We all want the internet to be better and faster. I mean, who wants to wait for the little spinning “Loading” ball? It’s 2017 after all. But, have any of us stopped to think about the price we are willing to pay for that type of technology? I submit we haven’t.

At a recent international conference, Israeli researchers presented studies showing that the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons will now form the foundation of the expected 5G network. But what’s terrifying is what 5G might mean. Apparently, wireless frequencies in the millimeter and submillimeter range directly interact with human skin, and more specifically, our sweat glands.

From the article:

“Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel recently detailed how human sweat ducts act like an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. Scientists cautioned that before rolling out 5G technologies that use these frequencies, research on human health effects needed to be done first to ensure the public and environment are protected.

‘…At this moment, residents of the Washington, DC region – like those of 100 Chinese cities – are about to be living within a vast experimental Millimeter wave network to which they have not consented – all courtesy of American taxpayers,’ stated Dr. Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust.”

Before this is rolled out, I’d like to know how it’s going to affect me and the people I love. But once again, no one has been made aware of the potential problems the 5G network could cause to our bodies.

While cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves (a type of electromagnetic radiation) that utilize frequencies up to 6 gigahertz to wirelessly transmit voice or data, 5G applications will require new spectrum bands in higher frequency ranges “above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyond, utilizing submillimeter and millimeter waves – to allow ultra-high rates of data to be transmitted in the same amount of time as compared with previous deployments of microwave radiation.”

That’s right. Higher amounts of radiation.

Again, we already know about these millimeter waves because for years the U.S., Russian, and Chinese defense agencies have been developing weapons that use this electromagnetic technology to induce unpleasant burning sensations on the skin (as a form of crowd control). Seriously, does this sound safe?

Given that Verizon has announced plans to test 5G networks in 11 U.S. cities, we need to evaluate the health effects of this tech before millions of people are exposed. For instance, will 5G increase the risk of skin diseases like melanoma or other skin cancers? How will it affect people with seizure disorders? Will those with already sensitive skin develop allergies to the very air they breathe? Kids with asthma, what might happen to them?

We cannot leave the outrage to medical experts alone (although worldwide they are calling for action). We have to use our voices, too. We must demand that before they roll out these technologies, detailed and through studies on health effects be done.

Source: Environmental Health Trust