Over the last 5 years or so, the use of essential oils for personal use has skyrocketed (thanks almost entirely to MLM companies). However, the more I talk to people the more I find out that very few people who purchased a “kit” from someone were properly trained in exactly how to use them (likely because the people they bought the kit from weren’t trained either).

Essentials oils are highly concentrated compounds extracted from plants and as such, the fear is that at such high concentrations, people will do themselves more harm than good (especially if you ingest oils that AREN’T safe- like Wintergreen). But, there are those who believe there is no safe way to ingest ANY essential oils and that’s simply not true. There are safe and smart ways to ingest oils AND the knowledge on how to do it (which is paramount) is available- including which oils you simply cannot ingest.

But you don’t just have to take them internally to reap the rewards. Essential oils can be safely used to support overall wellness via inhalation, with a diffuser, or by diluting them in a carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, sunflower, almond) and applying them to the skin. You can also add them to your bath. But, you’ll want to do a little research before you get started. The website www.organicfacts.net will give you great information about the particular oil you’re interested in and whether or not there’s any important information you need to know. There are also a number of great reference books available, like Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals. Anyone who wants to use essential oils safely and most efficiently will benefit from this book.

However, if you do want to ingest them you can put them in water, just make sure not to use plastic cups as many essential oils eat away at plastic. You can also put them into gelatin capsules and swallow them.

Just remember, unless you know what you are doing, you should first consult an aromatherapist, nurse or doctor who has appropriate training. These little botanicals pack a wallop and should be used with knowledge and care.