Are we sick and tired of Snopes? That goes without saying.

But like a bad rash that won’t go away, Snopes is so darned persistent.

You might remember, they’ve been in court for defrauding their company…

So they begged the public for money when they lied and said they could go broke. Indeed, they are anything but “poor.”

And raised nearly a million dollars from unsuspecting readers who thought they were doing the right thing.

Fast forward to today: Snopes continually writes front page pieces on us, attempting to “debunk” us only to get called out for their inaccuracies. Usually involving our dead friends or colleagues whose information they get wrong.

DEAD wrong.

The first time they attempted to debunk us was when we started covering the holistic doctors who died, many of whom were our friends and associates. That particular case was Dr Patrick Fitzpatrick; I listed the state the missing nature loving doctor was from and of course, we got it right.

Their self described dominatrix writer (no judgement!), who has since left the company and called it “gross” to work there for a number of reasons, did a hit piece on us, trying to correct us like some school yard bully who doesn’t have their facts straight.

Mistress Kim LaCapria, (these are really the people who worked there) tried to correct us about the state the doctor was from saying, “ACTUALLY he was from…” and she proceeded to name the wrong state in her false correction and failed debunk attempt.

Sadly, time was running out and some experts think they’re interference and listing the WRONG STATE for a missing doctor could have hindered the investigation. Either way he wasn’t found in time and was sadly, found dead. His vehicle had been abandoned along the side of the road. No thanks to Snopes and their false piece correcting our correct information about his location in hopes of finding him alive.

Now once again they’ve put us as one of the top three sites on Pinterest (thanks Snopes) to be taken down because of the fact that we cover natural medicine, question vaccine ingredients, vaccine safety and the current vaccine schedule. (Pinterest is owned by a few elitist billionaire/millionaire males who we’ll report on another time.)

In that article they disparaged a popular website and friend of ours (may he rest in peace) named Dan Olmstead. (Dan was the editor of the popular publication.)

The problem was that he was found dead of alleged suicide- nearly 2 years ago. But Snopes, in usual form, stated he was the CURRENT editor, as they put him and his awesome publication down with their disparaging piece. (And they insulted us yet again.)

I called them out and Snopes was forced to quietly change their fake news. However, once again, no apology. Not to us, not to the late vaccine skeptic Dan Olmstead’s family, or to the nature loving MD, Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick’s family, may they both rest in peace.


Check out my video below and expect this kind of thing to continue in 2019. I’m no longer going to allow people to lie and abuse me.


I’ll be calling you out if I need to so get ready! This 2019 Erin is new and improved!

XO~ Erin