In case you haven’t seen these new water orbs, you NEED to. A start-up based in London called Skipping Rocks Lab has created innovative sustainable packaging made from plants and seaweed. The orbs have no taste beyond the taste of water. Incredible.


Their first product, ‘Ooho’, hopes to revolutionize the water-on-the-go market (think kids field trips, marathons, walking trips in the city). The spherical flexible packaging can also be used for other liquids including water, soft drinks, spirits and cosmetics, and their proprietary material is actually cheaper than plastic.

The company’s goal is to create waste-free alternatives to plastic bottles, cups, plates, etc. so that the 1 billion plastic bottles that reach the ocean every year- won’t anymore. Less plastic, less trash in the environment.

If these orbs are able to replace plastic bottles, 300 million kg of CO2 won’t ever be emitted. Less CO2, less damage to the environment.

Check out Skipping Rocks Lab here.

Source: Yahoo