to Sudan, where I am sure he will continue to kill Christians who also are an affront to him
    God help us.
    And God help the iditots who hired him as an LEO. They should be charged, tried, convicted and jailed for accessories to her death.
    One more thing that should have been part of the news. Was this murderer’s partner a muslim too? Likely since being partnered with a Christian would be an insult to a muslim.

  • Philip Popenik

    the cabal has been using the police to do there dirty work for a long,,long time..its a minority of police officer’s who are dirty and blackmailed by the people at the top…the commissioner’s,, the captains,,, are the one’s running the show…not the rank and file..There just puppets…The cabals reach is far and wide….Lets not let this turn into f the police which is what the cabal loves…Lets be patient..there rule is coming top an end.. yes people will die in this fight…but remember our soul never dies..,.she is just fine..she knows now that her family and all of humanity’s suffering is close to coming to an end…So rejoice about the times that were spent with her….Soon we will all be free..That’s the way she would want it.. Peace!!!!

  • ml01106

    you are SICK!

  • ml01106

    Yes, another alternative doctor! Is there an investigation going on? I can’t seem to get any answers.

  • Sabreena Barton

    This was definitely a hit no doubt bought and paid for by big pharma. Their days of raking in the big bucks with lies and payoffs is over and they know it but are fighting to stay on top as long as possible. You know these cops are psychopaths or they couldn’t have killed this woman in cold blood.

  • Patrick Mchenry

    She was standing outside presumably near the alley. The article is not clear exactly where she was standing. She was presumably waiting for the police feeling safer when they would arrive. What happened next sounds like a drive-by shooting. Instead of stopping and addressing the person,the police opened fire first. Did she have anything in her hands that might have looked like a weapon? We don’t know.

  • MostHighsSon

    She was a Natural Hollistic Healer, Possibly curing people from diseases so she was a threat to the Pharmaceutics and Traditional Medicine so they put out a hit on her, just like they did to over 50 other “Hollistic Doctors”. Wow what a coincidence huh? Wake up people, we’ve all been lied to…

  • lorina

    My heart is sick for these people , this is wrong the police you can’t call the police for anything Justin your pain is justified very very sad for your loss

  • David Stone

    Sounds like it’s America that is the shithole and I bet you are a cop?

  • Someone suggesting that the black man named Mr. Muhammed Noor is racist…?… wow… Agree do I, but didn’t expect that in this thread. Yet perhaps the issue is a little bigger than race.

    The religion of Mr. Noor is unknown, to me; Nonetheless, it is easy for me, to see why a Muslim would want to kill this woman. She was essentially a religious teacher, regardless of the terminology she, or others, may want to argue about.

    With the current level of hate against police officers, it is also easy to see for me; That, certain kabals could have ‘planned’ this attack in an effort to desrabalize the government.

    Favor the gov. or not, but that would mean everyone would lose. The only good public disobediences are peaceful ones, feel do I.

    Cloward-Piven strategy should be taught at the beginning offer every class in any school that receives federal money… why…?… because it is happening as we speak, an clearly too few know if well enough to see past their hate…

  • Ma1nguy1

    That’s news to me, why? what is the purpose?

  • Ma1nguy1

    Hey if a naturalist has natural ingredients that can cure me without all the side effects of chemicals by the phamaceuticals that have one therapeutic effect but 20 side effects…. I don’t like chemicals in my body

  • Ma1nguy1

    I’d never investigate on my own if I heard a noise after I called the police, I’d keep my butt indoors.

  • Connie Holman Sportsman

    If she heard a noise out back, why would she be standing out front when the police arrived? Wouldn’t someone who heard a noise stay inside until after the police checked things out?!?! That right there is very odd!! Also why is her last name the same as her fiancée’s, hmmm very strange and answers very much needed!! Did the police mistaken her as an intruder since she was standing outside? Why was the camera off? Did they forget or was it intentionally? So many unanswered questions, wow!!

  • Ma1nguy1

    Oh yeah they’ve got that “CODE OF SILENCE” amongst themselves and being a “RAT” means not having your back covered in a major sting operation, you will be set up to be killed or badly injured. Yet I get all this mail for donations to the men/women in blue/Law Enforcement and to know that there are “dirty cops” among the pack but the good ones won’t turn on them.

  • Ma1nguy1

    I agree with you, I hate putting any kind of chemicals into my body. I see it all the time on TV a drug with 1 therapeutic effect but 20 side effects, what’s up with that. If I knew a Natural healer could cure me with natural plants I’d go there first before I pay big bucks for chemicals that will destroy my body

  • zvkk2p

    Something is most definitely fishy with this shooting. The body cameras are to be turned on at ALL times, and I believe that I read yesterday that other cameras in the neighborhood were also turned off at the time of the shooting (not sure if that is true however). Both officer’s cameras being turned off shows that there was something going down. Was this a way to get rid of another holistic healer? I’m so confused about what to think or believe. A huge loss for those who knew and loved her.

    Also, why would a police officer shoot from the patrol car?!?!? What are we missing???

  • zvkk2p

    Big Pharma wants to sell their medications to an unwitting public, not have them learn that they can be healed or helped naturally, without prescribed medications.

  • Justins

    I wander if you or someone dear to you will be a burden on us all if something like this happens. What a harthless idiot you are!!!! I wish you experience similar and than talk about it.

  • nanuu

    “Turned them off to chit chat then forgot to turn them back on” – Oh hey lady, hold on a sec, don’t move, I need to turn my camera on so I can shoot you now.
    So innocent you make it seem.
    Either married to a cop or have one in the family, is my guess?

  • CarrieSings

    A deeper examination of the supposed 60+ “Holistic” deaths conspiracy is quite revealing:

    – Many deaths cited were not actually “Holistic” practitioners
    – Multiple deaths were by auto, motorcycle, Hit&Run by auto & bicycle accidents
    – Murder by victim’s family member
    – Murder by current & ex employees or family member of employee
    – Murder by deranged neighbor
    – Murder by random unconnected prepetrator
    – Murdered during a robbery
    – Confirmed deaths by heart attack
    – Confirmed suicides
    – Spouse was “Holistic” but physician who committed suicide was not
    – Died of pneumonia in jail in a foreign country – Held on money laundering charges
    – Died of Lyme Disease

  • Jen S. Jones

    Big Pharma is run by Nazi’s. The Queen of England and Vatican put Hitler in power. Then after Nazi Germany, the Rockefellers who work with the Queen and Vatican, as well as the Bush family, moved thousands of Nazi war criminals into America, via “PRoject Paperclip”. They continued to add poisons to our water and food. And used Hitler’s gas making company, known as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, which used to be called IG Farbman. Bayer makes chemo which is gas, made by the Nazi’s. IT kills 90% of it’s victims. Anyone that has a REAL cure is now monitored, harrassed and sometimes murdered now. It’s the Nazi’s. There is a Nazi underground base in Antartica that our politicians visit and work with. The blonde haired Blue Eyed super-race is there too, non humans. Research Hitler’s obsession with aliens and his belonging to Secret alien channeling elite societies, like the Vrill and Thule secret societies where they contacted aliens and demons. Well, guess who runs this planet and America. Look up Linda Moulton Howe’s research on this. Jim NIchols also has exposed this.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Your forgetting the Vatican Jesuits control America. You have to go higher then the lower organizations. Above the Jesuits are the Dark Nobility, and then their masters are alien races who reside in underground bases in Antartica. You have to go higher then the planted information to find the truth.
    The real truth is that we were born onto a planet with a lot of evil, because we ourselves have karma and past wrong doings. If one wants to live in a world without evil, they have to go within and make sure they never feed into the evil on this planet. Or your next incarnation will continue to be an evil planet where people blame governments. But if people were advanced spiritual beings, you wold be incarnated into a more advanced heavenly realm where there is no evil governments. Everyone has to fix themselves spiritually. Govt on lower realms will always murder and pedaphiles will always rape. We have to fix ourselves as we have in many past lives been order followers or we wouldn’t be living on this lower hellish realm of evil. If you want to see why we have evil governments, look up youtube video comments and see the level of hate people have for others, then you will know why everyone is stuck on a planet of evil and hatred. There is no thing as death. It’s just game over temporarily. This woman was a beautiful soul and I’m sure she is on the heavenly realms having a grand ol’ time right now. She will be rewarded in her next life for the work she did in this life. I feel for her family that was left behind. They need the most love right now.

  • Jen S. Jones

    You think the Nazi and illuminati controlled BDS movement is on our side? They are part of the control system. Israel has Muslim terrorist groups funded by the Muslim govt and most likely the Vatican and Queen to kill them. They have a right to protect themselves against constant terrrorists shooting missiles at them. Even with the constant terror attacks, only 167 deaths were reported last year. While Syria regime killed 70,000 people last year. American military has murdered 20,000 in Iraq last year. Tens of thousands of military in Middle eastern and other countries last year. And even in Chicago 700 people murdered other people.
    If you had Muslim terrorist groups shooting missiles into your city, you would demand your govt protect you. But Israel according to Nazi’s are not allowed to protect themselves from terrorists. If Isreal wanted to kill Palistienans, the population wouldn’t be growing as fast as it’s growing. This is not about suppression, this is about protecting themselves against Muslims who believe they will go to heaven if they kill Jews, Christians or gay people. You go live in a country where people believe they will go to heaven if they kill you, and tell us that you don’t want protection. As you sit in the comfort of your home, without people trying to kill you on a daily bases and then recommend a Nazi group. Shame on your soul. You certainly don’t understand how spirituality works, and you will not be part of the wheat that is being separated from the chaff now, as humanity splits between good and evil.

  • Lloyd Cormier

    I must have been his right of passage

  • Danielle Marin

    This is unbelievable & I am shocked. I literally just watched follow-up news report on this story on local news station…heard just portion of this story when it broke but knew very little about it, local news doesn’t normally go into detail on National stories & my news is out of Philadelphia. Just this evening I heard followup with female officer talking about officers body cams not being on. saw photo for first time of Justine with future husband & felt deep pang in my stomach, knowing lives have been destroyed & hearts broken beyond repair…..
    why i am shocked, however, is that it is only just this evening that i came across Ms. Erin Elizabeth’s HealthNutNews website & spent quite a while reading about the murders of 60+ Holistic/Osteopathic Physicians/Healers/PhDs/Assistants/Vets, etc. I had NO IDEA about any of these cold-blooded murders…have watched little mainstream news since 2013, but the 2016 election brought me back a little to cable news, ie Fox. I am certain I saw nothing about these doctors. the only story I read that even sounded a touch familiar was the woman in Hawaii, I had deja vu when I read it as though i had heard it before. i remember reading it & feeling intensely saddened, as it appeared to be really tragic & i think they said she drowned? it was portrayed in a bizarre “one in a million” kind of thing….
    I have a 48 year old brotherinlaw who has been a DO for well over 20 years & he is in excellent shape as a blackbelt in Taekwondo…I can see why the families & friends of these slain medical professionals are completely outraged at the haphazard & careless ways these murders are being handled, so quick to write these off as suicides???? horrible horrible horrible!!!! how dare they try to come off as though “Oh hey well you know, the loved ones are always the last ones to know how sad, depressed, despondent & despairing their loved one was, it’s hard to have them accept it was suicide”…..um, maybe they can’t accept suicide as the cause because it absolutely is not??? wow, I would love to know more about this huge huge huge story that clearly is getting ZERO ATTENTION in the mainstream news. I have not even seen anything online other then lady in hawaii & that may have been over a year ago.
    quite appalling & scary, indeed. what is this country coming to?

  • I follow Tony Pantalleresco’s HerbsPlusBeadWorks youtube channel. We have been following his many recommendations. We have also been following and researching Steve Beddingfield’s protocol too. Tony’s anti-nano device is awesome. Had already been wearing some neodymium magnets before, and constantly cleansing. Dr. Jennifer Daniel’s protocol on turpentine is also very interesting.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Yes, Tony Pantalleresco is great. I am doing Dr.Robert Morse’s grape juice fast and I need to use Tony’s amazing recommendation of using oil to separate the nano goo from the juice. He is so smart. I’m thrilled to have him on this planet helping us. I have not heard of Steve Beddingfield. Will have to check him out. I’m doing Dr. Robert Morse protocol now and just did a morning to night grape juice fast and feel amazingly better. I recommend it for anyone that is feeling not so good.
    Too bad the tin foil hat wearing guy below is too ignorant to realize that he’s a programmed zombie, lost, and will be very sorry someday. As he has no idea what is being done to him. If he doesn’t know, then he’s not detoxifying and it will be very bad down the road for him.

  • Steve Beddingfield has a group on FB called Morgellons Support Protocol, if you are on FB. His protocol is mainly for the parasitic side of Morgellon’s, and has stated that Lyme is actually part of Morgellon’s. Some of the other members is aware of Tony’s research. He has some very telling pictures of various parasitic “creatures” that will blow your mind. His Youtube channels usernames are scabdraggr and Steve Beddingfield. He may have others, but I know of those two and follow them. I know of Michael Chapala morgellonscure site. I have heard of Robert Morse, but never pursued any further. Now that my curiosity is up, going to go check, him out now. I can’t post any linkage to any of the above, because of Disqus censorship. Sorry about that. One of my last well thought-out comments on the recent Headache & Migraine Summit went into the black hole. 🙁

  • coradon1

    It’s a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy!

    Jesus, the retardation level in the comments is high.

  • retired trucker

    I too was heartsick upon hearing about this “perfect storm” that resulted in her death. From what I understood at the time, she was just moments/steps from the squad car, and at the last half step, there was that loud noise that startled the officer, the next step/moment she appeared by the drives window then the officer overreacted and shot her. These things usually take time to be sorted out, anyone else have a different story ?