A recent study has found that some medical doctors in California have been assisting parents, who choose not to vaccinate their children, by providing their children with medical exemptions for vaccines. It’s a sad state of affairs when parents have to find doctors to help them not put their children in state-mandated harm.

And given the fear that the WHO tried to instill with their story about “non-compliant vaccinators” being one of the biggest health threats of 2019, it’s no surprise that the mainstream media are attempting to draw attention to this issue.

“Despite a California law passed after the 2015 Disneyland measles outbreak that got rid of the ‘personal belief’ vaccine exemptions for children entering school, pockets of low vaccination rates have developed in the state. A number of counties are reporting rates lower than 90 percent, the number needed to achieve herd immunity, which occurs when enough people are vaccinated against an infectious disease to protect others in the community who are not. (Click here for the truth about herd immunity.)

The Pediatrics study found some medical exemptions were being given with inadequate justification, such as ‘family history of allergies and family history of autoimmune disorders.’”1

And guess what? You might not know about an autoimmune disorder until something, like a vaccine, triggered it. (The study also claims to have discovered that some exemptions were being generated by doctors who don’t normally treat children and that other physicians were charging fees. As I have seen no proof of that, I’ll reserve my comments except to say this; how sad is it that parents in California have to pay to get their children something they should have freely: the right to choose.)

But according to Dr. Erica Pan, interim Alameda County Health Officer and a clinician professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of California, San Francisco, even when these doctors provide specific reasons for the exemption, they don’t “jive” with what she sees as the settled science on vaccines. (She is not related to Dr. Richard Pan who also had something to say about doctors providing patients with exemptions, “The thing we need to recognize is that many of the physicians who have broken their oath, they’re doing it for their own pocketbook. It’s not based on their expertise. They’re monetizing their license.”2 Can you believe that he just pulled out the medical oath? The most updated Hippocratic oath directly speaks about forcing something on someone who does not want it. The very nerve.)


Vaccine and public health experts are disturbed by the new developments in California but honestly, we all should be. Parents should not have even been put in that position in the first place.

But parents in California may soon be out of luck once again as the Medical Board of California is looking into “allegations that physicians are inappropriately issuing exemptions for required vaccinations.”3

We will update you once more information becomes available. However, know your rights and educate yourself on vaccines. Don’t trust someone else to look out for your kids best interests.



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