On Friday, SeaWorld revealed that both the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating them for matters related to CNN’s “Blackfish” documentary.1

“The investigations are looking into ‘disclosures and public statements’ made by company executives in August 2014 or earlier ‘regarding the impact of the ‘Blackfish’ documentary’ and SeaWorld’s stock, according to the public filing.” 2

Blackfish was released by CNN in 2013 and detailed alleged mistreatment of orca whales by SeaWorld workers. SeaWorld responded by calling the documentary false, misleading and “emotionally manipulative.” 3


However, after it was released, the damage was done and the Orlando, Florida -based water park faced a backlash that would eventually lead to a serious drop in revenue.

While SeaWorld has recently fought back, even taking steps to boost their image with a series of ads that feature SeaWorld employees discussing the “care” the animals receive, the truth is that the animals aren’t thriving in captivity. Check out the video below:

Last year, SeaWorld announced that the killer whales currently in its care will be the last generation enclosed at the water parks but in my opinion, that’s not enough. They need to be done- now.

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