Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bras, Here’s Why.


UPDATE: Don’t care that your breasts sag less if you DON’T wear a bra? Here’s a great article where Dr. Mercola that talks about how bras can cause cancer (and what kinds to avoid).

October 13th is National No Bra Day, a day when women are encouraged to NOT wear their bra. Perhaps those who invented the day, in order to promote breast cancer awareness and help raise money for research, knew they could better attract attention by asking women to ditch their brassiere. But, who knew that not wearing a bra could actually be better for our breasts?


Bras are intended to keep women “in place” and if you’re an active woman with large breasts, this can be a good thing. It’s hard to move around when every move that you make is emphasized by your breasts’ corresponding movements. However, according to sport science researcher Jean-Denis Rouillion, a professor at the University of Franche-Comte in the town of Besancon- and his 15 year study of the effect of bras on 330 women between the ages of 18-35 years- wearing a bra from early age did nothing to support the chest, reduce back pain or prevent premature sagging.“Medically, physiologically, anatomically, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” Oh no!

Read here: Do Bras Cause cancer? A doctor’s perspective… 

Researchers now believe that we lack the ability to develop supportive breast tissue when we wear a bra and that without one we would gain more tone to support our breasts. The women who stopped wearing bras during this study had a 7-millimeter lift in their nipples when compared to a regular bra user. Yay! It seems that we do have some control over the way our breasts look over time. They claim that bras could also hamper circulation and reduce the overall tone of our breasts.

“For younger women, not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast,” said Dr. Stafford Broumand.

However, women wear bras for other reasons besides just for reducing the sagging of their breasts. They are mostly worn to keep our breasts from moving around.  Society views bras as an important article of clothing however, it appears that this is to our detriment and that maybe we should just reconsider burning them!

Again, see the links on how some believe bras cause breast cancer. No wonder there has been such a huge leap in the last 1oo  years and in a few years CNN explains studies that predict 1 in 2 women will great breast cancer.

This story originally appeared on Aunty Acid’s blog

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • andrea

    Novenber 13 2015 , is National Men wear NO pants day!

  • andrea

    to save their ” bit’s , from going non functional. it will be good for them

  • Diane Bouslaugh

    Good idea you have there.

  • Diane Bouslaugh


  • Nancy Wagner Johnstone

    A brazier is something to cook with. The term is brassiere, in English. And one note: look through all those old National Geographic mags, and let me know about not sagging.

  • workathome

    but they are all naked…. maybe we should ban clothes, it probably is bad because you don’t get enough air circulation… 😉

  • Gena Brinkdoepke-Vonderahe

    I absolutely Hate wearing a bra. I can’t wait to come home and take it off. I hate the restraint and confinement of them. I have tried every type. I say we all go braless. Who cares its a natural thing.

  • Jill

    That’s because they breast feed constantly because they have child after child with no birth control

  • Bill Delphini

    Precisely the reason I don’t wear underwear. Its too restrictive and I like the boys to hang free and proud.

  • Casey Kelley

    Men hate saggy breasts though?

  • leoni

    I had 7 children and breast fed all of them, and my breasts did not sag one iota, so its nothing to do with breast feeding. And the birth control pill is not a good thing either

  • paxtruth

    There’s just no way I’m going without a bra; and, I would probably be fired from my job as a crossing guard for middle schoolers.

  • John_St_John

    Do we?

  • Whenever possible, I don’t wear a bra. If my clothes would make my braless-ness extremely obvious, then I wear one. I also never use underwires — instead, as a cancer survivor who found that off-the-shelf bras no longer fit quite right, I have bras and mini-camisoles custom-made by a wonderful Etsy seller using lace, organic cotton and bamboo. They look awesome and are healthy, too.

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Wow, we learn something new everyday. My better half is a full breasted mature woman, she’ll be happy to know this. God, everything we’ve been told is all lies, lies, lies to advance the Medical Mafia criminal Cartels of almighty profits. Thank you my dear Erin for your inspiring bravery and courage to educate us all. I also need to come out of the shadows after I create a new and better picture and develop my own web site and write that much awaited book I’ve been putting off for so long. Ahhh, I have found my calling at last. Love all you open minded beautiful people. Kisses and hugs to everyone. 🙂 The Surfman!

  • Tor

    Women don’t care what men hate though?

  • Wildtim

    If “Dr.” Mercola says it .. You KNOW its BS! No Really. Its a great filter and simplifies life.

  • truta

    HEY!!!! what should I do with the supplies? this article is bad for my business, remember if u stop wear bra after 5 days your tits “get the shakes” so do not stop use them it’s very important that you keep wearing it.

  • Eileen Argott Ventrella

    Wow, really? Would you feel conformable given the name of those?

  • Gomez Jennifer

    I can’t imagine myself playing basketball without bra

  • thanks Surfman : )

  • Jan

    I just wear those comfy bras similar to sports bra no wires, those things are dangerous, they dig in cut off blood supply, can stab you, yes your bra can try to kill you. The wires come out and damage the washing machine and dryer. Bra manufacturers don’t care about women’s health just their profits.

  • Brenda Johnson

    Women of color really don’t have this problem. .we have natural beautiful bodies that bounce back quick after children..I see a lot of women who wear bras some double up on bras due to being insecure about small breasts..

  • Terri Bright

    I’m with you, it is the first thing to go when I get in the door. And if you come to my house after, oh well, you will just have to look at my naked boobs!!

  • Terri Bright

    Please share with us

  • Terri Bright

    I can’t find any sports type bra to fit me. I am very blessed up top. Any suggestions

  • Terri Bright

    When a man has to wear a bra everday, then he can worry about my saggy boobs. I could care less what a man thinks.

  • Your very welcome Erin, keep up the great work! Lord knows we still need to reach the sleepers and the nay sayers, sheesh…. 🙂

  • I know what you mean Bill. I wore those jockey type underwears that just cut off my waist circulation, brutal. Lettin’ the boys hang free, ahhh, not quite there yet. Yeeoooow! 😉

  • Yeah sure why not, let them mammas hang free! Yee ha!!!

  • The wife is 59, gets home from her work, she strips to the nakedness and prances around like a pony, still embarrasses me…lmao

  • I wouldn’t go that far, at least not yet, way too many whack jobs out there!

  • Now that is sad…

  • Bravo! It’s always about the almighty PROFIT$$$!

  • NOT!!!

  • Yeah WE DO! I like a nice feminine woman…

  • Bahahahahahahahah!!!! Womans lib baby! Tell ’em Terri!

  • Save the TA-TA’s, sound familiar? Pink ribbons and the breast cancer $CAM!!! My poor mother had a mastectomy in her mid 70’s. She showed me her scar on her back, just broke my heart. How I wish I knew then what I know now…that was major motivation for me to learn everything I could find. Disease is BIG BUSINE$$!

  • You are a darling Erin…love all you do, great job! Thank you.

  • John_St_John

    What does a woman or women going without bras have to do with their femininity?

  • Leslie Sears

    I have Scoliosis and Ketosis (large hump on my back). I can’t wear a bra because it’s painful. It’s good to know that something good has come out of this!

  • There is no law about them, so you can do what you want. There are even some states in America that have equal rights. What does that mean? It means that anywhere a man can go topless, a woman can go topless. There are millions of women in Africa that have never worn a bra, ever. When air hits your bare skin, it is called air bathing. It has health benefits. Look it up. One is that it helps get rid of excess weight.

  • laura m.

    Older women must wear bras or they look like a street person with a sloppy sagging appearance,esp. the bigger sizes. Plus, your clothing doesn’t fit right, looks tacky. In an office setting or working with the public like in sales, it would get you fired under dress codes. I would not hire anyone unless polished, proper attire.

  • laura m.

    For women and men and kids, it is a health issue to go without undies. Disgusting.

  • shellos8

    What exactly is the health issue? lol

  • Rachel

    I’m not sold on the claim that bras can cause more sagging. Look at all of the cultures where women never wear bras, and look at how saggy they get. I am sold on the claim that they don’t prevent sagging though. I think sizes in breast changes due to pregnancy, changes in weight, and just aging cause sagging. I mean, the rest of our skin gets saggy after it’s been stretched and also starts to get old.

    As for circulation issues… well, many women wear bras that are too small. Having a high quality, properly fitting bra would probably go a long way. And probably ditching the underwrire, which I know at least causes plugged ducts while lactating.

  • DontCensor MeBro

    Really? So is that why those women in those native tribes that dont wear tops or bras, you know the National Geographic ones? Is that why their breast are so perky??

  • Mourning Warbler

    Ditto to what leoni said, except I had only 6 babies, each nursed approximately 2 years. It was exhausting, whew, but I’d do it again.

  • Margaret Chevalier

    I am a Caucasian woman has a beautiful body too that bounced back after children. Has absolutely nothing to do with color. Has to do with your genes and your DNA

  • Anna

    What about wearing a sports bra every day versus a regular bra?

  • Cocreatehappiness

    Bras most certainly reduce circulation of not only our blood flow but also our lymph system- sort of like an elastic on your finger – over time this MUST have negative effects!

    Consider the ‘slower rate’ of not getting proper oxygen to the cells and tissues in the area but also the slower rate of excretion of toxic substances (and probably ‘lodging’ of substances after a certain point of saturation due to lack of good flow). The toxic build up near the breasts and the whole area the bras cover must be higher than if you didn’t have the ‘constriction’ of a bra!

    I have a myriad of health issues (wear a bra) and my older sister (never wore a bra) does not and one day I realized that this could definitely be one of the mitigating (not primary) factors!

    Similarly, I’m pretty sure it’s a mitigating factor in breast cancer, heart disease, lung issues and other illnesses that exhibit in the area based on the pure physical and chemical technical apect of how our body works!!

  • Yar Liewzruk

    We need to transcend biology, sexual reproduction is silly. Why even have breasts if not lactating?

  • Sherry Diesel

    They said bras (certain ones), were linked to cancer in breasts years ago. Though, I think, so is other forms of materials, pads and other chemicals added. I believe females need to stop the bras from being made with wires that stab, poke the chest, breast areas. The waste of having to remove the bras, and purchase more, is a stupid evil plot against females to spend more. It creates more quiet hushing recentless way of putting ladies below the male dominary totem pole.

  • Sherry Diesel

    Do you think we could get our money back from dull razors with slippy soaps, and chemicals, compared to the men’s sharp and better clean shavers ?? Also ?

  • Fred Friendly

    Wow you’re just a real puckered up sphincter aren’t you! I bet you whistle when you fart!

  • Candi

    I stopped wearing a bra 15 years ago when the local hospital during breadt cancer awareness month October put out information on how wearing bras lead to breast cancer
    I have had three kids and breast fed them all.
    Since I have stopped wearing a bra my boobs at age 42 are healthier, firmer, and perker then they have ever been.
    I would encourage every women to give up the bra. Do it for your health and for your family. You only get one life to live.

  • I think this is just bull. Anyone who works with the elderly see how the breasts of old woman look who has never went without one compared to the ones who let them hang, pulling at the ligaments and skin. It also depends of the weight of the breasts. Anyone below a B cup can do without fiorever. Take two balloons with sand inside and let it hang there and the another be supported. Leave them a few months and just observe the difference. SKIN does stretch and when it does it doesn’t spring back. Ligaments do stretch as well.