Someone wants to take my cat out… and I don’t mean on a date.

I posted a few weeks ago on my Facebook Page that a friend of mine (Let’s  just call him …”Jeff”)  joked that someone had taken up a collection  because they seriously want my old sick cat Ms Pye- DEAD. Not just sick (She already is) but flat out gone …….. See below for more 🙁

Cat On Blue Couch

The Death Wish For My Cat

I thought it was a joke and laughed it off. I even posted about it and said that I told my partner -Dr. Mercola- that someone wanted to take our cat out and he responded  “Take her out where?” (Which I thought was adorable)

When I talked to my friend “Jeff” again recently I learned it wasn’t a joke. While someone wasn’t collecting money to take my cat out (I surely hope not- that part was a joke 🙂 they truly hated my cat and wished she’d die.

I couldn’t imagine how anyone could  have so much hate toward a cat they’d never  met. Come to think of it how could they have so much hate at a cat even if they’d met her?  At first I just laughed at the whole thing and let it go. But  the next day it kept creeping back into my head…  This person (who back then was a Facebook friend when they said this) didn’t know me or my cat and was allegedly (back then!) nice to me on my page.  My feelings of indifference turned to anger as I know I’m going to be losing Miss Pye  sometime in the not so distant future.  I adopted her almost 19 years ago at the age of eight weeks (I’d always adopted older cats but fell in love with her.  Eight weeks was also the same age my parents adopted me. I’ve now had Pye nearly half my life.

Pye’s  doctor- a cat specialist (one of only 72 in the world they tell me) said Pye had 30 days or less to live back in January when she diagnosed her with very late stage cancer.  Well tomorrow is May.  She’s still kickin’ . I thought about how hard I’d worked to keep her quality of life amazing, giving her probiotics and supplements, alkaline water, homemade food, comfy organic pillows, tons of attention, pampering and most of all, Love.  But I also thought of the  countless people I’d never met in person who had written or posted saying how much they loved her. Some would post they had actually fallen IN love with Pye!

Just this week I got a private message from a FB pal in Hawaii who said he got teary eyed reading a short post about Pye with an update and her photo. Another kind friend posted publicly that Pye was a great source of joy to her and her very ill sister. She wrote on my page how  she’d go visit the sister and she’d tell her about my cat  and Pye’s latest adventures or funny little stories. She’d also share with her sister how Pye was sick but had outlived even the expert doctor’s expectations. Sometimes they’d laugh or cry but Pye had become, inevitably, a part of these peoples’  lives and stories.

I figure since Pye evokes such feelings of love with coearly nineteen years together we have a sense of communication. I think if Cat Artistic ShadowingPye could talk to me she’d say that this person really doesn’t like something about themselves. Or perhaps they don’t like all the attention a cat gets on the internet. Or maybe they don’t like complete  strangers that it’s only natural there will be a few haters. And while I don’t talk to my cat (well I do, but she doesn’t talk back 😉 I guess after ns or never had one. ….And while I wanted to go off saying how they just *wish* they were half as popular, svelte and pretty as Pye I realized Pye would never do such a thing.

Animals come from a place of love, unconditional love and that’s all I’ve ever seen from her. It’s the same with her adopted sister Mioshi, who died 2 years ago at the age of 20.  Pye never judges or hates anyone and certainly never wished anyone dead.  Granted she might not be thrilled with someone she meets at the house and would immediately get a good sense of the person (an amazing detector for potential suitors in my past 🙂  If Pye (or Mioshi) didn’t like the guy then I knew they weren’t for me. I only went against her intuition once and boy, she ended up being so right!

Pye actually wouldn’t even let someone wanting her dead to bother her, she wouldn’t care what they thought (do any cats *really* care what we think?) It wouldn’t be but a fleeting thought in her mind as she got back to her day and enjoying living in the moment.

cat crossing armsOh, how I seek to be more like Miss Pye every day.  Not to worry about when I might die or how I die,  certainly not worry  about what others think of me, comfortable in my own skin, with no need for a bit of makeup.   Hell, Pye doesn’t even need any clothes. She’s comfortable when she’s a little too heavy, comfy when she’s a little too thin. That’s  just how she rolls.

So I took the high road. Pye  wouldn’t hate this person with their negative thoughts.   Pye is too full of love and a great attitude to act like that. I believe she’d also say “life is short” (especially at the end of her life) and would wish this “jelly” hater (who might have some issues hating a cat they don’t know on the internet) nothin’ but love.

I know I’ll be sad when Pye goes. I’ve spent nearly so much of life with her and do care for her so much.  After her sister died we became even closer because I was all that she had (along with Joe who she’s known now for nearly 5 years we’ve been together. And she approves fully 😉 We’ll both miss her terribly but are thrilled (and never expected!) what an inspiration she’d be to friends and people around the world who only know Pye through the virtual reality we call the internet.  I know I might post lots of photos of her these past few months (thinking she would be dead already!) but they all get more likes than my own photos so I know I’m doing the right thing.

I’ll keep posting right up until it’s time for Pye to say goodbye.. knowing that people see pure love and joy (and lots of character) every time they see her photos. And for those who don’t like the pics? They can skip over them, but for those who do? I’m glad she’s brightened so many peoples’ days (and nights) Because while she cannot smile- I know she brings a smile to so many faces and reminds us all to ignore the haters, send them good thoughts,  live for today and love yourself… Because that, my human friend, is what it’s all about 🙂

Erin  XO

pyeme3Erin  is an animal lover, rescuer, writer and the mom of one very old Ms Pye, a rescue she adopted at 8 weeks old (the same age as Erin was adopted too)  You can follow her here on Facebook and subscribe to her newsletter if you please 🙂