Beginning in 2018, a new (and I imagine even scarier) version of the Gardasil shot-Gardasil 9- will be available for free to all 12-13 year-old Australian boys and girls.


The federal government claims that the “improved” vaccine will now protect against nine strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), instead of the current four, and will prevent 90 percent of the virus strains that contribute to cervical cancer (as well as anal vulvar, and throat cancers caused by HPV). Even though 70-90 percent of all HPV infections clear up on their own and we’ve had tremendous problems with the current Gardasil vaccine to date.

Vaccine co-creator, Professor Ian Frazer, said:

“The new vaccine will make sure that even more people are protected against cancer. More importantly, those women who have screening for cervical cancer are much less likely to have an abnormal test they’ll need treatment for. There’s a real prospect that over time, the viruses that cause the cancer will disappear from the community and the cancer will go too. By giing the vaccine that we now have, it will be possible to protect against almost all cervical cancers.”1

To watch the announcement, click here.


We hate that there is now another vaccine to contend with. Parents, make sure your child isn’t one more injured child. Please, we beg you to do your research on this one. It is particularly nasty.


XO- Erin

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