Scientist who spiked rabbit blood to fake HIV Vaccine Results Gets Rare Prison Sentence

Several Men Being Arrested for faking Vaccine results


 Former Iowa State University Academic biomedical researcher, Dong Pyou Han, sentenced to rare prison stint after faking HIV Vaccine Results using a cool $7.2 dollars of our tax dollars.

Fake HIV Vaccine Results

Falsifying vaccine results with spiked rabbit blood and risking people’s health, lying scientists, inhumane treatment of rabbits.. where does it end?  

We wonder how many times these scientists aren’t caught committing fraud and deception.  

Besides the innocent rabbits (I’ll save that article for another time) the other victims here are the humans who could have received these vaccinations.

Oh wait.

There are other victims besides the rabbits and the potential recipients. 

The third victim would be you, the tax payer.  

People have to open their eyes here and think outside the box.  

We have scientists who are bought out and are now straight out lying to benefit financially, PLUS boost their ego-or both. 

And who pays the cost?

As mainstream media points out, it’s extremely rare these cheating lying scientists  are imprisoned or punished, let alone forced to pay back the millions of dollars they waste (though many experts say the Phd will just declare bankruptcy)

Usually when these  researchers commit fraud, they don’t get slapped with prison time or lose their jobs! (that from mainstream news) 

Please remember, that many too are slapped with a nice payment from the Pharmaceutical companies, who actually REWARD them for committing fraud all in the name of money.

And if you don’t believe me here, it’s time to wake up and smell the payoffs. 

Here’s a rogues gallery of the worst offenders:

From the article on vaccine fraud with YOUR tax dollars, which is more common than you think:

On Wednesday, Han, 57, became a rare academic to not just fall from grace but also be punished with time behind bars.

A federal judge sentenced him to more than four and half years in prison and ordered him to repay $7.2 million in grant funds his team received from the federal government using his falsified data.

Academic misconduct often doesn’t even result in researchers losing their jobs, and it is even rarer for criminal charges and prison time to result from one of these cases. 

In 2006, a researcher pleaded guilty to falsifying information on an NIH grant and was sentenced to a year in prison — the first time such a sentence handed down for scientific misconduct.

This dirty doctor was doing this for years and no one was the wiser.  

Initially he wasn’t even given jail time but thankfully Senator Charles E Grassley (R) insisted an investigation be  done.  

Dr. Han wasn’t even going to be given prison time!  

I’m sure the University of Iowa just wanted it to be kept hush-hush, and so paid back the half million to the National Institute of Health (your tax dollars at work)  that was paid as his salary. Nice he makes such a cushy amount of dough for his fraud.

The real clincher is when I see quotes like this from the Science website that calls themselves “Nature” (they’re not a nature site – such a misleading name – I don’t care how long they’ve been around)  They wrote a sympathetic piece about the criminal including a quote by some government mouthpiece:

“It’s questionable how much more is to be gained by jail time,” David Wright, a former director of the U.S. Office of Research Integrity told Nature.“

Just remember this. 

Do your homework before you vaccinate your child, yourself or even your dog. Read about the CDC Whistleblower (a high profile PhD Dr. Thompson) and the fraud that has already gone on in the vaccine world which threatens lives and public safety. [More on CDC Fraud: “The CDC: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Organization” At:]

I was taught to question authority and to question what our government does with our money, yet ironically, the parent who taught me is pro-vaccine, and not a fan of the “anti-vaxer” movement- all those who question vaccines or the dangerous additives.

Every mainstream source they read from Fox to New York Times is touting how amazing vaccines are and how dangerous it is if we don’t get them all.  The schedule for our children grows every year but that’s progress. It couldn’t have anything to do with the Pharm companies.

It’s not surprising that mainstream says the new extremely vigorous schedule for children is perfectly acceptable, but says nothing about the Pharmaceutical Industry’s corrupt financial influence.  

Nor is it strange we cannot sue the vaccine companies, and thus, if someone suffers any side effects, brain damage or even death from vaccines, they have to petition the courts, and it’s (you guessed it) tax dollars that are being used to compensate these victims if they even get compensation. Wake up America. 

Take a good look at the vaccine inserts, the vaccine fraud and fraud with drug companies (and even Universities) before making your decisions on vaccinating or how many vaccinations to do. 

Think about how many more vaccines your child has than you had when you were  a kid.  

Think about how their working on vaccines for HIV, cholesterol, and everything under the sun. 

Ask yourself if that seems right to you-or is it just sheer greed from those who profit. 

Ask yourself why 3 noted “Anti-Vax” Doctors from Florida are dead in less than 2 weeks-and at least one was definitely murdered.  

Soon they’ll likely have a vaccine for free thinkers.  I joke, but half of me is serious.  

So be careful what you drink and be sure to THINK before you act.

Erin Elizabeth July 1st, East Coast, Florida- 


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  • Renee Hinkle

    Absolutely beautiful write !! <3

  • Chris

    I think that should read $7.2 million dollars.

  • Chris

    Nice article. Thank you for the information.

    One thing though. You shouldn’t just question what our government does with our money, you should question who the “government” has given a monopoly to, to print and loan money into circulation.

  • joviss

    More like billions.

  • I guarantee, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m noticing more information is emerging about the corruption within the pharma/vaccine/cdc/fda, etc. and it’s about time. With so much aggressive legislation about vaccines, another abysmal safety standard for medications is being considered in congress right now, that would eliminate what is left of testing (which is minimal, at best, currently) for new medications in the future – i hope the public will seek alternative information regarding their health.

    The corruption runs very deep and has for decades.

  • Least he got jail. There’s a lot people who get away with without going to jail. They train and practice to avoid jail.

  • Tay

    The University of Iowa and Iowa State are two very different schools. Make sure to double check things like this in the future.

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