UPDATE: Science Teacher Found Guilty For Questioning Vaccines At School- Students aren’t Happy, Start Petition


UPDATED: We just received the following email from a student at the school. We have removed their name to keep them safe.

Hello, I saw your recent article about the teacher who got a hearing about questioning vaccines. I am a student at that school and I have him this semester. I’d just like to point out, he is considered the best teacher in the school. He is very cool-headed and teaches us to question everything that doesn’t make sense- even if he said it. After hearing he was found guilty the entire school was enraged. We love him and students that were there at the time completely support his story. Most of the school is pro-vaccines but still says we have the right to know what the side effects are, which is the entire reason for Sullivan to do what he did. A grade 9 Student started a petition just before he heard the verdict to show support and put pressure on the people handing out punishment. Our school is only about 350 people including staff and as of right now it has over 1500 signatures! Former students, almost every current student, and many more have signed it. I will link it bellow, if you can sign it or at all promote it we, the students would be very appreciative.

Thanks for being one of the only sites that was in favour of him,
A student. https://www.ipetitions.com/ petition/Save-Sullys-Job


Just last week we brought you the story of Tim Sullivan, a science teacher in Canada who was going before a disciplinary committee because he dared to question vaccines at his school (and taught his students to question them as well). On February 22nd he was found guilty of professional misconduct by an independent disciplinary committee. All total he was guilty of five acts, including, abusing students psychologically or emotionally.

While the school has accused him of shouting at a public health nurse and telling students they could die if they had a vaccine, he says that he left class once to speak with nurses and told one student that a side effect of one of the vaccines was death. And he still maintains that the students weren’t given proper information to consent to the vaccine, including the information about side effects. But, he did what he did with their best interests in mind.

From the article:

“On Tuesday, Angela Swick, a nurse with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, told the hearing she felt threatened and intimidated by Sullivan’s three visits to the cafeteria where she and her colleagues were giving vaccines to students.

She said she felt “uneasy” about the interactions with Sullivan and said he accused her of withholding information from the students about the vaccines they were taking.”

His employer is seeking a penalty which includes a one-month suspension and completion of an anger management course but they won’t revoke his license (how kind of them).

Sullivan said in his closing arguments, “If asking uncomfortable questions makes me disgraceful … then I’m guilty as charged.”

Source: Huffington Post

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  • Vanessa

    Not surprised! Anyone who speaks truths or has the ability to critically think is attacked in today’s society! If people would just open their minds, they would be able to see the obvious bias concerning vaccines….when you factor in that a majority of doctors DO NOT vaccinate their own children is telling in itself. People please read, there are soooo many accounts of vaccines causing more harm than good, healthy babies are subjected to foreign materials being injected DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM, this it itself is madness! If this system wants to really administer vaccines safely then they should NOT be injected into the bloodstream directly but rather they should be taken orally where at least they can go through the digestive tract & your body will eliminate most if not all of the harmful additions put in the vaccine. Ask why a substance like thimerosal is added to vaccines….people this is mercury by another name…..wake up please! I support this teachers intentions, although his actions may have offended some, if any of you peppl really had a brain you would investigate why this teacher has those feelings in the first place, did anyone even ask for an explanation from this teacher….probably not! This is a crazy world we are living in, I truly feel sorry for new parents because this system acts like THEY know what is better for your children than you do….WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

  • Mary

    All this teacher was doing was repeating what the manufacturers’ package inserts themselves warn. Matter of fact, medical staff are SUPPOSED TO ADVISE OF THE RISKS ANY PROCEDURE HAS… it is OFFICIALLY called INFORMED CONSENT… and if indeed these nurses where not advising about the RISKS procedures cause, then THE NURSES SHOULD BE DISCIPLINED. So he was doing the RIGHT thing in reminding the nurse of her due diligence…………. Too bad she seems to have a self-confidence or self-esteem issue that that reminder she should take as a threat……………. What has been done to this teacher is unjust and criminal in itself.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    Government has forced itself upon the People, likened unto being raped. They have assumed themselves to be God, but not the God who is kind and gentle – permitting FREE WILL. They emulate their true master, the evil god that has a hammer …Satan. – Like the NAZIS or COMMUNISTS – TOTALITARIANS. All those who see themselves as God, need to feel the fate of Mussolini, and what Hitler should have felt. Soon, very soon, their deeds will be upon their heads..God no longer bleeds.

  • Chris Wojie

    Good for him!

  • James Stamulis

    It is time for Trump to cutoff all federal funds to these schools that prohibit free speech especially the truth and back people suing these schools who have become the kind of schools we used to see in the Soviet Union.

  • DAvid

    Canada is a different kind of Jack booty country. They come in different sizes. The overriding concern of Canadians is to get along. But things are changing fast. Canadians are no longer afraid to speak out against immigration, they are waking up to the horrors of vaccines. I’m hoping they try to make the collection of rain water here illegal. That would get the people moving. Canadians are sensitive about but their water. Wish it were so for their children. God’s speed all, keep fighting

  • thomas jefferson

    THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY,are ALL paid whores now,AND THEY DON’T CARE IF THE CHILDREN DIE,they get paid no matter what happens to the children and the police gangs protect them,EVERYONE was warned NO STANDING ARMIES,what the hell do the people think the police gangs are,,A STANDING ARMY ,completely ILLEGAL..in america but then again WHO CARES IF THE CHILDREN DIE,they have ZERO VALUE IN AMERICA NOW…and almost ALL western countries consider them worthless too….INCLUDING CANADA…..

  • Joan P Green

    Question anything that has to do with vaccines. .the discussion of them, the forcing of them on yourself or to others. It is YOUR RIGHT to do so !

  • Alleged Comment

    Was it worth the sacrifice? Maybe. I think he got his point across.

  • John

    Whoops. I guess this site is a non-free speech site. They have to approve every comment. Not sure if my previous comment will be posted.

  • Falcon101

    This is a good example of what happens to people who speak against the police state Corporation. There are NO RIGHTS amongst CITIZENS, you only have “Rights” if you are here ILLEGALLY! Wait until the hammer really falls, America will not appear to be what we witnessed in the past, it will be much like the middle east.

  • Jane Jones

    Brave and smart teacher. If my kids went there I would ask then to consider a student boycott until the cleared his record! Maybe the kids should do a poll and ask who was given “informed consent”? The teacher was looking out for them-time for them to support him!

  • CitizenBrain