(Note from Erin at HNN: I didn’t have a chance to get this up yesterday but here it is- and People reported it FIRST because my editor got a notification!)

Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested on Monday for PEACEFULLY protesting- in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- the Dakota Access Pipeline. The police have become so emboldened and so militarized it is ridiculous. What is happening? How is this continuing to happen in the US?

If you skip toward the end of video (last 6 minutes are good) you will see military vehicles in the background AND watch her get arrested- for peacefully protesting. The other thing you can now see, and be assured of, is just who has rights in this country and who does not. Ultimately, if we want clean air and water and the government wants money from contracts- it is THEY who get what they want. We have lost our rights.

Charged with criminal trespassing, 24-year-old Woodley was taken to Morton County Jail and released hours later.

From the article:

“The actress was a mere few feet from her RV to take her back to camp when a cop “grabbed” her by her jacket and told her to stop. After waiting several minutes she was put under arrest.

“But why am I being arrested and no one else here is,” she asked the police, pointing to the group of people who were walking with her. “Is it because I’m famous? Is it because people know who I am?”

Seems the officers arrested her because she was “identified” (even though hundreds of others were present and they all left the MOMENT they were asked to) BUT that may backfire on them if we speak up enough about this. No, it’s not about her but she just did a lot for the cause by getting arrested.

The fight isn’t over.

Source: People