Single Mom of Three: I’m Swapping Chemo for VEGAN JUICE, Positive Thinking and Oxygen Treatment to Beat Terminal Cancer


Single mom Marion Johnson found a small lump between her breasts while she was showering back in May of 2015. She was later diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and given a year to live. After undergoing six months of intensive chemo, her scans revealed that the cancer had spread to her liver. Not ready to say goodbye to her three kids, she decided to look for alternatives.

After looking into the benefits of cold press juicing and going vegan, and against the advice of her oncologist, she overhauled her diet and added oxygen treatments and daily vitamins. Currently, one of her tumors has shrunk and the others are stable.

Marion Johnson, 42, of Merseyside has given up chemo in favour of vegan juicing and positive thinking after being given a year to live

While there are many protocols you can find and try (because there isn’t necessarily one solution that fits everyone) Marion has decided upon the following:

  • Dandelion and burdock tea with lemon.
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies made in a cold press juicer (it crushes and presses fresh ingredients to keep their nutrients intact).
  • No meat, sugar, alcohol, gluten or dairy.
  • Only organic produce.
  • Daily vitamin supplements.
  • Weekly vitamin C intravenous drips.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment that delivers pure O2 to restore damaged cells
Initialy the doctors thought they could remove her breast and lymph node but further scans revealed tumors in her spine, stomach, and adrenal glands. Since her cancer was already so widespread the only “mainstream” option left was palliative chemotherapy- which would only prolong her life, not save her OR combat the disease.

The strong chemo, which she had every three weeks for six months, was incredibly difficult. After each round of chemo, she’d be ok for a couple of days and then it would hit her so hard she’d be wiped out and in bed for days. She needed help to parent, make dinner, and take care of her home.


And one of her friends has set up a Gofundme page to get her get to the Gerson Health Centre in Budapest, Hungary, which specializes in these alternative cancer therapies. If you feel led to help, please do.

Good job Marion, we’re cheering for you from this side of the pond!

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Mark

    Assuming this story is correct.

    Cancer sometimes regeress on it’s own. Further more if any of these ‘treatments’ had an effect, it’s almost impossible to say, given the diverse amounts of intervention.

    However, how many people have eschewed ‘tradition’ cancer treatments for alt treatments and found out the cancer has spread?

  • Juicing is how I cured my stage 4 bone marrow cancer over 10 years ago after doctors sent me home to die. Gerson is great but you can do it on your own like this lady is doing.