UPDATE: Dr. Kurmann’s family are suing the truck driver and his company. Mainstream reports have stated that they are unable to obtain a copy of the video of the accident (which shouldn’t be so complicated) and are having trouble with the investigation which has been frustrating. Boston is still reeling after what they are calling a shocking, unusual tragedy.

From the article:

“The suit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, names Matthew Levari of Vineland, N.J., as the driver whose flatbed truck collided with Dr. Anita Kurmann, a 38-year-old endocrine surgeon who worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston University.”

Her family is seeking a trial by jury who will decide if any financial damages are due, and how much that would be.

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Anita Kurmann, 38, an endocrine surgeon originally from Switzerland, died last Friday morning while riding her bicycle. Kurmann originally came to Boston to work in a research lab but was able to accomplish so much more during her time in the US. In fact, thanks to her perseverance, she was able to bring the labs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston University together to work on a serious project: transforming embryonic stem cells into functional thyroid tissue.

Kurmann had been planning to return to her native Switzerland to set up her own research lab later this year. Her death has stunned her colleagues at both labs.

The project she was working on, which was almost complete and involved stem cells, related to turning embryonic stem cells into thyroid tissue and was aimed at helping people born without a thyroid or those who had their thyroid surgically removed.

Though police have not named the truck driver, that person has been located.

Multiple people have stated that Boston is not a friendly cyclist city, quite the opposite. People feel there’s a lot of aggression towards them and are always worried they could be the next accident.

The Boston PD are still investigating her case.

Our hearts go out to her poor family. We will update you as more info becomes available.

Source: Boston Globe