We’ve been talking about this issue for so long now we feel like a broken record. And yet, the issue continues and has even gotten worse; red tide is now all over the state, countless marine lives have been lost to red tide and blue-green algea, and “seven dogs have fallen “seriously ill” due to suspected exposure to toxic algae.”1

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Animal Service Unit, one of the dogs has even died.


While the dogs are from various areas in the county (northwest border of Lake Okeechobee) they all have some connection to the water where the toxic algae bloom has occurred.

The common symptoms shown by the seven dogs were severe vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and respiratory distress. Local vets are currently working to see if there are common bacteria present in the animals.

Officials are requesting that pet owners in Martin County keep their animals away from water sources that may contain the algae and to keep them from eating grass.


(The blue-green algae is even killing pets in Canada. See video below. )

But the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is also looking into potential criminal factors in the dog’s illnesses. But so far, nothing has been found.

If you have questions about symptoms or risks for your furbabies, please contact your vet. And, if you live in the area and your dog has recently become seriously ill or passed away from an unknown cause, you may contact Sergeant Pat Colasuonno at 220-7141.

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