Today, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Senator Dick Pan (famous for helping write and pass senate bill 277) introduced legislation for another bill; 276. He wants to do away with “bogus medical exemptions”. The same medical exemptions he claimed he would leave to doctors:

But we all knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be after that exemption, too.

If this bill passes, California would give state public health officials- instead of local doctors- the power to decide which children can qualify for medical exemptions from vaccination before attending school. Public health officials who don’t know these children. Don’t see them on a regular basis. (Is California becoming a police state?) “The measure would also let state and county health officials revoke medical exemptions granted by doctors if they are found to be fraudulent or contradict federal immunization standards.”2

“California eliminated all non-medical immunization exemptions in 2016, as have Mississippi and West Virginia. The lawmakers want California to now follow West Virginia’s lead in having public health officials rather than doctors decide who qualifies for medical exemptions. Doctors would send the state health department the reason they are recommending the exemption and would have to certify that they examined the patient.”1

It should be noted that two of the most unhealthy states in the union and most highly vaccinated, are Mississippi and West Virginia are. 


The real issue here is doctors helping people obtain medical exemptions. At least that’s what Pan claims. Some say Pan’s statements are pure libel. And he has provided zero proof for the rhetoric he’s spewing. 


Although health officials all over the county want us to believe that immunization rates are drastically down, they are not. And in California, they actually increased after the law took effect from less than 93 percent to more than 95 percent. (A number that should keep most outbreaks from spreading until you realize that “vaccine preventable illnesses” have become the diseases of the vaccinated.) 

But according to the California Department of Public Health, the rate of medical exemptions have also tripled,

“Although it’s still less than 1 percent of school children statewide, advocates said 50 schools have exemption rates of at least 15 percent, and more than half of students aren’t vaccinated in at least three schools.

Federal guidelines say less than 1 percent of children should avoid vaccinations if they have a severe allergic reaction or impaired immunity such as from a liver problem, the HIV virus or chemotherapy. Many experts state those illnesses could have been caused by being vaccinated in the first place.”1

We will be keeping an eye on this and update you when we have more information.


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