(Editor’s note: I told you from the start that Florida Gov Rick Scott was going to DC regularly demanding they give money for Zika Spray (he has MILLIONS in stake with the spray companies). He even published a propaganda piece in (the sold out) USA Today, shaming congress for not pushing the money through. And now, voila’ it’s happening.)

Just today, the Senate approved a stop-gap spending deal to avoid a government shutdown set to happen this weekend AND provide $1.1 Billion (with a B) in ” long-awaited aid” to combat the dreaded Zika virus.

With the Senators vote (72-26 to pass the legislation) the government is now funded through Dec. 9 and will give lawmakers time to work out a long-term spending bill for the 2017 fiscal year which begins Saturday. And the White House weighed in right away; Obama is ready to sign it into law after the House votes because without this congressional action, federal agencies would have run out of money to operate at midnight on Friday. A shutdown just before the election wouldn’t look good.

There were a couple of disputes between Republicans and Democrats which were keeping things tense and brought them to the standoff- like the Zika problem. But, last week, Republicans finally agreed to provide $1.1 billion to combat the virus (President Obama has been asking Congress to approve Zika funding since February).

However, thanks to all the fear surrounding Zika, Flint gets NOTHING from this deal. While Democrats were demanding that any funding deal include money to help replace the water system in Flint, Mich., they dropped their demand today after being assured by Republican leaders- in the Senate and House- that Flint would receive money after the election via the “Water Resources Development Act” bill.

And you know, politicians are always super honest and are known for follow through.

From the article:

“Michigan Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, both Democrats, voted against the compromise spending bill Wednesday, saying it’s unfair that Flint residents have to wait longer for help than other disaster victims. The bill provides $500 million in immediate aid to flood victims in Louisiana, West Virginia and Maryland.

“My position on the government funding bill remains the same: I will vote no on any (bill) that does not treat communities equally,” Stabenow said. “It is wrong to ask families in Flint to wait at the back of the line again.”


The bill also includes full funding in 2017 for military construction and veterans programs (that’s a good thing) and about $7 million over the next 10 weeks to begin paying for new programs approved by Congress to fight heroin addiction and prescription painkiller abuse (we’ve got something that could help with that but it’s a plant and the government wants to make it illegal).

Insane. Really…so much money and the biggest chunk will be a huge waste. Is ANYONE mad about this? Shouldn’t everyone be furious?

Source: KHOU