School Pepper Sprays Students, Defends it as a “Class Project”


Last week at Barberton High School in Barberton, Ohio a group of 11th-grade students was pepper sprayed, an activity the school called ” a lesson in law enforcement and consequences,” for a class in law and public safety. In the video below you will see the students lined up, per the class instructor, and pepper sprayed one by one. The school says the students volunteered and that their parents OK’d it.

The class instructor, a former police chief, stands by his decision.
What do you think?


Source: CNN

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  • Todd Burgess

    If the parents think it’s OK then spray the parents also. Possible different result?

  • Fthegov

    Exactly, if parents were clearly told & they signed off on it. Why is it an issue?? If anything, call & ask the parents why they “ok’d” it.

  • Dennis Nicho Garcia

    And the intent or learning experience is ????

  • Roberta Cowan

    And police think that is OK? Abuse of power. It concerns me that they use it and are unmoved by reactions. Don’t they have a conscience? As for the parents?……………

  • Jeff Thornton

    Listen to what they say every time they spray it … It to me would be an indoctrination type thing, why must that be said? Comply or else we spray you and laugh later about it, for you and your parents letting us do it, lol

  • Yuma Dayz

    The officer should be arrested or fined for an experiment that brings torturous pain to innocent people. They knew this was going to happen. I would bring charges against the school for allowing such an exercise.

  • Yuma Dayz

    Next experiment, will they be asked to go into a burning structure to discover the effects that heat, smoke, and fire has on you? Just ridiculous and cruel!

  • sylvie333

    The instructor should have had himself sprayed as well, otherwise it just feels like being mean and abusive.

  • sylvie333

    If the instructor was sprayed also, they would have been able to have a level conversation and group discussion about the procedure and its uses.

  • B Flint

    I was mad until I read they were VOLUNTEERS! Wow, worst decision ever!

  • Cyndi Meeler Nahs

    All police do go through the same trials. They do know what it feels like. Kids volunteered and parents ok’d it. Parents did not volunteer kids. The kids are told what to expect. I see nothing wrong.

  • O’Really

    Simply an exercise in creating compliant citizens, which is the primary purpose of government schools. The added bonus is that a former cop gets to enjoy bullying people again without consequences. God bless America!

  • Nancy Lancy

    This is beyond retarded but probably the same people who voted for 45