We are so sad AND shocked to announce that our ridiculous congress voted yesterday to overturn protections for hunting bears in Alaska…even while they are fast asleep in their dens with their cubs. This is not only cruel but not “hunting,” as it takes no skill to sneak up on something and kill it while it sleeps.

I’m not sure our elected officials will be happy until they’ve killed every bee and fracked us into a country that is crumbling. There is no wisdom in these people beyond this very moment. They have no vision for the future.

The rollback of the protections put into place by the Obama administration mean, “…shooting or trapping wolves while at their dens with cubs, using airplanes to scout for grizzly bears to shoot, trapping bears with cruel steel-jawed leghold traps and wire snares and luring grizzly bears with food to get a point blank kill.” The passage of this bill should anger people.

From the article:

“‘This isn’t hunting — it’s slaughter,’ Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. ‘Killing wolves and bears in this cruel, unsportsmanlike fashion is outrageous, especially in national wildlife refuges that belong to all Americans.’

He added: ‘Repealing these protections also undermines the critical role predators play in healthy ecosystems.'”

Source: NPR