Note from Erin: So often my readers bring important topics, issues, and stories to my attention and the following story is an example of that. This note was just sent to me from a reader with the attached news article. Please read it and the following story, share on your wall, and if you have any information at all, please contact the authorities at 831-471-1121.

(There have been a number of doctors and scientists who have died in the last couple of years. Nearly 100. You can read about them here.)

“Hi Erin,
There is a missing person in our community that I wanted to bring to your attention because he is (was) a scientist who helped found SC (Science of Cannibis) Labs and developed testing standards for cannibis-derived medicine. I don’t know if there is any foul play involved in his disappearance, but the sheriff’s office has stopped looking for him because they suspect suicide. Everyone who knew him doubts this and says that both his disappearance and the idea of suicide are grossly out of character for him, and his family is still looking for him (his car was found on a road in a wooded area, so that is where they are searching). He was a hiker, but also a ballet dancer currently trying to recover from a hurt ankle in time for a June performance, so the idea that he would be hiking seems implausible. Here are some links to information, in case you want to keep this case on your radar screen with the other health professionals and scientists who “mysteriously” disappeared or have been killed.”

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating Jeffrey Sauer, the director of SC Labs’ quality control activities (SC Labs offers testing and information tools to help business owners in the cannabis field). According to their website, he has an “extensive background serving in a variety of analytical and regulatory roles for quality control laboratories, with focus on HPLC analysis. He has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, with emphasis on aquatic toxicology and chemistry.”

According to deputies, Sauer was last seen by his neighbors in Boulder Creek on March 31st. His car was found on Highway 236 in Big Basin (where the Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team and California State Parks Rangers are currently looking for him) and appears to have been there since Sunday.1

Again, If you have seen Sauer or know where he might be, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 831-471-1121.


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