Infant Twins Die Simultaneously After Vaccines, Medical Board Rules ‘Just a Coincidence’


Given that the sudden and simultaneous deaths of twins rarely occur, you would think- especially given the fact that they had been recently vaccinated– that it would receive quite a bit of attention. However, this story went largely unreported. (In order for twins to meet the criteria for simultaneous SIDS both babies must have died independently and within the same 24 hour time period.)

PubMed reports that identical twin girls, aged 3.5-months and delivered via c-section, were found dead (by their poor momma) in their crib, both laying face up. Not surprisingly, both babies were healthy will no serious medical history. Two days before their death, both of the girls had received their second dose of oral polio, DPT, and their first dose of hepatitis B vaccines. They had a fever the day after the vaccines and were given a teaspoon of acetaminophen.

All that and yet, “the death scene investigation, judicial investigation, parental assessment, macroscopic and microscopic autopsy findings and the toxicological analysis didn’t yield any specific cause of death.” Because the case was so rare it was referred to a board of multidisciplinary medical professionals at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, in the Ministry of Justice, in Istanbul. And yet, the Board still decided that the data they had was consistent with SIDS.

(Let this sink in: a medical journal is reporting that twins, who were recently vaccinated, both died but it’s nothing more than the luck of the draw. Unexplainable. That makes about as much sense as pediatricians who claim some kids “just get fevers all the time.”)

Source: PubMed

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Luccim

    How high were the fevers? Didn’t Dr. Stephanie Seneff find increased rates of adverse events when acetaminophen was given shortly after vaccination? Acetaminophen is not good for the liver, thus interfering with the detoxification process that’s so necessary following vaccines. I thought that DPT was replaced long ago by Dtap because of too many adverse events with DTP? Hopefully a full report was made to VAERS.

    Heartfelt condolences to the mother and family for such a tragic unnecessary loss.

  • love the view

    for some reason my pediatrician didnt like tylenol.. I always gave my kids baby aspirin or liquid motrin. My condolences.. and prayers for the parents of these beautiful girls.

  • Memphis Mike

    How can I verify the authenticity of this? News story with names ? Location?

  • Elisheva

    There must be more to this story….

  • overit

    A TEASPOON of acetaminophen would be an OVERDOSE in an infant that young (unless they were freakishly large 3 month olds weighing over 25 pounds!) Acetaminophen overdose causes liver failure and/or death. This has NOTHING to do with SIDS or even vaccination, but someone who didn’t read the label and overdosed their poor children!

  • Georgia Girl

    Ya’ll can say what you want, but before kids were given so many vaccines so close together and at such a young age, there was much less autism. I have read of several teens who have died after getting the flu vaccine. Why are there so many deniers? Let’s have some honest research that is carried out by independent sources not connected to big pharma.

  • Nurseynan

    I would like to know more information. I am a pediatric nurse, that is at odds with how many serums are injected in each immunization. In America, we can legally give FIVE immunizations in one visit, each syringe holding up to 3 serums (DPT is an example of 3 serums: diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus). We do not take into consideration premature births and give the baby the scheduled immunizations on the same schedule as a full-term baby, which means, a premie getting a 3 month old checkup, is actually NOT 3 months old, just 3 months out of the womb, and possibly only 2 actual months in development, but getting their 3 month immunizations.

    Plus, if Mom is nursing them, her immunities are THEIR immnunities, and that should cause a delay in the immunization schedule, but it does not (at least not in USA).

    I am also interested in the babies’ weight vs the reported 1 teaspoon Tylenol, but, that could be a mistake in reporting…

  • Diane

    A teaspoon of acetaminophen?

  • Jennifer R.

    This happened in 2007. Why is it just now being reported? Is it because it was in Turkey?

  • Kitsu

    We don’t know if that teaspoon was split between the two babies or if that was per child… but it is rather suspicious.

  • woodnymph!

    I read long ago, & have seen it reported many times since, that there is No Safe Dose of acetophenone. Did I spell that right? Or Tylenol! I have never used it sense & am baffled at how it is still marketed as the go to drug for infants & children! Any feedback on that? Not that I think it caused the deaths of these babies.
    I remain convinced that US is over vaccinating the children. I have given up trying to wake anyone up. It only breeds resentment.

  • Elizabeth A Haywood

    Those poor parents! My friend’s baby died the night after his “well baby” visit and vaccines when he was 6 months old. That was 12 years ago and his mother is still heartsick about it and talks about it all of the time!

  • Elizabeth

    I sold vaccines for years and never heard of the several teens that died after getting the flu vaccine. That is very interesting. Can you give me the specific cases, I would like to look into it.

  • Nurseynan. The pub med links is source with a link at the bottom which is what we quoted that (as well as the teaspoon – which we wonder if they mean a teaspoon each or….) It does state the exact details which are the same we reported. I was given my DPT (now known as DTaP, as you know) as the same age. seizures, 104 fever for a week and hospitalization. All very sad and pub med mentions nothing about them being premature.. It wasn’t in the US. Thanks for your comments, and if more details emerge we’ll let you know.

  • We have several articles on the site of children and teens dying after the flu shot and Gardasil. You can look under our database for that information with mainstream links and interviews with the parents. Some were just paralyzed while others did die.

  • yes we wish the pub med were clear on that. Another reason if I were vaccinating my children that I wouldn’t use acetaminophen at all, personally.

  • Memphis Mike. The location and information is in the PUB MED story clearly linked at the bottom of the article under the video.

  • Kevin Everson

    Were they both in the same crib? Could they have suffocated? Find it hard to believe that they both die from a shot that is given to millions of babys. Also possibly they overdosed on the medication that they were given. I highly doubt it was the shot directly.

  • I was wondering that as well. It sounded like they were in the same crib. :-/ In that case, that would be my guess, since guidelines are that infants have their own spaces due to suffocation risk.

  • Can you please share the pubmed link again? I see a couple of links, but seem to be missing the pubmed link you’re referencing.

  • Rick Shaw

    The title is not worth crap unless E Erin can produce documented evidence of the claim
    1st name the family
    2 the country
    3 the medical evidence
    for now that will do, these witch doctors need to be put down !

  • DeeLee

    This story is lacking in pertinent information. No names, dates or real specifics were given. If I wanted to verify the veracity of this I have nothing to go on. As a matter of fact, I tried to find back up evidence and found nothing. At face value, this is heartbreaking and my heart goes out to the family. But, if this was created to further an agenda, that would be heinous.

  • Ojy

    It is lacking information because, rather than a news story, it was a research case study. And you know what is conveniently left out here? That the extensive case study determined that being vaccinated REDUCED the risk of dying of SIDS. In this particular case, SIDS was determined to be the cause of death, and as we now know nearly 10 years later, there are several factors that can contribute to SIDS. And yeah, it could have also been that an OD on the painkiller contributed to the health state. But there is nothing in the study to confirm that the vaccination was at fault.

  • Ojy

    I would just like to point out that the excerpt shown here was part of an extensive research study that determined that being vaccinated actually REDUCED the chances of dying of SIDS. Because that is the info you won’t get from the host.

  • Sue

    Although I cannot find many different sources of this sad inceident, have a look at others…I did a search and many similar cases…various sources.
    ‘infant twins die after vaccines’.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

    From the full text of the case report, “In the past there was concern that vaccinations might cause SIDS as the peak ages for SIDS is 2–4 months, which coincides with the age for vaccinations9 However studies have shown that vaccinations are not associated with an increased risk of SIDS.[42], [49] and [50] The twins received the second dose of oral polio, DPT and the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccines two days prior to death. They had fever and been given teaspoonful of acetaminophen each the first day of the vaccination. On subsequent two days they had no complaints of fever. The pediatricians consulted about the possible connection between deaths and immunization also confirmed that there is no proven link between vaccination and SIDS. According to the pediatricians, hypersensitivity reaction was not an expected incident since the twins were vaccinated the second doses and a day has passed over. Moreover, the vaccination records of the health unit were examined with the instruction of the health directorate and there were no complications or complaints in other children given the same vaccines consecutively.”

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

    This case is consistent with SIDS with multiple risk factors as outlined in the case report. The evidence does not support any link to vaccine reaction.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

    The tragic incident happened in 2002 in Istanbul, Turkey. The case report was published in 2007 in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. It is unclear why it is being “reported” on now, other than to erroneously attempt to cultivate fear and continue to push an anti-vaccination agenda that is unfounded in the scientific medical literature.

  • Allie

    Absolutely incorrect.
    SIDS is actually LISTED on vaccine inserts as a side effect to receiving them. Soooo no, Vaccinating INCREASES the chances of SIDS. Read the package inserts. It’s all there. Can even be found on the cdc’s website. Healthy babies not injected with poisons don’t just randomly die in their sleep.

    Many people don’t know about VAERS but I’m sure these parents reported it and since you cannot sue the pharmaceutical company they will most likely get a pay out and told to hush.

  • Raquel Belnap

    That is why SIDS is listed on several vaccine inserts as a possible side effect. There are NO Studies showing the safety of multiple vaccines given at once nor are there any unvaxxed vs vaxxed studies. Also there are no true placebos in vaccine studies. The placebo is saline that contains the same adjuvents as are in the vaccines such as thermosil and aluminum so the safety data is flawed

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

    These parents surely did not report this incident from 2002 to the US CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System as they are a young couple who reside in a poor community in Turkey. Please read the case report and educate yourself before posting further.

  • Bean

    Okay, maybe not these specific parents but the comment still stands either way. That is what happens here hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.

    The comment was also directed to the person stating that sids is reduced by vaccines when that is in fact incorrect. So incorrect that they now list sids as a side effect in vaccine inserts.

  • Barbara Kell

    I remember this happening to a set of twins in the UK, maybe 35-40 years ago. Long before I had any knowledge of vaccination injury or death.
    I remember so well the Mother describing one dead baby in it’s cot and running to the other in another room in the pram also discovering the second twin dead. All very strange at the time but now I know more I wonder if they had also been recently vaccinated.

  • overit

    The full report was very clear that they were EACH given a teaspoon of acetaminophen – “They had fever and been given teaspoonful of acetaminophen each the first day of the vaccination”

  • overit

    Right and a teaspoon EACH is overdose which can lead to death!

  • overit


  • overit

    We do. The full case report states they were given a teaspoon EACH.

  • Johannastephen Galyen

    I sincerely doubt the validity of this story. It reads like click bait. I found a typo in it. And who ever gives that tiny of a child a teaspoon of Tylenol??? It would take half of forever using a dropper. Also, a child does not receive the DPT. It’s DTaP…and a so called medical article should be wise enough to know the difference.

    There’s got to be more to the story than just immunization fearmongering. If the mom overdosed both babies on Tylenol, then it’s entirely possible something else happened.

    If looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it probably is a duck. And something about this story says it Quackery

  • Jean Billington

    A teaspoon of acetaminophen is to much unless they were really fat babies.
    Here in IL I’ve heard of some kids getting 9 shots at once, because they were behind on their shots. No way would I let them give that many shots to my kids.
    My grandson just had his second set of baby shots and also had a mild fever and his dosage for acetaminophen is 1/2 teaspoon. I would question the 1 teaspoon. He weighs 15 pounds.

  • Cass

    It’s called don’t give the baby a teaspoon of medicine that’s way too much!! You follow the directions or call your doctor you don’t self medicate! Sigh poor babies 🙁

  • Cass

    Also unfortunately some people are allergic to different things that does not mean that we should stop saving hundreds of lives because of a few lost lives.. it is sad but there is not much we can do about it

  • Rachel

    Ya know, if autopsies were performed, as stated, then it would show liver failure as the cause of death; if it had been. But it doesn’t. Just SIDS.
    So the Tylenol, no matter what the dose was, was ruled out as being the cause of death.

  • Alisha

    Man, when will people wake the “F” up?

    I sure wouldn’t want the blood of my own child on my hands. Nevermind 2 children. It sucks but as long as people keep being scared to hell by the vaccine/disease propaganda, We’ll keep seeing these stories about infant deaths.

  • Alisha

    Do some looking. Don’t rely on others to tell you where they find their info. If you’re hell bent on disagreeing, really all you need to do is visit VAERS!

  • Regina

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  • Um, i’m reading it and it does not say EACH. please provide link to where it states that.

  • the pubmed i posted doesn’t say each. Please show me where it says that. I’m happy to stand corrected.

  • SIDS is listed as a side effect in the vaccine inserts. and I’m not sure why you added the word EACH to the story unless you are sharing from some unknown link I’m not seeing. Please provide link or citation.

  • Johannastephen Galyen, You failed to read the .GOV site (PUBMED) which clearly states A) they received acetaminophen NOT Tylenol brand (if you read the article you’d see it says this happened in Turkey clear as day) And because you found a typo means nothing. I see CNN, Fox News BBC Washington Post typos every day so that’s a lame excuse. Also, if you’d bothered to READ the government PUBMED link with all doctors listed and even their emails it explains that in Turkey they received DPT not DTaP like they would here in the US. We have millions of readers on this site a month. Next time I encourage you to read the easily viewable clickable link to the PUBMED government site with all the information clear as day which would stop you from having to eat crow and look ignorant and arrogance with your false laughable statements on our award winning site.

  • It has happened several times as PUBMED states right on the. .GOV site

  • Rick Shaw, Your reading comprehension is failing you. It CLEARLY states the country and city right in the article. Furthermore we clearly provide the link to the PUBMED .GOV site with the case study as clear as day too that shows all the information. Besides you missing the name of the city in this short easy to read article, you also missed the link and the evidence. Oh and if you knew anything about case studies- Newsflash! Most medical professionals or anyone with any science background knows that (shocker!) they never list the name of the dead victims or the parents. SMH. Tsk Tsk.

  • Deelee,
    A) We link RIGHT to the government case study ON the PUBMED .GOV site with the names of the doctors and even their emails. FYI case studies would NEVER provide the names of the dead babies of the parents. Please read the link under the video with an easy to click link to all the details you can ask for down to the toxicology report info and healthy history of the babies.

  • I am looking at the report and don’t see EACH. Could you please provide a link to where it says each? Also the toxicology report did NOT show acetaminophen as the cause of death. It said it was SIDS (which is a side effect clearly listed on the vaccine inserts by the vaccine manufacturers)

  • A) it wasn’t tylenol brand as it wasn’t in the US and it clearly states that toxicology didn’t show acetaminophen as cause of death. SIDS is determined as the cause of death which is a side effect on vaccine inserts made by the very vaccine manufacturers themselves.

  • You are correct. I’m still waiting for Evidence Based medicine (not a fan of my page) to tell me where it says EACH in the case study. even so , no matter as it was shown in toxicology report it wasn’t the cause of death.

  • Katydid

    Maybe this is exactly what SIDS is? And not some unexplainable event.

  • yet it didn’t show as cause of death on toxicology report .

  • Suffocation was not seen to be the cause of death nor was the teaspoon of acetaminophen.. Though I wouldn’t use it ever on my child.

  • Report says nothing about suffocation. It says nothing of acetaminophen poisoning on toxicology reports either. It was listed as SIDS (which is a side effect of vaccines listed right on the inserts) Just saying..

  • yes i would never give acetaminophen to my child, but it didn’t show acetaminophen poisoning on the toxicology report. They chalked it up as SIDS. I agree about the schedule

  • read the .GOV link to the case study with doctor’s names and emails clearly listed at the end of the article like it always is. This happens more than you think. Babies do die after vaccines. I don’t know if this was caused by vaccines or not. Maybe they both just died coincidentally.

  • Jason Lones

    Neither did the vaccines.

  • They determined SIDS which is listed in the official vaccine insert as a side effect to the vaccines.

  • King for a Day

    you keep on stating that SIDS is stated as a side-effect, but I’m not so sure that is true – as far as I can tell it merely says that people have reported that SIDS is a side-effect. As I understand as soon as something serious is reported to be a side-effect, then by law it has to be included on the insert even without any evidence that it is so.

    Can you show the evidence that it is listed as a side-effect? (and not just reported as a side-effect)

  • Margaret lee Combs

    Absolutely. Trump’s adm in already looking into autism. He has met with Big Pharma already to tell them drug prices must come down. The drug exec was looking quite ill.
    A CDC researcher was told to destroy the data his team had found on the link between vaccines-most especially the MMR Vaccine. It was banned in Germany many years ago. Also Danish studies show the link. One CDC researcher did not destroy his copy of their data and has blown the whistle. They try to make him sound like a psycho but he has the study and it clearly shows.

  • Margaret lee Combs

    Simultaneous SIDS???? STRANGE

  • Karen

    My question…is what is the rush…we don’t have epidemics anymore today…so why can’t we wait till the child is a bit older..till their immunity is stronger and can fight the immunizations…my first 3 children were immunized by the schedule but that was over 20 years ago…now the immunizations have more products in them…so with my last child who is 8 now–I waited till she was 5 with no side effects-no problems. Why can’t we just have patience and give the infants more time to grow up? so sad…I noticed a huge increase in autism….there was none of that when I was growing up so there is something going on…we need to take note and educate more people.

  • Having been hospitalized for a week with seizures and written a few books about DPT vaccine injury, I sure can. I will get a copy of the insert and post a picture if you would like. This will have to suffice in the meantime. Unfortunately we have people on here changing the words of the case study which didn’t say the word “each” that I posted and they keep saying that the medicine given after the vaccines could be the tires of death but toxicology reports didn’t show that. SIDS is listed on the actual vaccine insert as a cause of death for the particular vaccine these infants received. Our site doesn’t have millions of monthly readers and win awards because I just love to make this stuff up.

  • PS of course they can’t. The trolls are thick on this one. Doesn’t matter anyway because it was not the cause of death cording to toxicology reports. Yes it is listed right on the vaccine insert for this particular vaccine as a side effect.

  • Jazmine Rivera

    Do you have actual proof there there were “NONE” when you were growing up? Autism isn’t this ‘brand new thing’, we’re just getting to the point where we’re seeing things from a medical-technologically based view, not just putting people into homes or keeping them sheltered when we feel they are a little bit “off”. As was the practice years ago.

  • Rasmus

    The article mentions that the kids mothers grandmother had three sets of twins (6 kids) 5 of which died as infants. Further, their mothers uncle and aunt had twins who died as infants. The kids had double layers of pyjamas, slept together in a bed and their father was a smoker, all of which are risk factors for SIDS. Although they were not preterm, they had low birthweight which is also a risk factor. I would say there are other more reasonable reasons for their sad departure than the vaccine, maybe a genetic mutation in the family or maybe they were too hot during the night.

  • King for a Day

    Hi Erin, thanks for replying.

    However, that link confirms what I am saying. As is stated in the link: ‘adverse events reported during post-approval use.’ ‘Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.’

    The insert actually goes on to state that ‘these reactions are reported voluntarily’ and it is significant that this is listed in a separate section to the section on reactions detected in clinical trials.

    What all this gets to is that a grieving parent, who has decided that their child has suffered from SIDS or autism due to the vaccine, has then reported this, and so by law it has to be included on the insert. No evidence needs to be given or causation proved.

    I don’t believe you are making anything up, but I do believe that you have misinterpreted the importance of that inclusion on the medication insert. Please read it closely again.

    When you do so it is important to note the word ‘or’ in the phrase ‘seriousness or frequency of reporting’ It is understandable that you may have made the same mistake as the author of the link you provided when they misquoted that section here: Yet those conditions are listed on the DTaP package insert with the statement that they are included because such vaccine adverse reactions are serious and frequent.

    I understand that you believe that vaccines cause autism and SIDS and that is your prerogative to do so. What I beg you to do is to stop stating that the drug manufacturer is admitting this on the insert, because that is not the case.


  • liddlewhiteduv

    Unfortunately, infants that haven’t been vaccinated also die. So just what is the causation in those cases if not vaccines?

  • liddlewhiteduv

    My understanding is DTaP is a safer adjuvant than the DPT. Maybe this is an issue as well?

  • Anne Murphy

    Giving acetaminophen after a toxic burden is placed on liver is just reprehensible in medicine. Any idiot who studies metabolic pathways could tell you that. I still want to know who writes these textbooks

  • No one stated that this is caused by vaccines and we cannot be sure. Same with Yale’s brand new published study linking vaccines to brain disorders, but I’ll stay on the safe side and not vaccinate personally for me.

  • where does it state there was “none” To whom are you replying?

  • Yes but DTaP is not effective. Sadly Merck is being sued by their own virologists (this is in mainstream) for the inefficacy of the vaccines.

  • amen

  • Diane Moffatt

    There wasn’t less autism – it wasn’t actually a recognised diagnosis – kids who had it were just considered stupid.

  • Diane Moffatt

    Correlation is not causation.

  • cwjuhl

    Just to be clear, this occurred in Turkey, not the U.S. Further, the article above appears to have looked no further into this than the abstract of the actual paper. Much more detailed information is included in the actual paper.

  • Димитър Янев

    We can consider you as stupid! Do you see 25 to 35 old Autistic people everywhere around you!? No! Autistic people are really clever, don’t call them stupid! Judge your words really carefully I’m a dad to 3 years old Autistic boy( vaccine damaged) and I hate people like you who cover the eye to people like me from seeing the horrible true how the vaccines poison and kill our children’s every minute!

  • Diane Moffatt

    My son has Aspergers syndrome. I don’t know about you but I have known old people with Aspergers. Many scientists and other unusual people fit that category too. I am an artist and have known many of all ages. I never said I considered them stupid.

  • alimiali

    Do you really know what saline is? What you’re talking about is an adjuvant control and it’s not used in clinical trials but in pre-clinical (=animal) trials. In certain types of trials there is no placebo group because it would be unethical to have one e.g. in cancer treatment trials the control group gets an existing treatment and the test group gets the new drug – it would be unethical to give cancer patients a placebo. All controls though are evaluated at the pre-clinical stage though.

  • ‘Tis Moi

    You’re being programmed to accept more & more attrocities– when will the USA WAKE UP?

    The world watches!

  • alimiali

    Virologists? Pertussis is a bacterial infection

  • So the scientists and experts that state the rates are climbing at an alarming rate are all wrong? Proven science is all wrong and you’re right that people were just considered “stupid”. SMH

  • CWJUHL – just to be clear we state that clear as day in the article where the location is. Please refrain from commenting until you read the very short easy to read article thoroughly. It’s very simple. Please provide link to actual paper. I’ve been waiting for one single non regular reader to do so. Maybe you’ll comply.

  • It’s tragic they did that after vaccines, but toxicology does not report that as cause of death.

  • Yes virologists. I’d suggest using google before trying to question me. We don’t win award after award on this site and speak to thousands of doctors a month (like with Robert F Kennedy a month) as a featured speaker for not continually having our facts right. Here it is. Virologists are suing MERCK (their own scientists) for the inefficacy of the vaccine. Again, we are right and have lectured around the world on the subject as I will at Parker University and in Southern Cal this month on the subject.

  • You are quite welcome!

  • It states right in the article it was in Instanbul, but thanks for repeating the obvious 🙂

  • Terri

    I’m 56 years old, and I can tell you for a FACT that autism simply wasn’t around–there were no kids with autistic traits. It was EXTREMELY rare–so rare I don’t recall hearing the term until maybe the late 70’s? I’m tired of hearing the “there’s more diagnosed now” argument. I was there—and I’m telling you, there were no kids around with autism, diagnosed or not!

  • cwjuhl

    Actually, that information isn’t divulged until close to the end of the article, and even then it is easy for the casual reader to miss. The article never clearly states where the twins were born or lived. As for providing a link to the actual paper, perhaps YOU should have done that, instead of just referencing the abstract???

  • Christine

    Thimerosal was taken out of vaccines in the US in 2001…??

  • Aprbqb

    And neither did the vaccinations….

  • Siobhan Justin

    Does this statement mean that unless they see macroscopic damage they don’t do microscopic examination of the brain? If that is true, it explains how they can say that the cause of death is undetermined. It is easy enough to examine the brain for evidence of mercury or aluminum and axonal injury. It sounds to me that they are purposely not doing the one test that would arrive at the correct conclusion. —Histology
    In a series of 800 consecutive cases of SUID, [113] 6% of the infants had a neuropathologic cause of death. Almost all had clinical histories or gross brain findings at autopsy suggesting the cause of death. In only 2 cases (< 1%) did brain histology alone determine the cause of death in the absence of a "neurologic history" or clearly evident macroscopic abnormalities.
    In the absence of macroscopic abnormalities or a suggestive clinical history, formal histologic examination of the brain rarely determines the cause of death in SUID. A significant clinical history or the presence of abnormal gross brain findings should prompt a standardized histologic study of formalin-fixed brain tissue; the yield of histologic abnormalities is increased in these circumstances.

  • Karen

    I can guarantee you that autism was not as prevalent as it is today…not when I was young and not when my older kids were young…there is a definite distinction between children with autism and children without it…so I don’t agree that this is not a new thing and it is just being diagnosed. Infants are dieing right after they get vaccinations-it is shown there is a correlation…so my thought is rather than push it why not wait till the infant grows and the immunity is stronger…again I ask “what is the rush??”

  • Bree

    Other sites are stating the the children dies because they were given too much acetaminophen????

  • bilingualmom

    Of course not, never will be on the report. If they had seizures or Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episodes after vaccination, there is never any evidence after the fact. Both are documented adverse reactions with the DTP/ DTaP vaccine (the DTP of course being the old whole cell version not used, at least in the U.S., anymore). In fact, with the DTP vaccine the CDC now admits (although they wouldn’t at the time) that HHE was happening to every 1 in 1,750 infants. They claim it is so rare now with the DTaP that they don’t know how often it happens. Then again, many of these episodes may not be witnessed (i.e. when it happens when baby is in the crib alone), and even when it is witnessed, it is often not reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

  • Aleciss

    Wtf how did they have vaccinations so early? I live in adelaide and from what i know infants are not meant to start vaccines until they are 6 months old at earliest??? Straight away the elements in the vaccine were too strong for their bodies?? Hellooo duurrr who the fucks investigates these cases

  • Ceri

    Hold on… this was TEN years ago…

  • Sally Neish

    The understatement of the century!!

  • Sally Neish

    Gosh! You ARE patient with all these people who don’t actually read all the other comments and repeat, ad nauseam, the same observations.

  • bilingualmom

    I would also like to point out to you that according to the study, these twins received the DTP vaccine (whole cell version no longer in use in the U.S.). The CDC admits that 1 in every 1,750 children experienced Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE) after the DTP vaccine. This is when an infant goes blue/gray around the mouth due to reduced oxygen flow, can’t move its arms or legs, can’t verbalize, and in many cases completely collapses. What do you think happened to those infants when this happened to them while alone in their cribs? Does that sound harmless to you? Again, the 1 in 1,750 is a statistic the CDC agrees with. They wouldn’t admit to it when we used the DTP, but they acknowledge it now that we use a “safer” vaccine (the DTaP). You should really question any study that claims there was a reduced risk of SIDS after vaccination. With scientifically documented and acknowledged adverse reactions like HHE, I seriously doubt the validity of any such conclusion.

  • bilingualmom

    This is not a recent case – it happened several years ago. They both received the DTP vaccine. The CDC acknowledges that 1 in every 1,750 children experienced Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE) after the DTP vaccine. That is when an infant goes blue/gray around the mouth due to reduced oxygen flow, can’t move its arms or legs, can’t verbalize, and in some cases completely collapses. There is no physical evidence after the fact of this reaction – it has to be witnessed in the moment. So you can draw your own conclusion….

  • bilingualmom

    It’s still in the multi dose vials of flu vaccine. And I believe it is in one of the other vaccines, but only in trace amounts.

  • bilingualmom

    Is your argument that because vaccines don’t cause all infant deaths, they must not cause any? If that is what you are trying to say, it isn’t logical. Just as it isn’t logical to say that because not all lung cancers are caused by smoking, smoking must not cause any of the cases. I have posted several times now on this article that the CDC admits that when the DTP vaccine was used (what these babies received), 1, in every 1,750 children experienced Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes after receiving the vaccine. This is when an infant goes blue/gray around the mouth due to reduced oxygen flow, can’t move its limbs, can’t verbalize, and sometimes completely collapses. There is no physical evidence of one of these episodes, you just have to witness it. What do you think was happening if these babies were having these episodes alone in their cribs? The truth can be difficult to wrap your mind around, but it’s still there, when you’re ready to see it.

  • bilingualmom

    I’m not sure why it would be relevant that this occurred in Turkey. These kinds of events happen here in the U.S. too. The only relevant piece of information is that it was a few years ago and the babies received the DTP, which is the previous (whole cell) version of the vaccine. We now use the DTaP because it is supposedly a “safer” vaccine. With the DTP, the CDC acknowledges that 1 in every 1,750 children experienced Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes, which is where the infant goes blue/gray around the mouth due to reduced oxygen, can’t move its limbs, can’t verbalize, and sometimes completely collapses. It still happens with the DTaP vaccine, but the claim is that it is so rare now that they don’t know how often it happens. Then again, it usually doesn’t get reported so it is very hard to know the frequency of this adverse reaction. Seizures have also been an adverse reaction associated with both the DTP and DTaP vaccines. In both types of reactions, there usually is no physical evidence after the fact. You have to witness the events. But it’s not good, especially if an infant is alone in its crib.

  • bilingualmom

    There isn’t much we can do about it? Well, our government hasn’t even tried to do any research on this topic. As the parent of a child who nearly died after the DTaP, believe me that I was livid when I discovered that his reaction had been happening for decades and no one had done anything about it. “Sad but there is not much we can do about it” doesn’t cut it.

  • bilingualmom

    Yes, the DTaP is supposedly a safer vaccine than the DTP. But seizures (nonfebrile) and Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE) (both capable of being the cause of SIDS) still happen with the DTaP, they are just not anywhere near as common as they were with the whole cell version of the vaccine.

  • bilingualmom

    It also is consistent with both seizures and Hypertonic Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE), both of which are acknowledged adverse reactions to pertussis vaccines, and both of which usually leave no physical evidence afterwards – you have to witness the medical event to know it happened. Both can also be the potential cause of SIDS. The CDC acknowledges that HHE used to happen to 1 in every 1, 750 children when the DTP was used (what these babies received). HHE is when the infant goes blue/gray around the mouth due to reduced oxygen, can’t move its arms or legs, can’t verbalize, and in some cases completely collapses. Not good if an infant is alone in its crib.

  • Carrie Jendza

    Temple Grandin didn’t exist then? Odd since she was born in 1947 and is autistic.

  • MaryRC

    How horrible for this family! I would make someone pay!

  • Terri

    Do you struggle with reading comprehension? Or are you intentionally being obtuse?

  • Barefoot in MN

    I disagree with you,politely, and PATIALLY, and agree with Dianne Moffat PARTIALLY. My sister is in her 50s; she has Asperger’s (a form of autism) and was “slow; she repeated 2 grades and is still the “odd one in the family”. She has the classic sign of Asperger’s, she just wasn’t diagnosed till in her late forties. But she was born after I was, and at a time when the vaccination schedule had JUST been changed! adding in another shot or tow, and changing some ingredients. 🙁

  • Barefoot in MN

    acetominaphen (IIRC) allows toxins to cross the blood-brain barrier… so it is possible that the toxic vaccines would
    not have been a problem, or not as much, if they had not been give acetominaphen.

  • Carrie Jendza

    Neither. You appear to be struggling with math, though. Here, I’ll help out–Temple Grandin is turning 70 this year and has been, for all of her life, autistic. You cannot know “for a fact” that there were no cases of autism at any given time because you are not omniscient. One cannot know. My point being: Temple Grandin is a well-known person who is also autistic and is older than you. Therefore she did in fact exist–she was most definitely “around”.

  • Terri

    I had written–even in CAPS–that autism was EXTREMELY rare. It wasn’t around me (and I moved a lot–many different neighborhoods and cities). Obviously there were cases of autism, but I never saw anyone with autism growing up. I know autism–just to give some perspective here. My 17 year old son is on the autistic spectrum. At this point, he’s high functioning on the spectrum, though that came with a lot of research and mama bear stubbornness, special schooling, etc., etc.

  • Terri

    Interesting that the vac schedule had just changed. And, again, I’m saying autism was extremely rare—it wasn’t something one saw “back in the day”. Today’s rates of autism make it much more commonplace–this has been the point of my main post.

  • Carrie Jendza

    That is your experience. It is anecdotal at best and is not significantly supported by scientific evidence. But, though you hate to hear this, autism was not well-known back then and diagnosing any mental illness was rare compared to today. Just because science advances doesn’t mean that these things didn’t exist–just that we didn’t have the knowledge or technology to accurately identify the conditions (for lack of a better word). Autism is not the only diagnosis that has appeared to increase and the increase most people note is confusing causation with correlation. Which is the pitfall you have fallen into. As much as you may have moved around, your experiences with people is tiny considered to how many people were actually around at any given time.

  • Melissa

    If this story is true…I would hope someone is investigating it. If they were 3.5 months old, and they were following the recommended schedule, they should have had their first dose of those vaccines at 2 months and then nothing until they were 4 months. They had a fever afterwards which is not uncommon but they should only have received 2.5ml or a half teaspoon if they weighed 12-17 lbs, but being twins, I bet they didn’t weight that much so an even less dose of acetaminophen should have been given, rather than the double dose that they had. I would say there are several things that need to be investigated here.

  • Thekla

    This is what puzzles me. The scientists and doctors are somehow all ‘in denial’ about vaccines, and are lying and conspiring, because…you know…Big Pharma.
    But when it comes to autism rates, the scientists are suddenly all correct, and it’s ‘proven science’ and how dare you question it?
    Talk about confused!

  • Thekla

    Yes they were considered ‘retarded’, and removed from mainstream schools and so were not visible.
    No one is saying now that they were retarded – but that it was misunderstood at the time

  • um. no it’s still in the flu vaccines today.. As stated by the CDC

  • thank you. I even don’t know why I bother sometimes but I know that it helps so many despite the trolls who have flooded this story with their mindless posts (Thankfully there are many smart ones making up for it 😉 O

  • It’s a story in a published medical journal AND linked in case study above with names of the doctors and even the emails.
    PS toxicology reports did NOT show Tylenol overdose.

  • and yet it’s still relevant with twins dead in my humble opinion

  • In the US they start on day one of birth with Hep C and then continue at 3 months and on a rigorous schedule

  • The case study linked CLEARLY states on the government website that toxicology reports show zero overdose. What “other sites”? God if it were not so tragic I’d lol.

  • Just to be clear- we state RIGHT in the article if you read it where the tragedy occurred (Turkey) What other facts have we not elaborated on that you care to share? do tell.

  • James Peters

    All adverse events that are reported during clinical trials or post-approval will be listed on the package insert, regardless of whether there is good scientific reason to believe it’s due to the vaccine/drug or not.

  • Bree

    I agree with you. I am shocked at what length people go through to minimize big pharmas influence. I was personally attacked by a friend for posting this tragic event on my Fb page. All I expressed was my total sympathy for the family as we’ve experienced the loss of a newborn grandchild due to hospital error.

  • Alisha

    So where are the stupid adults now? Wouldn’t we have a shitpot full of grown adults that have been diagnosed by now if it was so prevalent and misdiagnosed?

  • christopher.miles

    Yes it was TEN years ago and it is deceptive to repost it as if it is new. It is not.

  • Irwell Pete

    Trump is a poliytrician, Big P Harma’s drugs are bad for you at any price. Don’t fall for the good cop bad cop routine ~ there are no, good cops.

  • Carrie Jendza

    Are some of my replies getting deleted? I commented twice today and do not see either comment. But (at least some) comments I made two days ago are still there (as of this moment). I’d love to know why they do not appear… They were in no way disrespectful or rude. They were not inaccurate. Thanks in advance, provided this comment does not also get removed.

  • King for a Day

    Hi Erin, can you explain why my response was removed?


  • I have zero clue. I have millions of readers a month on my site and have over a dozen doctors who volunteer to help me moderate my pages. We have thousands of comments a day. I don’t know why somebody deleted your comment.

  • Miglena Kamenova-Panayotova

    Zdraveite,bih jelala da mi pishete pm v FB ako imate vazmojnost.Bih iskala da znam malko poveche za vashiq sluchai.Az imam sin na 5,sas samneniq za vaccine induced autism.Blagodarq predvaritelno.

  • Kyra

    You will never know how many fie from vaccines as the coroners wont out that on a birth certificate nor will there ever be any admittance. The pharma industry is a billion dollar industry without millions of peoples reliance on scientific medication that money wouldnt be there. Imagine a world with just hollistic medicine from nature and growing your own veg etc. This industry would rapidly decline. Read about people curing there own xancers and shrinking tumours and deoleting Lymes disease its all over the web. Search hard and use search engines Good Gopher. Dr Sebi was a famous curer if disease. Sadly he died mysteriously after veing imprisoned unfairly it seemed. There was also a famous doctor who cured Lyme Disease and he died and said he was getting hounded and he apparently killed imself. Then another doctor holistic aproach but medically trained proved in court he cureed disease again he is no longer here. Something is semingly being covered up. David Icke mentions thus there is reearch. People have learnt from birth medics should be trusted so its indoctrinated. There is proof of disease veing cured but we need to rely on nature and excersize and be brave.

  • Kyra

    Watch Vaxxed. That film did research. Remember the uproar over that. Robert De Niro was supporting it and the next minute he wasnt. Does that not give you insight into this controlling medical world.

  • Joe

    You named one….one…..I was also around and can honestly say that there were far far fewer cases than today…it is not a missed diagnosis as they would lead you to believe. 30 years ago I didn’t know a single kid with it not one…now I don’t hardly go a day without someone talking about someone they personally know having it..

  • tony zimmerman

    there is a causal relationship between SIDS and vaccines

  • betty g

    my late husband & his 1st wife had a 3 yr. old daughter, kimberley.

    she was given a small pox vaccine shot; 3 days later she was DEAD. she was healthy until she got her shot!!

    they never received a death certificate for their daughter.

    hubby talked to a dr. who stated, they would never get a dr. to say it WAS the small pox shot that killed her!!

    they didn’t get over this; thus, they got divorced and i was lucky enough to fall in love and had 40 yrs. with hubby.

    it hurt to much to talk about this. but jack’s been gone now 28 months, and i know they are together daily & he’s gotten to know well the 3 yr. old daughter taken from him/wife in 1964.


  • betty g

    hi erin,

    shorter paragraphs sure would be appreciated by neuro cognitive lyme/co-infections patients like myself.

    thanks for your consideration & double-spacing it also like this

    thanks for reporting these things.

    bettyg, iowa activist
    48 yrs. chronic lyme/tick
    35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs. uncceptable

  • Thomas
  • forvaccinesafety

    You are an amazing advocate for Lyme patients, BettyG, thank you for that.

  • betty g

    thank you so much for your compliment above. yes, i’m an activist not only for lyme/vector-borne patients but also LEWY BODY dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,

    cancer groups since i lost these family members to cancer:

    1.. husband 28 mos. ago…his brain autopsy actually showed it was Borrelia/LYME/tick disease & LEWY body dementia causing visual/violent hallucinations like Robin Williams had.

    They also found a filarial nematode parasitic worm in his brain. After cutting worm in half, worm had lyme disease in it!!

    2…mom to carcinoid syndrome tumor cancer to liver;

    3–my only sister, 41, from breast cancer to liver

    dad of chronic heart failure/kidney failure;

    sister-in-law, 40, to EARLY onset Alzheimer’s of 8-14 yrs; I feel now it was lyme/co-infections.

    thanks again for your note above!!
    hugs/prayers to all,

    bettyg, iowa activist +

  • retired trucker

    Awwwww, poor lil babies…they NEVER should have ok’d vaccinations for them. Murdered by quacks if you ask me.

  • retired trucker

    You can ask why are there so many crazy folk on the left as well !?

  • Georgia Girl

    Maybe one too many flu vaccines? IDK.

  • Georgia Girl

    My grandson has Aspergers as well and I can tell you he’s not stupid at all, just different. He’s very smart. People may have had it before, but I believe it was rare and that the addition of so many vaccines has caused the epidemic of those types of problems.

  • forvaccinesafety

    I saw the groundbreaking work Dr MacDonald did in the autopsies, correlating Alzheimer’s and lewy body dementia to Borrelia and filarial nematodes.
    I am sorry for your loss.

  • HBMomma

    I find it very odd that the Tylenol measurement is in a teaspoon. Who measures medicine for an infant that way? I googled the conversion and a teaspoon of Tylenol is nearly twice the recommended dosage of infants Tylenol for a four-month-old.

  • Louise Johnson

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  • betty g

    YES, i think tom grier did an amazing job showing us the various autopsy results of my husband with LYME/LEWY body dementia:

    ms, glioblastoma, alzheimer’s, and parkingons. thank you so much for your nice compliments 😉

  • betty g

    breaking up your post into short 1 sentence paragraphs double-spaced for neuro cognitive lyme patients like me who lost our comprehension skills where we can read solid, continuous text.

    please break it up in future so we all can learn from your comments; thanks for helping us to help YOU and vice versa 😉 hugs

    You will never know how many due from vaccines as the coroners wont put that on a birth certificate nor will there ever be any admittance.

    The pharma industry is a billion dollar industry without millions of peoples reliance on scientific medication that money wouldnt be there.

    Imagine a world with just hollistic medicine from nature and growing your own veg etc. This industry would rapidly decline.

    Read about people curing there own cancers, shrinking tumurs, and depleting Lymes disease its all over the web.

    Search hard and use search engines Good Gopher.

    Dr Sebi was a famous curer if disease.
    Sadly he died mysteriously after being imprisoned unfairly it seemed.

    There was also a famous doctor who cured Lyme Disease; he died. they said he was getting hounded and he apparently killed imself.

    Then another doctor holistic aproach but medically trained proved in court he cured disease again he is no longer here.

    Something is semingly being covered up.

    David Icke mentions thus there is research.

    People have learned from birth medics should be trusted so its indoctrinated.

    There is proof of disease being cured but we need to rely on nature, excersize and be brave.
    interesting comments you have posted; thank you. betty

  • Chana Mirjam Abraham

    Kids were not diagnosed with autism in my childhood either, they were said to be evil, stupid, weird etc., My sister didnt interact and speak until age 3, she good some vitamin[?} powder and doctors told she has to have a brain surgery if she wont start to speak to look into her brain for causes?!, she was weird her whole life, not interacting and not loving or liking anyone, but clever in school. She never had long lasting relationships and she died of suicide at age 40. She was never diagnosed with anything.

  • Chana Mirjam Abraham

    I am sure, the main cause lies in diagnose. In old times kids were said to be wicked, weird, evil, lazy, too shy etc. and somehow they grow up. Now if a kid does not wave bye bye at age 9 month, its supposed to be autistic…. Also kids with low grades of brain damage are staying alive nowadays, newborns born at week 26 and even before stay alive today. And I am sure that medications given to hiperactive or “autistic” kids are making more “symptoms” and harm then they help.

  • flitesurgn

    SIDS is not listed as a “side effect” in vaccine inserts. Many people either attempt to obfuscate the truth or just aren’t smart enough to understand the difference between a side effect and an adverse event. Which one are you Erin?

  • Ted Kuntz

    Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

  • This is not “Reposted” It’s a story with links to the case which clearly shows when it happened on the pubmed site.

  • if you include links then they have to be approved. I have nearly 200 comments here and no time to approve comments w links right now on thousands of articles. Sorry! Nothing personal

  • It’s easy to MISS that the short article states it happened in Turkey? You’re kidding right? If people cannot comprehend a short article and miss the location (Which is a moot point where it happened IMHO) then maybe they should read more carefully. My millions of monthly readers seem to have seen it in the short , easy to read article just fine. To say it’s easy to miss is absolutely absurd. And the link to the pubmed states where they lived as does our article!

  • B V T

    The first problem is the statement about the twins receiving oral polio. Oral polio vaccine hasty been used in this country for ages and ages. Kids now get it in injectable form. If this glaring mistake is in the article, what else have they falsified.

  • Jami Wilson

    Sure, gather up all the documents! Oh, didn’t research enough ? A lot like mj , the Gateway Drug ( oh, who documented that factoid?) , more crap fom the outhouse.

  • Jessica

    Thekla, first of all, there are plenty of doctors and scientists who are claiming that vaccines are dangerous, people are just choosing to ignore them, and yes, because of Pharma. No other industry is spending more to influence our laws & public policy. Who knows how much they spend on trolls to go to discussions like these to facilitate misinformation & discord. Also, I looked at your name, and it seems like you just go on to random articles and post snarky & condescending jabs and comments. If you’re just looking for a fight, or to insult people, how about picking something other than a tragedy that involves vaccine-injured babies.

  • Carmen Chambers

    There was no autism when I was little
    I had mumps
    All the measles
    Chicken pox
    Whooping coug
    I had later viral meningitis
    The problem is too many vaccines injected together
    Their bodies are overwhelmed
    Give them the shots one at a time
    Over a period of time
    Them maybe we’d see a decrease in these related problems
    My grandson was normal before he got a combination of 3 shots
    Now hes autistic
    I’ve seen it first hand
    I know that it was to many shots combined
    Now he’ll be a child forever
    Why won’t these people try one shot at a time?
    It worked when my kids were little
    I never saw one case of autism
    But did see a lot of polio

    Doesn’t the safety of the children come first?

    By the way autistic children are not stupid
    They are very brilliant in a lot of things
    Dont ever call them stupid

  • katiekees

    I am 63 and taught in public schools for over 30 years. I was assigned books dealing with Autism was when I was working on my Master’s degree in 1980. That is also a fact. kt

  • katiekees

    A Child Called Noah was written in 1979. It was the story of the author’s son, diagnosed as autistic. At one time the blame was put on having an intelligent, but emotionally distant mother. I do not have enough medical knowledge to claim or disprove that more vaccines cause autism. I know there are far more chemicals in the food and liquids we ingest and the air we breathe. There are horrible chemicals in dry cleaned clothing, in flooring from lumber Liquidators, in new carpeting, in diet drinks. Who knows where the threshold of damage is in terms of chemicals that may affect a mother’s egg? A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have, a man’s sperm changes over. The chemicals surrounding a baby girl from her conception could affect the eggs she carries. kt

  • Kerry Kolsch

    So, there was 1? My mom is 70 and she said she NEVER saw an autistic child until we went vaccine crazy.

  • Inga Benthaus

    Autistic children were well hidden from society at that time only a few were ever known.

  • John Watts

    They were locked away in institutions. There’s your FACT you idiot.

  • John Watts

    Well let’s give your mom a nobel prize because she’s obviously an expert. Is that the best evidence you can come up with? “My mom said so”

  • John Watts

    “Interesting that the vac schedule had just changed”

    Not really. Unless your desperately trying to find facts to fit your theory.

  • sally O’Neil

    I do not believe in any way this was a coincidence. The toxicology report showed nothing. This is nothing but a guess and it sounds like homicide to me. Twins dying at the same time?! I don’t believe this for a minute.

  • sally O’Neil

    I think this is a bunch of crap. Two twins dying at the same time with no toxicology proof. It is a guess and it sounds a lot more like a homicide to me. This is nonsense.

  • sally O’Neil

    That is very true and there was a investigation by the FDA, not just the pharm companies. Yes, there was autism as well as ADHD that was not diagnosed or diagnosed as something different years ago. Mental Health was in it’s infancy back then. Just because people didn’t hear about it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there?!
    Just like people will say there were no sexual predators and it was safe in the old days. Totally ridiculous. It just wasn’t reported.

  • Carla Bridgewater


  • Carla Bridgewater

    Rare she said. Im 54 and agree completely with her. It could be toxins.. it’ll be awhile before its exposed.

  • G.B. America

    This is a terrible terrible story. Our hearts go out to the parents, the family, and the souls of these children. These children passed away for no reason whatsoever, 100% the result of the shots they were given. The insane part of this is that the odds of contracting polio, D T or P, or hepatitis B. Oh, who gets Hep B: Dictionary: You may get hepatitis B if you: Have sex with an infected person without using a condom. Share needles (used for injecting drugs) with an infected person. Do children need to be protected from this? All parents must make their own decision, but please, everyone, have your friends investigate the risk-reward. And the lying, disgusting, filthy medical community not owning up to the cause of death is pathetic. They say they don’t know what caused the death of these angels? Lying scum. They will tell you it’s all for the benefit of public health, which is a load of horses***. God bless these children. Rot in hell you lying doctors and corrupt medical community.

  • G.B. America

    Terri is correct. Big picture: TINY children get at least 40 shots by the time they are 5 or 6. In ancient times they got 4 or 5. Plus the crap in the shots has only gotten worse. 40 SHOTS INTO TINY BODIES STARTING AT BIRTH AND YOU THINK IT DOESN’T MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE? Please reconsider and research this. Tens of thousands of parents of children who fell apart THE DAY OF OR THE DAY AFTER getting the MMR or DTP shots will inform your opinion.

  • sue

    look it up it was discovered in your country USA IN 1938 but it was no widely recognised as a seperate diagnosis until 1981

  • anotherhoax

    Where was this? I could find not articles on it, only 7 month old twin girls in NJ from March 22 (so 2 months after this article).
    Could you post a link to it?

  • Sam Boswell

    Happened in Turkey in 2007.

  • GetItRight4aChange

    No. There is a difference between being slow and autism, which is not simply academic difficulties, but involves things like social interaction and problems with excreting metabolic wastes. Vaccines cause inflammation in the brain that requires time to resolve (cells called microglial cells are activated to do this). Many vaccines now contain polysorbate 80 (also called Tween) that weakens the blood-brain barrier, permitting passage of substances that normally wouldn’t pass or which would pass in smaller quantities. I only had a handful of vaccines growing up and all were from single dose vials. When multi-dose vials came on the scene, increased additives were required to prevent growth of microbial contamination that could occur once the needle passed into the vial. Also, multi-dose vials require both measurement of dose and shaking of vial to try to get a homogeneous mixture so that each dose has the same composition. Previously, the dose was pre-measured and provided a more consistent composition without human error or variance. I think the change in children is more evident to us older folks… In addition to being a chiropractic physician for over 35 years, I have taught Sunday School since 1976. I have observed a serious decline in cognitive/attention abilities and an increase in emotional instability, in addition to the significant increase in autism (which I specifically attribute to the highly-expanded and unnecessary vaccine schedule). I believe these other problems are the result of many other contributors, as well… including TV (entertainment vs. cognitive interaction), digital devices, poor nutrition (processed foods with additives vs. fresh homemade meals from simple ingredients), environmental exposures (carpet, dryer sheets, air fresheners, synthetic fertilizers vs. mineral-rich soil in agriculture, not to mention pesticides, herbicides, etc.), sleep deprivation, lack of routine, and the many breakdowns in family life.

  • Randy Constantine

    Yes ma’am

  • Shelley Little Dorris

    Any person born “different” according to standards of the time were usually placed in institutions. Autism was not a diagnosed disorder; therefore, you wouldn’t have known anyone who was autistic or anyone who had an autistic child. Unfortunately, there is no telling how many autistic children and adults died in an institution, sometimes even prisons, because no one knew how to deal with their problems. I don’t remember Alzheimers when I was growing up. Neither does my mother, but there were plenty of elderly people who were considered to have dementia or were just “getting old” and their mind was going. It was considered normal aging. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t Alzheimers, just that it wasn’t a diagnosed condition yet.

  • Rose Wissiup

    What a terribly tragic story. My heart breaks food this family. I did however think a teaspoon (5ml) of acetaminophen is too much for infants this age. This, to my knowledge, would not cause death. It was one of the facts in the story that was off for me. The dispenser for infant acetaminophen is not 5 ml.

  • Oliver Queen

    This is total non sense.

  • Jess

    #LogicFail Before kids were given vaccines, we had no name for all the symptoms now labeled “autism spectrum disorders,” and we didn’t even consider most of these issues to be related. The reason we KNOW they are related today is DNA science, which has established that these ARE inherited genetic disorders, NOT a result of vaccination.

  • Jess

    #LogicFail You’re making a claim, YOU have the burden of proving it, other people do not have the burden of looking up evidence for YOUR claim.

  • Jess

    Your 17-year-old son wouldn’t have been diagnosed with autism when you were a child, because his symptoms were not considered “autism” at that time, genius.

  • Jess

    30 years ago, you knew kids diagnosed with “attention deficit disorder,” “mental retardation,” etc. Those diagnoses no longer exist, they are now called “autism spectrum disorders.” What part of this is so hard for people like you to understand?

  • Jess

    In ancient times, vaccines didn’t exist, dummy.

  • Jess

    Today, she would be diagnosed with ASD.

  • Jess

    Ask your mom if she saw mentally retarded children. I bet she’ll be able to tell you about dozens of them. Today, those children are diagnosed with autism, not mental retardation. This is not a difficult concept.

  • Jess

    It WAS something one saw “back in the day,” FREQUENTLY. You just CALLED it something different. You are not very bright, Terri.

  • Jess

    EXACTLY. Similarly, my father is diagnosed as having celiac disease. My grandmother died from the exact same symptoms decades before celiac was a diagnosis. Historical documents show us Julius Caesar forbid his troops from eating wheat because many suffered from the same symptoms… And guess what? Celiac is super prevalent in Italy today. Imagine that.

  • Jess

    Water is a chemical that can kill you if you ingest too much. Literally everything on the planet is made of chemicals. Toxicity is in the DOSE.

  • Jess

    It wasn’t rare at all, we just call things that people used to consider normal a disorder now.

  • Jess

    Maybe I’m not the best judge, since I literally have an IQ higher than 98% of the human population, but it seems to me we do, indeed, have a “shitpot of full grown adults” that are stupid as fuuuu….. If you’re not noticing them, maybe it’s because you haven’t glanced in a mirror lately.

  • Jess

    “Problems with excreting metabolic wastes” is NOT one of the diagnostic symptoms of autism; that is another developmental disorder altogether.

  • Johnny Todd

    obviously your a bit slow maybe to much fluoride in your water, the point was when we were kids there were not nearly as many autistic kids, I had a cousin who was severely autistic and it was a rare case, now it should be considered an epidemic

  • Johnny Todd

    young people are so stupid

  • Sherry Bridgeforth

    Im 65 kids back in the 50s and 60s that had problems wete basically kept away from public view and it wasnt really ever discussed so i am sire thete were kids with autism and other medical problem back in the day, just not talked about

  • Sherry Bridgeforth

    Hes not young lol

  • Sherrie

    I’m 70 and never saw one either.

  • Sherrie

    No I never saw mentally retarded children. I’m 70

  • Sherrie

    Same here. My Dad was an Electrician and we moved from job to job, state to state. I can’t imagine there were the numbers of autistic children back then as we have today.

  • Nick

    Exactly as Jess said, if you are going to make a claim, YOU have to support your claim with evidence. You can’t just say “go do your own research”.

  • Actually, it’s DPT.

  • Jacob Paul Rodgers

    While “anti-vaccination” is a strong term, being a critical thinker is A-okay. We’re talking about medicine here, why would a doctor prescribe everyone the same exact remedies? Even aspirin is warned against for certain people. I bear in mind vaccines are different in nature, but hold the same effective principle as medicine and as a dosage of chemicals.

  • vapensiero

    You may have difficulty explaining the many cases of bright, normal children becoming autistic (or, if you will, mentally retarded) after vaccination. Mental retardation is normally identifiable at birth.

  • Amy

    were they sleeping on their backs???

  • Survival




















  • William Shannon

    Over 100 million paid out so far this year 2017 from the fund for those harmed by vaccines, most claims denied, must have corroborating fact by physician who are often intentionally intimidated not to cooperate, as they are also not to inform you of the risk, actually quite the opposite is to mislead you into a false comfort zone of misinformation, often portraying those who attempt to inform the public as to the dangers of toxic vaccines, as misinformed zealots. Point to ponder, why are there so many home schooled children among the elite, the one’s in the know?

  • William Shannon

    Do you honestly think that you would be informed, and by whom would you be informed, the ones who cover up such things, the goverment? The pharmaceutical companies? The doctors who are bound by confidentiality laws, who is going to inform you, it is in no one’s interest to keep you informed, as a pusher, it would counter productive to inform you, in sales, you promote the mandate of the one who signs your paycheck, they can not afford you to operate with a consciousness of being informed? You know not what you push, you know only what you are told, otherwise, you would be incapable of pushing those “harmless” vaccines?

  • Anne Gideon

    In many cases mentally retarded children were NOT seen, they were institutionalized. Or kept at home.

  • Anne Gideon

    My children range in age from 37 to 21. The oldest was always labeled “lazy” or got comments like “Doesn’t work to her potential” on grade cards. Flash forward to the youngest…he gets the same comments and at that point my oldest who was married and living in another state informs me that she was diagnosed with ADD as an adult and convinced me to get him tested. My point is that ADD inattentive was NOT recognized when my oldest was in school with the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS and behaviors but was widely recognized 15 years later with the youngest. It is a fact that things change and things get diagnosed differently. I am in no way saying that vaccinations do or do not have an impact, just playing devil’s advocate.

  • Nina Marrocco

    I am 61 and I concur

  • Mark Kelly

    SIDS stands for “Shit!!! Inoculations Destroyed another baby Syndrome”. Not all SIDS cases are caused by Vaccines but the percentage that are above 80%. Why would the Medical Industry Deliberately poison our kids? Because sick kids make them MONEY….

  • David

    Stop the murdering fools….

  • Joanna Devon

    Poor babies I hope they were not in pain. We know they were killed but money always is on top. RIP angels

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Get it right Erin, in USA would NOT have been DTP>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    No you choose what to read, and for Erin, stop using Disqus PLEASE, 100% shill driven, they will block me shortly angela coral eisenhauer (fb) whistleblower on Dtap, ie thus the comment USA DONT USE DTP.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    They died of VIDS obviously, lots of babies do, ie Vaccine Infant Death Syndrome, shame they can only list it as SIDS< no place to put VIDS on a death certificate. angela coral eisenhauer face book whistleblower on Dtap vac fraud, and microcephaly caused if you jab in pregnancy.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    OH for gods sake Erin, stop with Disqus, 100% shill driven…………….. use facebook, or anything, not Disqus.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Well said, I now believe autism, downs syndrome, hemophilia, all caused by DNA damage, we now know that vaccines, can and DO change DNA< full of loose DNA strands, they become incorporated into our own DNA, now they want to do this on purpose? Ie DNA vaccines, we will all soon be Genetically modified, ie for premature illness and death.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Yep, and 100,000 vaccines are safe, according to Jill Hennessy, try injecting 50 litres of fluid? As for saying mercury injected is as safe as water when injected, Jess, I would say I heard that same crap from so many paid Mumbai shills, the cut and paste is getting so boring. Next you will say folic acid is actually folate?/

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Rubbish, no 20 year olds were in adult nappies in the 50s and 60s. And there might be one disabled “”retarded”” kid amongst 200, now it is one in 38? As for illness, never any kids diabetic, or allergic, or gluten intolerant, or anything, now 1 in 2 kids are chronically ill? Oh pharma corruption, and madness.

  • angela coral eisenhauer

    Yep vaccines been around before downs syndrome, and hemophilia, and autism, and asthma……….. they all happened after vaccines.?

  • CarrieSings

    Is this report about the 2002 case from Turkey? If so, there’s a whole lot of related information that’s not mentioned in this article! The probability of twins dying from SIDS whether they are vaccinated or not is statistically higher than single births.

  • ladykatie25

    This is NOT just a coincidence! If multiples are identical, if one is going to die, they are all going to die. It happens more than people know. They are genetically the same, so it is going to have the same effect on each one.

  • Winona Kitto

    Parents are told to lay babies face up now, because of SIDS being a possible link to face down sleeping. These babies were face up, and still, data is consistent with SIDS?

  • kwegs

    Wrong. Just wrong.

  • Ashley Tadlock

    Vaccines took the life of my only child. It was her 2 month shots & the a-cellular pertussis caused encephalitis. It happens a lot more often than they admit!

  • Erdosi Eszter

    Because the possible cause is an allergic anaphilactic reaction! No signs left. No urticaria needed to have an anaphilactic reaction but the drastical drop of blood pressure and heart stopping is enough!

  • William Fuzi

    They died of encephalitis, I will bet you the doctors found swelling of the brain. That’s the Hep B.

  • Neo

    Its just the Pharma trolls that will claim coincidence!

  • Neo

    Like you give a crap!
    You’re a Pharma sales rep, your job is to B.S. and downplay any reaction.
    Why would you know how many died and were injured following your sales and pushing of the vaccine?
    You’re a nobody and nothing but a con artist for the industry.
    You mean nothing!!

  • Neo

    Yeah…homcide by Pharma!!

  • Neo

    Get off the Pharma juice.
    Stop believing all the Pharma pseudoscience!!

  • Neo

    What’s your evidence that it isn’t true?
    Payed for studies from the CDC, AMA or Big Pharma don’t count as credible studies.
    Oh and don’t forget Pharma run WHO has no credibility either!

  • Neo

    Vaccines are nothing but anecdotal!
    No proof what so ever that they work or save lives.
    We know they take lives but no proof that the save anything!!

  • Brian

    Baxter et al. (2014) showed that, when using the same diagnosis criteria, the autism rate hasn’t changed in at least 25 years.

  • Brian

    A critical thinker might find it troubling that this article cites no sources or details that might support the author’s agenda.

    That’s because she’s describing something that took place fifteen years ago in Turkey, to someone who had a family history of SIDS deaths (not related to vaccination).

  • sabelmouse

    screamingly funny!

  • sabelmouse

    it’s the experience of us older people. just as it is our experience that measles, mumps, and chickenpox weren’t terrible, everybody had them and we did not come back to half empty class rooms.

  • sabelmouse

    not to mention correlation.

  • sabelmouse

    serial killing, and maiming of young women in the case of gardasil.

  • AutismDadd

    If they live they have Vaccine Spectrum Disorder

  • AutismDadd


  • AutismDadd

    Her diagnosis was done by who?

  • AutismDadd

    And your evidence?

  • AutismDadd

    But NOW there are so many we see them daily.

  • AutismDadd

    Psychiatry sold out to Pharma. The changes in the DSM are suspect to say the least.

  • AutismDadd

    Anecdote . So one odd person equals all?

  • AutismDadd


  • AutismDadd

    Nope. Psychiatry has just tried to be recognized as valid. Their changes to the DSM are suspect due to its relationship with Big pharma.

  • AutismDadd

    1 in 10,000. What rate today 1 in 68? Under 1 in 30 for boys in some states. Wonder why we are SEEING them? It pure numbers.

  • AutismDadd

    Opinion and speculation

  • AutismDadd

    Hilarious after you say Grandin is evidence for all.

  • AutismDadd

    Experimentation gone wrong. There’s this faulty idea that vaccines have been perfected, both old and new ones. Yet 19 countries have Vac injury compensation programs set up by the very same agencies that promote vaccines. HELLO SHEEPLE pay attention and you MIGHT be able to put 2+2 together!!!

  • AutismDadd

    Thanks Captain Oblivious

  • AutismDadd

    1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68. These Vaccine protectors can’t do the math.

  • AutismDadd


  • AutismDadd

    When several states in the U.S. have rates of 1 in UNDER 30 (boys) you’d wonder, why are we seeing them now but not decades ago. And WHY is this a world wide trend?

  • AutismDadd

    Discovered? Others say it goes back to the beginning of recorded history. Ask yourself why it became an issue ONLY in the 30’s.

  • AutismDadd

    Shill Manual cited.

  • AutismDadd

    The scientists who set up Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs are the same agencies that promote vaccines. Are they Bi-Polar?

  • AutismDadd

    Like KILLER DISEASES chicken pox and measles.

  • AutismDadd

    They may be the Pro-Vaccine crowd, who are quite stupid

  • AutismDadd

    Talk about nonsense. Who diagnosed you as a genius, your favorite doll?

  • AutismDadd

    That’s plain blah blah

  • AutismDadd

    Then you can direct us to the actual research that proves autism is genetic.

  • AutismDadd

    The host doesn’t support that lie.

  • AutismDadd

    If you are guilty of something, you want to say the opposite is true. If CDC admitted both autism and SIDS were caused by vaccines, uptake would suffer. Instead CDC and others push for 95% uptake so Herd Immunity occurs. They have a YUUUUGE conflict of interest.

  • AutismDadd

    James ( Mr Misinformation) Peters

  • AutismDadd

    Pharma has great influence in the USA. Look at Governor Pan in California with his Pharma rep whispering in his ear as he made his case to create a state of forced vaccination. The nerve of him to force children out of school with his blackmail tactics.

  • sally O’Neil

    You are so right!! There is no proof about the vaccines with autism. It has actually been disproven. I still do not buy the twins died from a vaccine.

  • sabelmouse

    they were always suspect. people, advertising, sadism.

  • Cypher

    Exactly. Me and my family was there in the room during this along with 6 – 800 other families while this travesty of “democracy” was taking place. (He’s a senator btw…).

  • AutismDadd

    Yes Governor BROWN (perfect color). Odd Pan was made to look like the ring leader.

  • Cypher

    Pan is an evil poor excuse for a human being and a waste of skin. He just stood there like a bobble head smiling and nodding while hundreds of families stood in line and expressed their opposition to SB277. At the same time, the session leader also advised him to postpone the vote when she saw the votes were not going to go his way. She was supposed to be neutral. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and at the same time we needed to be quiet in the audience. That was the most horrible experience ever.

  • AutismDadd

    Wow. How frustrating.

  • Ben

  • krg

    I am one person and I should not know 8 people with autistic children. One maybe, but eight of them I know on a personal level. This has terrified me with my own young niece. These shots are killing our babies and don’t nobody give a damn but us. WHY?

  • krg

    You are so right. Everyone who knows something is always a 5150 (think that’s the code for psych ward bound). But you’re not crazy. you just know poopoo stink and it’s coming from somewhere because you smell it. Comman sense will get you far.thank you for sharing.

  • krg

    If you don’t like what Erin has to share, get off her site and start one of your own. I have read, followed, researched and found that I pretty much like what she has to say. Provocates are everywhere, I know this. Are you one? Don’t like the information? Move on, but don’t tell others she is a nobody. I’m sitting here 15 years cancer free because I did research buddy, research that has kept me going. Watch out, this chick Erin is very informative. I like her style. I have her back. Have a blessed day.

  • Neo

    What are you talking about!!
    My response was to the Pharma rep not Erin.
    Clean your eyes pal!

  • krg

    I do owe you a sincere apology. You are absolutely right. I read it wrong. Please accept. So many people are bashing and I feel into the same thing I protested to you about. For that I am sorry.

  • Neo

    Apology excepted.

  • Rhi

    I just have to question the reliability of this story….. My red flag is that they were given a teaspoon of Tylenol for a fever, which is 5 mls which is the recommended dose for a 2-3 year old definitely not a 3.5mos old.

  • jules2u

    If a person is hell bent to make a claim, they should be willing to cite their sources to verify their information is coming from a reliable source.

  • jules2u

    Actually it was around, but it was not known as autism or it was not diagnosed as such because the standards were a lot stricter, today the “spectrum” takes into account many things that used to be considered normal for a child.

  • jules2u

    The thing is the condition usually shows up around the same age, with or without vaccines in the picture.

  • jules2u

    That is because they were not in the “main stream” of society, they were placed in special schools and institutions. I am 55 and I can tell you I met several, this is because one of those “special” schools was located next to the elementary school I attended. I am not sure what the children were diagnosed with, but thinking back I can bet at least about half would be called autistic by today’s standards, even some of the classmates probably would be.

  • jules2u

    There were far fewer cases because only the extreme cases were diagnosed. Today children who display even a minor symptom are included in the numbers. A friend of mine was recently determined, as a adult no less, as being 5% autistic. This is the difference in many of the numbers being reported, years ago a child who would have fallen into the “autism spectrum” would have included the children who would never be in the main stream, they would be either in institutions or “special” schools for severally disabled children. This means on average, you would have never seen them in your normal life.

  • jules2u

    and today you could see someone, never know they are diagnosed as “autistic spectrum” because to you they will appear normal. So back in the 70s, he would have been consider “slow” but normal, not autistic.

  • jules2u

    And today she would fit into the “autistic spectrum” even though she was weird but lived a fairly normal life.

  • jules2u

    Most survived, some survived with life long medical issues, and some did not survive at all.

  • jules2u

    That is probably because the only ones diagnosed back then were the worst cases, today a person can display maybe 5% of the spectrum and be considered autistic even through the function normally day to day.

  • jules2u

    That is because even a small symptom, used to be considered “slow” is now diagnosed as part of the spectrum, as little as 5% will render a diagnosis of autistic spectrum

  • jules2u

    How many children did you go to school with who were considered “slow”, or even slow learners? Today they would be part of the ASD. Most schools had programs for special education, and many of those students would also fit as part of ASD

  • jules2u

    Also they only diagnosed the worst of the worse cases, meaning most were never diagnosed or considered part of what is now called ASD.

  • jules2u

    It was not an issue only starting in the 30s, it was around prior to that, but was not recognized as a specific diagnosis.

  • jules2u

    How many autistic children or adults do you know that are wearing “adult nappies” now? A vast majority of those who fall into the ASD diagnosis lead normal lives, but yet are counted in the numbers. Now to say that kids were not diabetics, I will strongly disagree with that one, I went to school with at least 2 that I know about, I am sure there were others. When I was in grade school there was a special school next door with “special” (mentally disabled children) and there were probably about 30 students who attended that school. Mind you, most were extremely disabled mentally, and several would have been considered autistic according to today’s standards. I grew up in a small town, it was not even large enough to make it on the state map until I was in high school.

  • jules2u

    Actually yes, because what is now considered part of ASD includes many people who are living very normal lives. You just don’t know it. I know a person who is about 37 who was just recently diagnosed as ASD.

  • jules2u

    They are adding more symptoms into the spectrum, resulting in more diagnosis of people. Even 5% of the symptoms are now considered part of ASD, which means many people who have lead fairly normal lives into adulthood, who were considered “different” now fall into the diagnosis.

  • jules2u

    The worst cases were, the rest attended classes like any other child and grew up being considered “slow” or something similar.

  • jules2u

    actually those who would have fallen into being “slow’ would now fit into the ASD diagnosis today.

  • sabelmouse

    that IS life. meanwhile the vaccine is causing a shingles epidemic. much worse.

  • AutismDadd

    Lame. Giving it a name isn’t a diagnosis.

  • AutismDadd


  • AutismDadd

    Any evidence to share?

  • AutismDadd


  • AutismDadd

    One person hardly means anything. She’s LABELLED autistic

  • AutismDadd

    The distinction revolves around the classic born with, as opposed to the regressive vaccine caused autism

  • AutismDadd

    Says the person using Grandin as confirmation that autism exists in the elderly.

  • AutismDadd

    Says who?

  • Dennis Freeland

    LET THIS SINK IN ……; Health Nut News is claiming that if something happened today – and you did something two days ago – then the latter CAUSED the former.

    So if the twins ate peach and apple sauce two days ago – then THAT must have cause it ? Do you have ZERO understanding of how science works ? Is the goal of this page to ENDANGER human lives ?

    That is why YOU SHOULD RUN LIKE CRAZY and stop using pseudo science site like this.

    If you follow advice like this you will do MORE HARM THAN GOOD – STAY AWAY From “nut” sites like these – and stick to science.

  • Dennis Freeland

    The fact that this site is promoting the vaccine autism link – (even more easily debunked than the FLAT EARTH claim) – makes this site ….. well … LITERALLY LESS CREDIBLE THAN A FLAT EARTH SITE !!

  • BF

    Overall, this article is 100% speculative. There is–as indicated by the article–no scientific data to support the claim that this tragic event was caused by vaccination. Scientific literature does suggests that adverse events CAN occur when vaccinations are administered, but this is always due to a physiological predisposition and is usually followed by an observable pathological phenotype (e.g., intussusception after rotavirus vaccine) that surmounts minor adverse events such as fever–which is very common after vaccines. Please stop giving anti-vaxxers a platform to spread their non-scientific, uneducated agenda. Also, if you had read the article (which apparently you didn’t) there are many suggestions that could potentially explain the SIDS in this case study including: higher than normal COHb levels, potential metabolic and genetic predispositions, or hyperthermia (from the article you didn’t read: “Despite the season both were dressed with double pajamas and covered with blankets. Hyperthermia is considered as a risk factor [for SIDS] in some studies”). Furthermore, the article says “the vaccination records of the health unit were examined with the instruction of the health directorate and there were no complications or complaints in other children given the same vaccines consecutively”. Stop playing doctor and for goodness sake stop standing on the graves of these children to spread your illogical anti-vaccine agenda.

  • BenF

    Overall, this article is 100% speculative. There is–as indicated by the article–no scientific data to support the claim that this tragic event was caused by vaccination. Scientific literature does suggests that adverse events CAN occur when vaccinations are administered, but this is always due to a physiological predisposition and is usually followed by an observable pathological phenotype (e.g., intussusception after rotavirus vaccine) that surmounts minor adverse events such as fever–which is very common after vaccines. Erin Elizabeth, please stop giving anti-vaxxers a platform to spread their non-scientific, uneducated agenda. Also, if you (Erin Elizabeth) had read the article (which apparently you didn’t) there are many suggestions that could potentially explain the SIDS in this case study including: higher than normal COHb levels, potential metabolic and genetic predispositions, or hyperthermia (from the article you didn’t read: “Despite the [summer] season both were dressed with double pajamas and covered with blankets. Hyperthermia is considered as a risk factor [for SIDS] in some studies”). Furthermore, the article says “the vaccination records of the health unit were examined with the instruction of the health directorate and there were no complications or complaints in other children given the same vaccines consecutively”. Stop playing doctor and for goodness sake stop standing on the graves of these children to spread your illogical, anti-vaccine agenda.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Except that a US court recently awarded money to the parents of a child who died of SIDS and said it WAS because of the vaccines.

  • ivonne

    How heart breaking…..I really wish the parents had done their research regarding vaccines. Just awful.

  • petulantes

    Id be happy if instead of just looking ill these greedy devils( drug execs) would loose a limb for each death they cause …

  • petulantes

    Spoken like a true allopath ..HURL

  • petulantes

    Well, when your INCOME depends on never hearing it…….
    should have read some insert while you were at it. At this point I have more respect for used car dealers in Mexico than anything coming from a pharma demon

  • petulantes

    Utter nonsense , As I went through school and all of my adult life it went from NOBODY to 1 in 55. Your statement simply defies truth , but if you’re a program,a bot then I understand your stupidity

  • petulantes

    There Is a HUGE difference between mental retardation and autism .Unbelievable your ignorance

  • petulantes

    BUNK, they were among us, I saw slow kids, I saw Down syndrome kids.. i saw handicapped NEVER EVER SAW AUTISM until the 80’s. You have your decades mixed.

  • petulantes

    LIES. autism was not rampant. I went to school with slow , retarded, and Down Syndrome kids riding in a different bus- they were not hidden. Just handled differently .I never saw ‘autism’ like behavior .You are talking nonsense

  • petulantes

    HOW’d we ever get so far with so many retards among us.. in 20 years all thats left will be drooling and diaper clad ….

  • petulantes

    Yes back then it was not OBVIOUS. We were still using rocks to hunt……

  • petulantes

    The vax craze started in the 1930’s.. first 6-8 vaccines.Now 24?(with 68 doses by 18)

  • petulantes

    However the behavior would have been strongly NOTED . I interacted with enough kids in my time.I SAW when something was off. Cancer has gone up too not just diagnosed more frequent . 1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women You go ahead, take my shots too. in fact take all at once, you should live forever

  • petulantes

    With as sick the west has become , these people will excuse it even if its 100% , they’ll will keep their Reality Bias blinders .Its either for profit or inability to handle culpability

  • jules2u

    Someone today can be diagnosis as ASD if they have 5% of the criteria to be considered, back 20 years ago, a person with a lot more than 5% would have never been considered ASD.

  • jules2u

    and until a diagnosis has a name, it will be listed as many other things, or nothing at all. It is not until there is a name that people are able to trace a specific illness or condition. A person labeled as “slow” could actually fall under the current spectrum.

  • BenF

    This is indeed true. I’ve read the case, have you? This particular case is strongly confounded by poor science (e.g., the “expert” SIDS scientist who had no documented background or proclaimed specialties regarding the field) and additive factors (pillow/blankets in crib, child sleeping on side as opposed to back) that suggests other plausible contributions to this SIDS case relative to a vaccine-induced death. Even the judge in this case said “I have not concluded that vaccines present a substantial risk of SIDS. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary. The vast majority of vaccine recipients do no succumb to SIDS”.
    But let’s say you’re right and Vaccine Court was spot on with this case. That means there is ONE documented case of SIDS ever confirmed by a US court. Let that sink in considering millions (upon millions) of children have been given vaccines. Not undermining the death of a child, but this is by far a statistical outlier. Also, this is the same Vaccine Court that denounced the preposterous claims that vaccines cause autism omnibus–so I’m assuming must agree with that. You can’t accept one without the other.

  • BenF

    If you’re trying to insult me by saying my claims are consistent with research-based medicine, I would suggest another approach. Also, the reason you are most likely alive today is because modern medicine saved your vacuous self, opposed to crystals or the alignment of the stars. Please go back to high school.

  • AutismDadd

    yea REAL helpful. Shows how its mishandled

  • AutismDadd

    You could diagnose a pig, its rubbish. Its all about psychiatry trying to be relevant rather than useless

  • Katie Shutter Bunny Meadows

    Funny how this story doesn’t have any actual link or any way to prove that A-these kids even existed B-that these kids died. I mean, I can say that anyone died and blame it on aliens, on the goverment, on white bread if I so choose. But, just because I said it, doesn’t make it true. I’m so sick of these sourceless opinion blogs trying to work everyone into a panic. It is sick.

  • sabelmouse


  • Viktoria Lll

    100% speculative? Do you know what speculative means Ben? The article is just one of hundreds of thousands of reports of baby deaths in the wake of vaccines; this one even more compelling for the simultaneous death of twins. The only possible 100% anything here is that you are a paid troll or an idiot or both. Anyone that would discourage parents from taking a careful look at the evidence deserves an eternity of the same sorrows they’re abetting in parents who find out the hard way just how wrong you really are.

  • Viktoria Lll

    “millions (upon millions) of children have been given vaccines…”

    Yes, the administration of vaccines in the US has risen astronomically in the last 50 years along with the rate of infant death, and the rate of chronic – auto immune disease – which is the moniker for some 80 debilitating diseases. In fact the rise in disease is exponential to the rise in shots. The US LEADs the world in infant vaccination rates, AND infant mortality.

    Now tell us again about statistics Ben. … as if you cared..

  • Billy

    Any pediatrician who said to me “Some kids just get fevers all the time” would be fired immediately by me.

  • BenF

    Viktoria with a k, I will loosely (I mean very loosely) give a +0.5 for the vaccines-autoimmune disease statement since a few epidemiological studies anecdotally suggest developmental autoimmune irregularities in patients with genetic predispositions (as I insinuated earlier). The key word here is predisposition. Look it up–it’s a really neat word. Also, this has not actually been confirmed by any research-based publication, only suggested. For everything else you said, are there any quality peer-reviewed articles to back up your “claims”? None of your arguments are compelling (or remotely factual). It would be different if you stated something that was strongly supported by science, but like your cohorts, you spout off the same boring, poorly written anti-vaccine garbage. Also, it is utterly ridiculous to say that the incidence and/or rate of infant death has increased over the past 50 years. That is absolutely absurd. It is very unsettling that you would stand on the graves of dead children and heartbroken families affected by SIDs to promote your agenda. It’s pretty disgusting.
    But you know what, I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself. I would like for you to post peer-reviewed sources from quality journals (quality journal = Nature, New England Journal of Medicine–anything with an impact factor greater than 4) to back your claims. Sorry, but blogs (like this one) and crazy-on-crazy word of mouth (like this blog) is not a peer-review process.
    Also, be thankful for research-based medicine. It is probably why you and most of your family and friends are alive today.
    Lastly, your summation sentence in your last post literally made no sense. You should read more.

  • Viktoria Lll

    how’s that blood money working for you Ben.? Trolls like you are easy to spot. Ad hominem remarks, the repetition of fake media claims, and always the same result – deadly vaccines are ‘scientific’ and the gainsayers are mad. Good luck with that line of work. The retirement fallout is eternal.

  • BenF

    I’m sorry if scientific facts offend you. Also claiming that I collect blood money (whatever that is) and am trolling/spreading fake media (which are clichéd terms grossly overused in our society today) is pretty ridiculous on your part. I would be happy to speak out against vaccinations if the allegations regarding vaccine-induced toxicities/death were credible or even remotely relevant. They just aren’t. Stop regurgitating that same retracted nonsense of Andrew Wakefield. By the way, are you a flat-earther too? If you’re not, you should look into it. I feel like that would be up your ally.

  • Viktoria Lll

    Yes Scientific facts offend me. Run some by me someday.

    PS Who’s Andrew Wakefield?

  • BenF

    The founder of the anti vaxxer movement. He had his medical license revoked for unethical conduct and falsifying data about vaccines causing autism as well as other toxicities. Essentially, he’s your Jim Jones. Also, I’m still waiting on you to post your quality peer-reviewed sources to back up your ridiculous claims. You don’t seem very eager to share those with me.

  • Detroit Girl

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe they both died from the Tylenol (acetaminophen)? The Tylenol was given closer in time to their deaths than the vaccinations. Plus, a teaspoon of acetaminophen is FOUR TIMES the dose appropriate for a 3 month old infant. If that’s really the dose they were given, their mother massively overdosed them.

  • Esti

    It needn’t have caused injury to any other children to have been the cause of death for these 2 babies. Twins, who died at the same time – just coincidence? I think not. No one here is ‘anti-vaccine’. I believe that what we all want are SAFE vaccines. If vaccines are so great, then they should help without causing harm. In fact, the first rule of medicine is ’cause no harm’, so vaccines actually violate this basic principle of medicine. Further, if vaccines are so great, then why is there a fund to compensate vaccine-injured people – The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

  • BenF

    Part 1: This is the third time I have tried to post this statement. As I
    said much earlier, scientific data does suggest that vulnerable populations
    that have genetic predispositions could produce adverse effects and/or
    toxicities following vaccine administration. If that was the cause of
    death in this case (which is never actually indicated in the article), I would
    suggest better toxicology screening methods for these genetic outlier
    populations. Plausible causality for SIDS aside from vaccination is listed in
    the actual scientific article, I would encourage that you read it. Also, I must
    disagree with you; I think commenters on this page almost exclusively identify
    as anti vaccination, even though there is no scientific evidence
    to support these claims (see my dialogue with Viktoria Lll). I have seen
    comments regarding big pharma/government conspiracies and armchair
    physicians saying that they know somebody who knows somebody who had some
    horrible side effect from a vaccination (word of mouth, not actual
    proof). Just for sharing scientific facts on this page, I have been called an
    allopath as (somehow) an insult (probably by a crystal worshiping
    homeopath) and a collector of blood money (which I still don’t know what that
    means). Fact of the matter, no medication that is clinically available
    today is devoid of toxicities. Morphine is great as an analgesic but take
    too much and the patient will go into respiratory arrest. Give
    penicillin to a child and they could go into anaphylaxis due to an allergic
    reaction. Give an antibody treatment to a cancer patient and they could have a
    life threatening immunological response. Vaccines are put up against a
    risk:benefit ratio with the benefits significantly outweighing the risks–as
    indicated by the eradication of numerous deadly diseases. Physicians are taught
    to give vaccines because they protect the greater good from harboring and
    spreading potentially deadly diseases to vulnerable populations. Also the
    National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created for children who have
    genetic predispositions and produce severe allergic reactions following vaccine administration.

  • Cori Conner Jackson

    Seriously BenF? you must be a pro vaxxer. You try to bring up info supporting your belief in vaccines without looking at Facts about the harm vaccines do to children. Have you even looked up/researched the ingredients in vaccines? If we as parents made our children drink these ingredients we would be put in jail for child abuse. But of course if a Dr tells you the vaccines are not harmful you just blindly believe they have you and your children’s best interest at heart. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Research, research, research. Your children’s lives are at stake.
    Don’t believe one side or the other. Do your Research. Lots and lots of research from different sources.
    PLEASE have an open mind.
    When I found out they use aborted fetal matter in vaccines I researched it. I was SHOCKED at what I learned. Also formaldehyde and antifreeze and so much other crap that i don’t wanna put in my baby all that poison. If I’m wrong for that then so be it. My child would probably not be sick with all the new stuff that the world has become infected with like Alzheimer, fibromyalgia, depression, MS, thyroid disease, ADHD, Bipolar, autism, just to name a few. Our great grandparents never had to deal with these things. And they didn’t get vaccines. Just my thoughts. No I am not quoting scientific data. But I have done tons of research. All my research has made the decision I have chosen.

  • BenF

    First off, I support vaccines because an overwhelming body of peer reviewed evidence supports their efficacy. I never claimed they were devoid of toxicities, especially with genetically predisposed populations–please see my pervious posts. Also, I have investigated the chemicals in vaccines, have you? Yes, there is formaldehyde in vaccines. Did you know our bodies produce more formaldehyde than the concentration administered in vaccines? Obviously not. Also, did you know the “antifreeze” in vaccines is not ethylene glycol (which is used industrially and is what you were suggesting) but polyethylene glycol (which is found in skin creams and toothpaste)? Are you going to stop using toothpaste? Also, there is absolutely NO “fetal matter” in vaccines. I don’t know where you found that one. You obviously know nothing of the subject. Additionally, there is absolutely no link between vaccines and the diseases you listed. Like you said, do your research–lots and lots of research. Also, please do not lecture me about the good-ole-day of your vaccine-devoid great grandparents. The infant mortality rate of your great grandparents generation was 800 per 100,000 live births (compared to < 3 per 100,000 live births from recent records) and the average life span was 58 years old. Since the development of vaccines, parents' and their children no longer have to worry about varicella, tetanus virus, pertussis virus, POLIO virus, mumps virus, rubella virus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, etc. Obviously, you took ZERO time to investigate any relevant facts. Collectively, you made a plethora of claims that hold zero scientific merit. Way to go. Like I told Viktoria LII (who never responded to my post), if you are confident about your "facts", please post your quality, peer-reviewed sources to back your claims. Blogs and pages like this are not peer reviewed or scientifically accurate. I'm sure I won't hear from you again.

  • Cori Conner Jackson

    the WI-38 cell line is a human diploid fibroblast cell line derived from a three month old fetus aborted therapeutically in 1962 in the US. Another cell line, MRC-5, was derived from lung fibroblasts of a 14 week old fetus in 1966 in the United Kingdom. These are currently the only fetal cell lines used to grow viruses for vaccines, with most other vaccines requiring cell lines from animals

  • BenF

    Finally, someone who did some reading. Now, are these fetal cell lines “IN VACCINES” like you said, or are they used to make vaccines? There is a stark difference. Injecting infants with immortalized fetal cells (like the cell lines you listed) would have dire consequences. Overall, well done for correcting your “aborted fetal matter in vaccines” statement. Also, I’ll wait patiently for your peer reviewed sources to back up your other claims.